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7 Best Cat Tracker – Top Choice of Parents

girl tracking cat with cat tracker

Embark with your feline friend on a journey of discovery and responsible freedom using the latest in pet technology – the cat tracker. In a world overflowing with curiosity, a compact GPS tracker designed specifically for cats becomes an empowering ally allowing wider exploration while providing peace of mind. Gone are the days of backyards limiting your cat’s adventure. With real-time location tracking, your furry companion can wander freely knowing you are just a glance away if needed.

We selected top trackers in the market and reviewed the 7 best trackers ranging from cutting-edge designs seamlessly integrated into collars to durable standalone devices, built to handle the elements while prioritizing safety, health monitoring, and your cat’s joy of roaming. Join this journey to responsible freedom – where peace of mind and curiosity harmonize through modern technology tailored for your beloved furball.

Top 7 Best Cat Tracker

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect way to keep an eye on your kitty, check out our list of the top 7 cat trackers to have a relaxed life. These nifty devices offer everything from real-time GPS monitoring to health insights and waterproof designs, ensuring you find the ideal tracker to keep your furry friend safe and sound.

Comparison Table

Cat TrackersReal-time TrackingWaterproof DesignBattery Life
Tractive Waterproof GPS Cat & Dog Trackers24/7, updates every 2-3 seconds100% waterproofUp to 7 days
SEEWORLD P1 GPS Cat Dog TrackerGPS/BDS/LBS, 180 days routes, “chase mode”Waterproof, international roamingUp to 4 days,
Tractive TRAMINDB GPS Tracker & Health MonitoringLIVE mode, updates 2-3 seconds, Apple Find My integrationWaterproof,rechargeable battery
Vebiso GPS Tracker for DogsIntegration with Apple Find Mylightweight design7 days on single charge
TabCat Homing Tags v2 Pet Cat TrackerPrecise directional tracking, color-coded lightsNot specifiedOver 12 months on standby
Weenect XS Cat GPS Tracker (Black Edition 2023)Continuous real-time GPS tracking, no distance limitsLightweight, comfortable, waterproofNot specified
Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Cats24/7, updatesSleek, smallest on market, waterproof designUp to 10 days, power-saving features

Tractive Waterproof GPS Cat & Dog Trackers

Prominient Features
Brand: Tractive • Water Proof: 100% • Virtual Fence: Yes • Battery Life: Up to 7 days • Connectivity: Global coverage via built-in SIM • Compatibility: Android, iOS,
Tractive Waterproof GPS Cat Trackers


The Tractive Waterproof GPS Cat & Dog Trackers offer a convenient all-in-one solution for pet owners, featuring both dog and cat trackers in a single pack. Subscription plans per month with choices ranging from monthly to 5 years, provide extensive monitoring options. Enjoy real-time live tracking and location history features, gaining valuable insights into your pets’ activities and whereabouts directly on your phone.

Designed for pets, these trackers are 100% waterproof, ensuring durability in various weather conditions. Suitable for medium-sized cats or larger (over 9 lbs), the cat tracker includes a virtual fence feature, notifying you if your pets wander too far and ensuring their safe return.

Beyond location tracking, the trackers offer all-day activity monitoring, tracking active time, rest, and calories burned. This feature aids in maintaining your pets’ health by setting fitness goals and comparing their habits globally.

With a commendable battery life of up to 7 days on a single charge, these trackers boast reliable performance. Equipped with a built-in SIM card, they offer worldwide coverage and compatibility with Android, iOS, and Despite praise for durability and battery life, some users have reported occasional delays in live tracking connectivity and accuracy issues.

• Comprehensive pack for both cats and dogs
• Waterproof and durable design
• Virtual fence for safety
• All-day activity monitoring for pet health
• Long battery life for extended usage
• Occasional connectivity delays in live tracking
• Some accuracy issues reported

SEEWORLD P1 GPS Cat Dog Tracker, Real-Time & Smart Activity Tracking Device

Prominient Features
Brand: SEEWORLD • Color: Blue • Connectivity: Cellular • Components: Battery • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer • Special Features: Wireless, Waterproof


The SEEWORLD P1 GPS Cat Dog Tracker offers a range of features designed to enhance the safety and well-being of your pets. With an affordable subscription plan, the real-time tracking feature utilizes GPS/BDS/LBS triple tracking modes and a 4G SIM card with international roaming, providing unlimited distance coverage worldwide. The tracker allows you to set virtual boundaries, and it sends alerts through the “Here-Connect What We Care” app when your pet leaves the safe zone. Additionally, you can access up to 180 days of historical routes to track your pet’s daily activities.

Weighing just 1.52 oz, the tracker is lightweight and fits various collars, making it suitable for both dogs and cats. The rechargeable battery provides 24 hours of standby time and can last up to 4 days, depending on your pet’s daily exercise routine. The “chase mode” feature, equipped with a small buzzer, helps you quickly locate lost pets by emitting a distinctive sound.

As a global IoT location service provider with 15 years of expertise, SEEWORLD ensures reliability and innovation in its wireless GPS trackers. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, offering a user-friendly experience for pet owners seeking peace of mind.

• Real-time tracking
• Waterproof design
• Unlimited range
• Virtual fence feature
• Battery life variability
• Some connectivity issues indoors

Tractive TRAMINDB GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Cats

Prominient Features
Brand: Tractive • Model No: TRAMINDB • Connectivity: GPS • Weight: 1.23 ounces • Supported App: Alarm • Special Feature: Lightweight, Waterproof
Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Cats


Embark on worry-free adventures with the Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Cats. This sleek tracker, designed for cats weighing 9 lbs and above, securely attaches to their collar for real-time location tracking. Its curved design ensures comfort, with no risk of entanglement during your cat’s escapades. Set up a virtual fence and receive alerts if your feline friend wanders too far. Enjoy LIVE mode for location updates every 2-3 seconds via the app.

Monitor your cat’s activity levels, compare habits globally, and explore favorite hangout spots through a heatmap and location history. The Tractive GPS app simplifies worldwide tracking with a built-in SIM card, offering uninterrupted coverage. Weighing just 1.23 ounces, it’s waterproof, adventure-proof, and boasts a 7-day battery life on a single charge.

• Lightweight and waterproof
• Virtual fence for safety
• Global coverage with built-in SIM card
• 7-day battery life
• Curved design for comfort
• Slightly larger device size
• Occasional inaccuracies in location tracking
• Monthly subscription fees apply

Vebiso GPS Tracker for Dogs, Mini GPS Cat Tracker Tracking Smart Activity Tracker

Prominient Features
Brand: Vebiso • Weight: 1.13 oz • Battery Type: CR2032 • Supported App: Alarm • Compatibility: iOS Only • Connectivity: Bluetooth • Special Feature: Lightweight
Vebiso GPS Tracker for Cat


Explore worry-free adventures with the Vebiso GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats. This nifty device works seamlessly with Apple Find My, offering real-time location tracking without any monthly fees. It’s super light at just 1.13 ounces and compact (0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches), with a comfy silicone case. Powered by a CR2032 battery, it lasts over 12 months on standby.

Attach the Vebiso Tracker to pet collars, school bags, or backpacks—it’s versatile. While some users wish it were a tad smaller, it’s discreet. The iOS-exclusive setup with the Find My app makes tracking effortless, bringing peace of mind to pet owners. There are occasional hiccups with location accuracy and syncing, according to some users. Still, the tracker shines with its user-friendly design, lengthy battery life, and the perk of no monthly fees, making it a smart choice for pet owners in search of a reliable and budget-friendly tracking solution.

• Lightweight to handle
• No Monthly Fee
• Long Battery Life
• Easy to Use
• Size Concerns
• Inaccurate Location at Times
• Syncing Issues
• Occasional Disappointment

TabCat Homing Tags v2 Pet Cat Tracker

Prominient Features
Brand: TabCat Homing Tags • Connectivity: RF (Radio Frequency) • Application: GPS • Components: Battery • Product Weight: 7.7 ounces
TabCat Homing Tags v2 Pet Cat Tracker


TabCat Homing Tags v2 provides a reliable and subscription-free tracking solution for cat owners. Crafted for user convenience, the lightweight homing tags attach effortlessly to your cat’s collar, weighing only 5 grams. With no monthly fees, a single upfront payment ensures cost-effective tracking for both indoor and outdoor cats.

A standout feature is TabCat’s precise directional tracking. The handset’s audio and visual cues guide users accurately, distinguishing it from traditional GPS trackers. The impressive 2.5cm/1-inch precision in pinpointing your cat’s location, along with color-coded lights and audible beeps, enhances the tracking experience.

TabCat’s patented Radio Frequency (RF) technology excels in versatile tracking scenarios, operating within the house, neighboring gardens, or on the streets. It proves effective in locating cats in challenging spots like sheds or trees. The compact design extends to protective silicone cases, keeping the tags dry and safeguarded against knocks.

Overall, TabCat Homing Tags v2 prioritizes accuracy, convenience, and affordability. It offers a comprehensive tracking solution, making it an ideal choice for cat owners seeking a reliable and cost-effective device for locating their feline companions.

• Accurate directional guidance
• No subscription required
• Lightweight and comfortable for cats
• Versatile indoor and outdoor tracking
• Limited range in obstructed areas
• Some concerns about the fragility of newer units
• Occasional responsiveness issues with the tag

Weenect XS Cat GPS Tracker (Black Edition 2023)

Prominient Features
Brand: Weenect • Connectivity: Cellular • Supported App: Alarm • Real-Time Tracking: Yes • Range Limit: No Limit • Territory Analysis: Yes • Battery Life: Up to 10 days • Supported Networks: 5G-ready, 4G, 2G
Cat GPS Tracker – Weenect XS


The Weenect XS Cat GPS Tracker (Black Edition 2023) provides a cutting-edge solution for cat owners seeking real-time tracking and comprehensive insights into their feline friend’s activities. With a sleek design measuring 2.38 x 0.59 x 0.96 inches, this tracker stands out as the smallest on the market. A monthly subscription starting at $4.72 unlocks continuous real-time GPS tracking with no distance limits, ensuring you can monitor your cat’s location from anywhere in the world.

The Weenect tracker boasts multi-network compatibility, supporting 5G, 4G, and 2G technologies for reliable connectivity. The subscription plans offer flexibility with options for monthly, 1-year, and 3-year commitments. The territory analysis feature allows you to explore your cat’s play area in detail, providing valuable insights.

Despite occasional connectivity challenges reported by users, the Weenect Tracker distinguishes itself through responsive customer support. Interacting with technical support via text messaging ensures efficient issue resolution. The tracker’s battery life, up to 10 days with power-saving features, and the ability to track historical routes contribute to its overall functionality.

• Smallest tracker on the market
• Real-time GPS tracking with unlimited range
• Multi-network compatibility
• Territory analysis feature
• Long battery life
• Occasional connectivity challenges
• Tracker may require resets

Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Cats – Market Leading Pet GPS Location Tracker

Prominient Features
Brand: Tractive • Model No: TRCAT5DBNA • Supported App: GPS • Special Feature: Waterproof • Item Weight: 4.7 ounces • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries • Specific Uses: Active, Outdoor, Behavior
Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Cats


The Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Cats stands out as a market-leading solution for pet owners seeking reliable GPS location tracking and comprehensive health monitoring for their feline companions. With a waterproof design, this tracker ensures functionality even during your cat’s outdoor adventures. The package includes a pet tracker, a cat collar, attachment clips, and a charging cable, providing a complete solution for cat owners.

One notable feature is the real-time 24/7 tracking, allowing you to monitor your cat’s location and activity levels seamlessly. The tracker comes equipped with virtual fences that alert you if your cat leaves a predefined safe space, enhancing safety measures. Despite occasional accuracy challenges reported by users, the Tractive GPS Tracker offers impressive coverage, even in wooded areas, ensuring you can locate your cat within a 3-4 mile range.

The subscription-based model, while covering necessary fees for location tracking, may pose a concern for some users. Additionally, the battery life varies based on usage, with live tracking consuming more power. The tracker’s ability to function in both live tracking and safe mode, along with customizable virtual fences, contributes to its overall effectiveness.

• Waterproof design
• Real-time 24/7 tracking
• Virtual fences for safety
• Impressive coverage in wooded areas
• Quick charging
• Occasional accuracy challenges
• Subscription-based model
• Battery life varies with usage
• Limited response to inquiries


When looking for the best cat trackers, you want something that uses good technology to keep tabs on kitty combined with design made for cats. The trackers we picked all have special features so owners can let their cats explore while still keeping them safe. Some trackers, like the Tractive Waterproof GPS, let you see where your cat is in real-time. Others, like the TabCat Homing Tags, use precision to show your cat’s location.

With the right tracker, you can give your curious cat some freedom to roam without worrying. These gadgets blend modern technology into the special bond between a person and their furry friend. The trackers help make cat ownership more enjoyable. They let your adventurous feline keep discovering while you have peace of mind.

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