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Why Do Cats Bite Their Nails?

cat bites her nails

Cats are among the most exciting animals in the world. They do things that intrigue us and make us love these small bundles of joy even more. Out of the many strange things a cat does, biting its nails is one of them. 

Cat pulling on their nails and biting them is generally a common practice and a simple way of grooming themselves. When you see your car biting their nails, it is often nothing to be worried about and just their way of making sure that they are looking majestic as ever. 

Cats are known to self groom as they like to keep themselves clean and proper. Cats sometimes bite their nails to shorten them and other times just to ensure there is no dirt stuck in them. Many parents use human clippers to cut cat nails and let cats avoid doing it themselves. Although if you notice their nail-biting habit to exceed the expected behavior, there might be something wrong. 

Here are 5 reasons cats bite their nails and when to be worried about this behavior? 

1. Grooming Process

Cats have a layered nail structure, which means that the outer layer can begin to wear out over time. Cats like their nails to be sharp and edgy, and so when they feel that the outer nail is frayed, they will bite and chew it to get rid of it and expose the new shaper nail. We suggest you regularly cut cat nails using the most sold clippers.

Other times your cat might be too indulgent in cleaning its nails.

cat grooming

2. Underlining Medical Concerns 

Excessiveness is never a good sign, even for your cats. If you see your cat going in on its nails excessively, you should get them checked with a vet. There can be some underlining medical issues with your cat, which you should not ignore. 

We always suggest our readers be better safe than sorry, and it is better to take your cat for a routine check-up to avoid any problems later on. 

Following are a few of the things that might be wrong with your cat if it excessively bites its nails. 

1. Infection

Like humans, cats can also suffer yeast and bacterial infections in their nails. These infections can develop for a number of reasons and will cause discomfort for your cat. Cats with paw infections will chew and bite their nails aggressively. Visit the vet near you to avoid more problems. 

cat and vet

2. Ringworm

Ringworms are a severe infection that can develop in your cats. Hearing the name might trigger your sense, but the condition doesn’t have to do anything with ringworms themselves. Cats can develop this infection through playing in the soil any other things. 

Because of this infection, cats begin grooming themselves more than they usually do. So, pay attention to this and take your cat to the vet. Although ringworm can treat itself, it is contagious, and you should not wait before visiting a doctor. 

3. Pemphigus

It is a common autoimmune disease among cats that affects their skin. This disease causes irritation in the skin, and cats begin grooming themselves excessively. Pemphigus causes irritation around different areas, and one of them includes cat paws. 

Final Words

There are more reasons due to which cats might indulge in self-grooming. These reasons include nail issues with older cats, behavioral changes ranging from stress to being hyper. No matter the reason, if you notice your cat being too aggressive towards their nails, biting and chewing them, you should consult a vet.

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