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Why Do Cats like Nail Files

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Nail files seem to be a curious obsession for cats; it’s cute but also perplexing! Why do cats seem to enjoy using nail files? Your cat may have the same fetish. Likely, you are not the only one experiencing this problem at the moment. Let’s get down to business. Why do cats enjoy using nail files?

Due to instinct, cats like using nail files. They appreciate the sensation of having their nails trimmed with a nail file. A mineral deficit might be another factor to consider. The sound and feel of a nail file are incredibly appealing to cats.

The reasons why cats adore nail files are numerous and discussed in further depth below.

Why do Cats like Nail Files?

Nail files are a favorite of cats for a variety of reasons.

Alternatively, it Might be Down to Instinct

A cat’s inclination for filing and sharpening its nails on a scratching post may lead them to be drawn to nail files. The purpose of a nail file is similar, which may be why cats are attracted to it because it can help smash down their claws.

These are the advantages of cat scratching posts.

  • It supports nail health
  • To work out their muscles.
  • Burning calories.
  • Feelings of happiness are triggered.
  • To denote the region.
  • As a means of keeping them from damaging your furnishings
  • A place to meet and play with the other cat in a household with many cats.
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The Texture may be to Blame

Nail files, like sandpaper, have a rough and abrasive feel, which may explain why cats are fascinated by them. It might be because their tongues have a similar texture to sandpaper on the skin. A nail file’s texture is similar to how their tongues feel during grooming; therefore, they like licking it.

The Sound it Creates is Appealing to Cats

The sound of a cat’s nails being squeezed against a nail file captivates them. Many cat owners have noticed that their felines are always drawn to the sound of a nail file being used. The sound of the nail files scrapping may also bring back memories of their favorite scratching post.

Cats may have the impression that another cat is grooming them

Cats are lured to a nail file because it evokes the familiar experience of being cleaned by another cat, just like the texture and sound it makes when brushed against a cat’s nails. They may think another cat is cleaning them because of the sandpaper-like sensation.

They See it as a Child’s Toy

Some cat owners report that their cats grow interested in nail files if they watch their owners using them on their nails. Curious cats may play with and smack your nail file in the same way they would with other toys. As a part of their collection of toys, these nail files appeal to them.

It Might be Because of the Way it Smells

There are many things that a cat’s nose can detect that humans can’t. According to new research, nail files may contain small amounts of a calcium-like odor that may suggest cats of bones. Also, specific emery boards may include fish glue adhesives, which cats may find appealing, so keep that in mind.

A cat’s curiosity and playfulness are well-known, so it’s not surprising that they’d be interested in your nail files. Whenever it comes to fragrance, texture, and taste, cats are drawn to these morsels for various reasons. A scratching post-like object may also be seen as the latest arrival to their collection of toys by cats, which may associate it with the act of sharpening their nails.

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