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Why do Cats Hide Under the Beds?

gray cat is hiding under the bed

Cats are very humble and kind animals but sometimes they want to live in their own space. They hide under cozy and warm and dark-shaded places because they love it there. They feel safe and secure by doing this. The other main reason for doing this can be stress or they want to nap peacefully. My love for cats made me write this article. The very fun and loving animals are cats.

Reasons Behind Hiding Under the Bed

Cats Love Dark

Cats often find dark places to sleep which perfectly suits them for sleeping. Cats usually sleep from 13 to 18 hours and this period increases in winters. Because In winter shaded places provide more comfort to them as compared to open places. They fix their spot for sleeping. Because they sleep more so they need a safe spot for them which is unapproachable for dogs or humans. Cats feel vulnerable during their sleep that’s why they need a perfect spot for sleeping. The space under the beds is cozy and warm.

Weather Conditions

One of the main reasons for cats to hide under the beds can be thundering whether. A scared kitten will rush to her favorite hiding spot when she hears the rumbling sound of clouds. Also, cats get familiar with family members easily and they start to love them too. So when an unfamiliar guest arrives at the house they suddenly reach their preferred hiding spots to avoid them. Once they leave and cats feel the safety, they pop out of their hiding spots or can be taken out by tempted with tasty treats.

a domestic pet cat hiding under the bed looking

Cats have Different Nature

Cats are private and solitary creatures. They tend to hide out especially when they are ill or in any kind of pain. This is in their nature to hide out from people or when they are not feeling well. Cats frequently hide their illness from people because they think that becoming ill makes them susceptible to other creatures like dogs. Outdoor living cats do this, but indoor cats don’t have to worry about being attacked or anything else because they are kept so lovely. But when some cats are exposed to outdoor stimuli, they can get unwell because they are made so sensitive.

Cats have Mood Swings

Anxiety and depression are very normal in indoor cats as compared to outdoor cats because outdoor cats more often know about the hardships of being out on the streets searching for food or a shelter or place to hide from dogs. But still, they get depressed too. On the other hand, when indoor cats experience this type of trauma, they get scared and depressed simply.

Or if your family situation changes it can affect cats’ mental health too and then they go to their favorite spot and hide until the situation gets better. Cats mark their territory; they know every inch of the house they are living in changing the furniture or moving to a whole other place can cause anxiety and depression in cats too. As under the bed, the area is shady, they feel comfortable hence staying there quietly.

Wrapping Up

Cats are very sensitive animals they show sad signs and can get sad or ill. Or they can get depressed or can get unwell. The death of a kitten’s favorite human can also be a cat’s depression reason. They lost their appetite quickly they can become lethargic they won’t play with you or get out of their favorite spot for a long-time span. To avoid this, we can play with our kittens as many times as we can so they can be fit.

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