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Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat

siz of Norwegian Forest cat

A pet lover wishing to adopt a cordial cat would always find it confusing to choose between the varieties, Maine coon, and a Norwegian forest. Both species, without a doubt, are worth adopting, being the charming fur ball with pretty many similarities and differences! Still, one should work more on the Maine coon vs Norwegian forest cat comparison to get hold of the most affectionate one.

These cat breeds are considered to attain actual resemblances that can puzzle a cat fanatic but are very different at the end of the day. Therefore, we are here to display all the prominent differences in this article besides the variations in their personalities.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring Maine coon and Norwegian forest cats below!

How Do Maine Coons Physically Differ from Norwegian Forest Cats?

Before heading towards the exact differences, one should comprehend the actual origin of both breeds. It is believed that a Maine coon was originated from Maine in the U.S, so the name came from it. While on the other side, Norwegian forest cats represent North Europe, often called “Skogkatt” by the natives.

The Difference in Body Structure

Maine coon cat

Both cats are born with a stiff burly body with a bigger size. But, being an animal lover, you can easily differentiate a Maine coon from a Norwegian forest cat, seeing its body structure and legs size. A normal-sized Maine coon will have legs of standard length with a broader chest that magnifies its beauty. On the contrary, Norwegian forest cats have rear legs somewhat higher than the front ones.

The Difference in Face Shape

Have you ever observed a lion? Maine coons are conceived to be lion-like when it comes to their face shapes. These fur pets have a square-shaped face with a slight curve, looking similar to lions. The forehead is a little titled to give a robust face shape. Moreover, Maine coons appear with long and thick tactile hairs that look ravishing on the broader cheeks.

In contrast, if we observe a Norwegian forest cat, these breeds have a triangular-shaped face with an upright nose, giving a lovely look. These cats resemble regular domestic cats when comparing the foreheads because both have flat front heads! Norwegian cats are best-known for their appealing, slanted eyes, attracting most cat lovers.

Difference in Ears

People new to the cat’s world would experience difficulty in differentiating between the two breeds through ears. Both the Maine coon and a Norwegian forest cat have relatively large and broader ears that might be with or without lynx tips. Talking about the former cats, these have ears in an upright position on the head that seems tall. While on the flip side, a Norwegian forest cat has sharp ears that sketch towards the triangular-faced shape.

The Difference in Fur & Coat

Both cats generally have semi-long fur all over the body that keeps on increasing in length with age. A Maine coon cat has a comparatively smooth fur texture on the upper coat with a soft inner side in thick covering that needs extra care and dedicated shampoos and brushes. On the other hand, a Norwegian forest cat is born with a hydrophobic upper coat and a dense undercoat to protect it more in winters.

Difference in Size

The size of both Maine coons and Norwegian forest cats is relatively more than the normal ones. So, it is easy to distinguish them from others, with the male breed being higher than the female. Discussing the weight of Maine coon male, it usually gets up to 18-20 pounds in his life, while the female catches a weight up to 12 pounds. 

In contrast, a small Norwegian forest cat, with a male rolling in 12 and 16 pounds. Moreover, a female Norwegian cat has almost 9-11 pounds of weight.

How Do Maine Coons Differ in Personality from Norwegian Forest Cats?

Both cats would reach up to your expectation if you are finding a lovely and playful breed. But still, they somewhat vary in their personalities when it comes to companionship. You will see a Maine coon always ready to play with you, while the other one will get tired over time. Let’s throw some light on the behavior and loyalty of both species here.

Difference in Behavior

Norwegian Forest Cat

Maine coons are the most famous fur balls for being highly active. These cats are always seen playing outside and cuddling with their owners, hence very chatty! Norwegian forest cats are very warmhearted living beings but tend to stay quiet after a while.

Difference in Loyalty

Maine coons show most of their loyalty to their owners or anyone they love. They are known as the benevolent cats who love being around their particular territory with their people. Maine coons would cuddle up with you every time they want your attention. If we compare the former species with Norwegian forest cats, the latter tend to be less compassionate towards human beings. These breeds do not bother if you are providing them enough attention and would live on their own.

Other Differences

Overall Health

Cats are lively creatures who can suffer from numerous diseases like any other animal. Whether it’s Maine coon or Norwegian forest cat, both can trigger thickening in muscle tissues, called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. At older ages, Maine coons and Norwegian cats usually get hip dysplasia. But especially talking about Maine coons, such types are prone to genetic disorders, including Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

On the opposite, the second breed develops a rare condition pronounced as Glycogen Storage Disease IV. Moreover, these furry pets get a severe eye infection sometimes which is termed Retinal Dysplasia. In this condition, the microorganisms defile a cat’s retinal portion, but luckily it does not affect its vision.

Life Expectancy

We cannot always provide an accurate life span of any species, be it cats or dogs! But, an estimation can be given by observing the average lifetime of an animal. Experts collected a group of data to figure out the life expectancy of Maine coon and Norwegian forest cats. So, according to the study, Maine coon cats can enjoy a healthy life of up to 11 years. While in contrast, a Norwegian forest cat can live a life longer than them, of up to 16 years on average.

Are There Any Visible Similarities Between Maine Coon & Norwegian Forest Cats?

Both these cat breeds look-alike that even a person buying them can get confused. Here are the few similarities that we thought are the most prominent!

  • Long, furry hair
  • Intelligence level
  • Very active & highly affectionate
  • Best to adopt for the first time
  • Overall good health
  • Variety in colors

Final Words

You could go for any of the two cat varieties without a second thought. Besides being very delightful, these feline pets will always be faithful to you and their territory. Whether it’s Maine coon or Norwegian forest cat, both bring immense fun to your life, so immediately make a choice!

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