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Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat

Maine coon cat

Do you wish to adopt a cat that proves to be your best friend? Confused about whether to go for Maine Coon or a normal domestic cat? Or are you one of those wandering in search of Maine Coon vs normal cat comparison? We usually consider the principal difference between them is the size, but that’s not the only case!

Maine Coon vs Normal Cat: Comparison

Generally talking about Maine Coons, we didn’t see any other cat breed more affectionate than them. These are very cordial towards human beings compared to the typical aggressive cat. In contrast, regular cats are not well schooled, so they often criticize people’s presence around them. Similarly, you can study several differences between a Maine Coon and a Normal cat, including the difference in personality, appearance, features, etc.

The Difference in Cat Coat

Maine Coons are known for their enticing thick coats with almost seventy-plus different colors and a wide range of cat patterns. On the other side, a normal cat is usually a domestic one with medium to short hair length with a normal-sized coat. A cat coat is one of the top distinguishing features, associating a Maine coon with a normal cat.

It, including other beautiful features, such as eyes, whiskers, cheeks, ears, etc., makes Maine coon a stunning big cat. It depends on the cat’s owner, how he grooms his beloved furball! If your cat is groomed well, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Maine coon or a regular cat, but it will present a shiny coat. You can find brushes here.

Maine coons naturally consist of thick fur around their upper area, besides having a heavy coat on the middle and lower portion, including ribs, belly, shank, legs, etc. They need extra care in choosing shampoos. In contrast, normal cats aren’t blessed with this extra coat layer to feel beautiful.

Difference in Ears

cat ear

One can clearly differentiate a Maine coon from a normal cat by checking ears. Have you observed the pointed earmuffs of a Lynx cat? Maine coons have almost the same ear floofs as them with a comparatively bigger size. They have broad and sharp ears shape that is rolled around the portion with a tuft of fur. On the flip side, a traditional cat has a wide variety of ear shapes in numerous sizes and a particular mass of hair on the edges.

Difference in Whiskers

Maine coon cats naturally have wide cheeky bones with long whiskers to enhance their beauty. These pets grow with a broader face structure and dense whiskers to be distinguished. Talking about a normal domestic cat, it has a sharp-shaped face with lots of little whiskers. These are among the top key features, making a normal cat prominent among other breeds.

Difference in Eyes

Besides maturing in different cat shades, Maine coons have a loose variety of distinct eye colors. They look ravishing in varying lens tons, including green, copper, amber, green-gold, brown, etc. If we confront a normal cat to a Maine coon, these naturally grow with the usual eye colors, such as green, hazel, blue, or mix.

The Difference in Growth Rate

cat growth

Maine coons are different from regular cats concerning their growth. They speedily gain weight and grows bigger before the right age. So, a Maine coon will look like a giant cat; despite that, it will still be a kitten. These cats roughly put on almost one pound every month! In contrast, this activity isn’t usually observed in normal cats as no other cat breed gains one to two pounds every month.

Difference in Personality

It all depends on a cat’s habits and liking when it comes to personality. But, if we summarize, Maine coons are naturally a bit more affectionate and love being around their owners. Now, this doesn’t define other cats as being rude. Every cat has its nature, with normal cats proving to be a lot friendly as well. As we are organizing a detailed comparison between the two, regular cats lack a good personality other than Maine coons.

The Difference in Health Problems

cat diseases

Every living being can have health issues, so do cats! If we specifically discuss Maine coon vs normal cats, they both can face serious health issues at any age of their life. These include lower urinary tract diseases, nausea & vomiting, irritation in the eyes, severe diarrhea, kidney stones, and much more.

Maine coons, on the other hand, can have relatively inherited health issues due to their larger size. These are the stout species usually facing predisposition issues like Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). The middle-aged or old-aged Maine coons suffer from HCM, which is a prevalent heart disease. Another common issue seen in them is Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Maine Coon vs Normal Cat – Footnote

People who love taking care of cat pets will always welcome any breed, be it Maine coons or normal cats. We differentiated the two for a better understanding of cats and for people who wish to have one. Still, if you want our recommendation, we’d unmistakably suggest buying a Maine coon to be loved all the time! I guess nobody would want an introverted cat with loads of mood swings, right?

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