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Why Do Cats Pee On Beds?

white cat on bed

Cats are great pets that care about their cleanliness more than we do. They self-groom and are one of the most chill animals to be around. However, they often portray behaviors that are different from their natural behavior, and one of them includes peeing on the bed.

If the cats are litter trained, they will never pee on the bed without an underlining problem that needs to be addressed. If it’s a kitten that is not yet trained properly, do it this way, because it is the reason in front of you, but if it’s an older cat that began peeing on the bed out of nowhere, you should pay a little attention to this matter.

As cat owners, we have to take care of minor signs they display, as cats are not as expressive as other animals.

Here are a few reasons why your cat is maybe urinating on your bed.

Is Your Cat Stressed or Depressed?

Coming home to pee on the bed or waking up in a puddle of pee like I did is never a good feeling. You may feel the urge to scold your cat and tell him that what he did is not appreciated, but you have to control your emotions at all costs.

cat lying on bed

Anxiety, stress, and depression in cats are genuine things, indoor cats may face it more, and if you end up shouting at your cat, you can scare them more, resulting in increased stress. There are many reasons your cat may face stress or anxiety, and you have to figure it out with the signs listed in another article in order to relieve it.

In my case, my cat did not like to be around its son, who grew up to be extremely naughty, and it stressed her out. My cat “Lilly” was always a quiet one who liked to snuggle up when she felt like it. When her little kitten was born, she was on the moon, but after some time, as most mother cats do, she started marking her territory and indicated to the little one to go away, but he obviously couldn’t.

After a while, she started peeing on the bed, and her walk changed. The doctor told us that she is under stress and everyone in the family needs to shower her with love and a lot of pets. We did as advised, and she began recovering pretty soon.

So, like my cat, your fluffy friend might be under stress as well. Look at the things that might be a reason for stress for your cat and try to handle the situation as soon as possible, otherwise, stress and depression may lead to death. It can be anything from too much noise to another cat.

Cat Jealousy is a Thing

Cats mark their territories and their human companions as well. Another cat in the picture may cause a lot of jealousy because of which your cat might urinate on the bed. Also, if your cat thinks that your attention is distributed or you love the new member a little more than them, you need to work on making the balance.

cat on bed

Are You Cleaning the Litter Frequently?

Another reason cats urinate on the bed or away from their litter is the possibility of dirty litter. We all know how cats are particular about cleanliness, and if their litter is dirty; they won’t go do their business in it.

Make sure you clean the litter every day if the cat has the habit of peeing and pooping a lot. Cats indicate that their litter is in horrible condition by peeing here and there. Either way, check here to have more litter boxes.

If you clean the litter on a daily basis, but still your cat is urinating outside the litter, then you should consider visiting the vet for a routine check-up as there might be some health issues concerning your cat.

There Might Be Health Issues

Every out-of-ordinary cat behavior has reasons. Health issues are one of the many reasons. Problems such as urinary tract infections, kidney-related diseases, diabetes, and other infections are a clear indication when a cat urinates on the bed. A visit to the vet when this behavior doesn’t stop and continues for a while can help clear things up a little. The vet will know what to test, and you will have the answer to your question.

cat sitting on bed

These are just some common reasons why your cat is maybe peeing on the bed. This is the thing with cats; you have to pay attention to the small details, and there is always more than meets the eye. So, be agile about your cats, give them the love and care they need, and always have a vet on standby.

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