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Can you Use Dog’s Nail Clippers on Cats


Are you one of those who are extreme pet lovers and have different kinds of pets? If you are one of those that have dogs and cats both as pets, you might have to spend a lot of money to groom your pets and keep them clean and healthy. Many pet parents have concerns about using one nail clipper on both dogs and cats to efficiently and economically cut the nails.

Hold on and read this article as you will find out by the end if you can do so and use dog’s nail clippers on cats as well.

Need for Cat’s Nail Clipping

Whether you have a cat or a dog, a rabbit or a hen, you need to groom your pet regularly to maintain their health and cleanliness. Cats, although they are self groomed and do not like any interference in their space, still need grooming once every two weeks.

Cats grooming means brushing their fur daily and trimming their nails after every fourteen days. Nail trimming is essential as big nails can cause scratches to you and your cat. Cat’s big claws may also contain dirt in it, and that will cause health issues in your fur baby.

There are clippers for cats that help make claws trimming quickly and efficiently. The blades are protected and made by keeping in mind the cat’s playful behavior so that your cat does not encounter any injury.

cat nail clipping

Nail Clippers

A nail clipper is an instrument that is specially designed to help pet parents easily trim their cat’s nails at home. The clippers are made up of steel and have stainless steel blades. They are sharp enough to cut the nails and do not cause any further damage.

Nail clippers are of different sizes and have blade sharpness so that you have various options to choose the one based on your cat’s temperament and your preference.

How to Clip Cat’s Nails

Clippers for cats have made cat’s nail trimming a bit easier and manageable. Below are easy steps that you can follow to make cat cutting more manageable and less stressful.

Relax Your Cat

Relaxing a cat

If you are a cat parent who may know how deadly a cat’s stress is and how painful it is to see your cat under stress. Therefore, the first step before any grooming session with your cat is to relax her as much as you can.

Give your cat her favorite treat, play with her, and most importantly talk with her to make her calm and relax before you begin trimming her claws.

Introduce Nail Clipper to Cat

Cats have a habit of smelling and feeling everything new in their surroundings. They will not get satisfied and relax unless they have entirely investigated any new object within their space.

Therefore, you need to introduce the nail clipper to the cat before proceeding with the trimming session. Let your fur baby investigate the clipper and get familiar with it so that she doesn’t irritate you during clipping.

Hold Your Cat in the Right Position

Cats have a very flexible body, and therefore it is challenging to hold your cat in one position as they will give you an adamant time.

What I do is, and what my sincere advice would be, to take the help of someone while trimming a cat’s claws. One person should grab the cat while the other one should focus on clipping the nails so that there is no mishap or accident during the process.

One thing you can do is to use a cat nib if your cat is hyperactive. It is a drug that relaxes cats and can make grooming a bit easier for you. Don’t worry; cat nib is a herb and is entirely safe for cats.

Trim the Nails

Trimming cat nails

Once you are done with the three steps mentioned above, it’s now time to start trimming your cat’s nails. Be patient and gentle, and do not panic, as this might hurt your cat.

There is a hook that needs to be cut, not the whole nail as we humans do. Opt for a sharp yet safe nail clipper so that the nail can be cut in one go.

Can you Use Dog’s Nail Clippers on Cats

The question at the start of the article is still unanswered, which is if you can cut your cat’s nails by using dogs’ nail clippers. My point in writing this article was to educate you with all the necessary information related to cat nail clipping which I have successfully provided to you.

You can use dog nail clippers on your cat, but make sure that the nail clipper is not too big. Just be extra careful while clipping your cat’s nails and trim your cat’s and dog’s claws with one nail clipper.


Cat’s nail clipping is essential and requires patience, care, and money. You can read more about restraining cats to clip nails if it is creating trouble. I hope now you can save some money by not only using one nail clipper on both cats and dogs but do grooming at home by following the steps mentioned above.

Always remember, no one can take care of your cat just like you do and cars do not like socializing with new people. Therefore try to avoid taking them to vet apart from vaccination and emergencies to keep them happy and stress-free.

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