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Maine Coon Vs. Bobcat

Maine coon cat

Cats are one of the most loving and commonly known domestic pets. They belong to the feline family and are of different types depending upon the area they live in, their fur, face, and body structure.

Cats, unlike dogs, are not very expressive, but they will always be there for you whenever you want and show their love and affection in most unexpected times and most unexpected ways. If you are planning to have a cat as a pet, you are probably making one of the best decisions of your life as they will fill your life with colors, love, affection, and happiness.

No matter which breed you opt for, always remember you need to do a lot of care of your cat and give her time and bear her moods, as this is what cat parenting is all about.

This article will discuss two preferred cat breeds in the US, i.e., Maine coon and bobcat. Let us find out the details of the two breeds and how they differ from each other.

About Maine Coon

About maine voon cat

Maine coon are found initially in Maine in the US, and from there, they have got the name Maine coon. The cats of this breed are very large and lived in the forest of Maine in the early ages before they were treated as domestic pets.

The breed is super adaptive to the environment and can do well no matter if you live in a large house or a small apartment. Also, this type of cat usually does not have a strong hunting nature, and therefore, they do great with other animals in the surrounding area.

The average weight of a Maine coon lies from 7 pounds to 17 pounds, depending upon the gender. The energy level of the Maine coon is also average as compared to other feline species, and therefore, they go perfectly well in a domestic environment.

You will also be relieved in terms of the food of the Maine coon cat as their body adapts to cat food, and they will not try to hunt other animals.

About Bobcat

Bobcats are one of the oldest species of cat and are medium-sized cats that love to hunt. The breed is found in the Northern side of America and is known as Lynx Rufus scientifically.

The average weight of a bobcat lies between 18-22 pounds, and you can imagine how healthy these cats will be. The cats are not an ideal domestic pet and require legal work to get them to your home.

This ban as a domestic pet is because bobcats are usually super aggressive with nature to hunt other animals. They live in deserts, forests, swaps, and suburban areas and typically eat birds, rabbits, mice, squirrels, and even animals bigger than them.

Bobcats can be said to be exotic animals, but they can be trained as domestic pets if handled appropriately and by experts. The breed is full of energy and is hyperactive means you need to play with her, take her outdoors, and obviously feed her 2 – 3 pounds of meat every day to keep them healthy, happy, and active.

What I love about this feline the most is that, if appropriately trained, bobcats are the best breed of cats that one would love to keep at his home as they will own you, love you, and will always be there for you, just like dogs.

Difference Between Maine Coon and Bobcat

CharacteristicsMaine CoonBobcat
Weight7 to 17 pounds18-22 pounds
Length48-100 cm76-127 cm
FoodCat foodMeat
HabitatLives in forestsLives in forests, deserts,
swaps, suburban areas
TemperamentNormal temperamentHyperactive
Life Span10 to 13 years10 to 12 years
Relation with Other AnimalsGet along with other animalsDo not like interference
Hunting natureLowVery high

Similarities Between Maine Coon and Bobcat

Maine coon and Bobcat, though differ in different characteristics but have some similarities as well.

  • Both live in forests.
  • Both belong to the feline family.
  • If trained properly, both can be good domestic pets.


Maine coon and bobcats both are super loving and ideal domestic pets subjected to bobcat appropriately trained. Maine coon are usually smaller than bobcats and less aggressive as bobcats are wild, and their temperament can not be matched.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance cat, I would suggest going for Maine coon, but if you want some adventure and a life-long experience, bobcats will provide you with all the memorable experiences in your life.

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