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Why doesn’t the Cat want to go outside anymore?

Outside cat

Cats are aloof creatures, they love what they love to do. Sometimes they play as a kid, while other times they just like to have a cozy nap. Likewise, most cats love to roam, while some cat breeds are pretty much comfortable staying indoors. Majorly it depends upon the type of cat breed and the general lifestyle pattern of your kitten.

Cats Do Not Like to Change their Routine

cat routine

It is observed that indoor cats generally take some time to step outside. Probably, they feel afraid to explore what’s happening on the other side of the door. It is worth mentioning that cats love to live in a constant mode, with no sudden changes in their lifestyle. Any deviation from the normal routine makes these kittens stressed out. As a result, they resist going out. Contrarily, some cats just gaze outside and affirm their curiosity to explore what’s happening in the outside world.

Can Cats have Agoraphobia?

Still, if your cat does not go outside it is pretty much normal, no worries. The main question arises when cats get scared to go outside all of sudden. Probably it has encountered some sort of accident or catfight that resulted in this odd behavior. Furthermore, medical reasons or depression might also stimulate Agoraphobia. Moreover, it is very much likely that cats that show this behavior tend to confine themselves in solitary places in their house. You have to check for underlying reasons that made your cat do this.

Major Reasons That Make the Cat Scared to go outside

We have highlighted some major points that can help you to pinpoint the main reasons that might be the possible reason for cats not going outside the house.

Cat Fights are one of the major reasons that make a cat feel afraid of going outside. Cats are really specific about territorial control and often get involved in clashes. It might be possible that your feeble cat took some beating from a bully cat in the neighborhood and feels afraid to step outside.

Cat fight

Agoraphobia: Cats are very sensitive creatures, and become distressed very easily. Since they are very aloof, it is very difficult to determine if it is sad or not. Continuous cycles of depression in indoor cats can develop Agoraphobia. It is one of the most understudied traumatized cat symptoms in which cats feel afraid to step outside due to some sort of depression or mental illness.

Loss of a Fellow Companion: Sometimes cats feel afraid to step into the outside world because they feel lonely. The relocation, death, and absence of a fellow cat companion can make these cats more vulnerable, even to play outside as they miss their feline colleague.

Social Awkwardness: Some cats spend most of their time with humans living in the same surroundings and environments for an extensive period of time. So when these cats step into the outside world to see new faces and tall buildings, it is quite possible that they become socially uncomfortable. Many times it is observed that cats show discomfort when taken outside.

Take Your Cat Outside in Your Presence is Best Remedy

cat and owner walk

Cats are inherent hunters. But we have domesticated them to a level that has somewhat altered their natural instincts. Indoor cats pretty much behave like small babies. As a young toddlers, these cats tend to show their depression and anxiety when introduced to something new. For cats that suddenly stop going outside, the root cause of the problem must be determined as it might be a major trigger point of depression and mental illness. Moreover, it is always better to take your cat to natural places like gardens and beaches, preferably in your own company.

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