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Why Cats are Good Pets?

playing with cat

Many dog lovers would say that cats are not the right animals when it comes to make them your pets. And they have a other and psychological benefits for having cat.

According to them, dogs are man’s best friend while the cats are just little betrayers who would forget their owners just as soon they left them.

Well, I think, it’s just their point of view, we shouldn’t apply it all the time on the cats. They are easy to train. All you have to do is to know the following.

Though cats are a little proud and self-satisfied, they consider themselves complete and perfect, but this doesn’t mean that they are bad pets, in fact, most of the time, cats are proven to be better pets than dogs. So, “dog lovers” please don’t be offended, because I have got some satisfying reasons to prove that cats are no less than the dogs.

Cats are Generally Clean Animals

As compared to dogs, cats are much more clean and hygienic animals. They are always grooming themselves in their free time, or I must say all the time. Because, most time of the day they are found sleeping, and when they’re not, then they are licking their fur.

While on the other hand, when it comes to dogs, the moment you bath it, it just somehow manages to get itself greasy and spotted. So, if someone is looking for clean and tidy animals, then you must go for cats.

Easy to Potty Train


Everyone knows that the moment a kitten is born, potty training is in its instinct. You don’t have to put a lot of effort to potty train a cat. All you have to do is to bring a litter tray and show it to your cat.

It will manage the rest of it by itself. While when you talk about dogs, they don’t even know where to pee. Just ask a dog owner, how many times he has to take his dog out for potty.

Cats are Serene and Peaceful

cats are peaceful

Cats are the calmest and peaceful animals. They don’t make a mess, they don’t disturb their owners, and they don’t make weird noises. The overall voice coming out of their mouth is that sweet “MEOW”.

And when it comes to dogs, they bark too much, don’t even let their owners sleep. Cats don’t jump on sofas and furniture, as most of the dogs do. They sleep 15 hours a day and the rest of the day is spent roaming in the housing. So cats are generally quiet animals.

Cats Bear a Long Lifespan

The reason why cats are the best pets is their long lifespan, they stay with their owners for at least 12 years. And most of the time, they even reach their teens or early 20’s. So the owners get to spend a good part of their lives with their cats.

Good for Your Heart

cat good for heart

According to the recent study, the quiet and serene nature of cats is a cause of relaxation to their owners. They are cute, and they make their owners forget all their worries by giving them love and attention.

A study has revealed that most cat owners don’t get blood pressure and cats are one of the reasons behind a healthy heart. Cat owners rarely get a heart attack.

Another plus point of cats is that makes you immune to major allergies.


Many other reasons prove cats are the best house pets. I hope those people who thought that cats are the worst animals to become pets would now change their prospects.

Cats are not all that bad. You just have to know them a little bit. Once you get close to them, you’ll know how lovable animal it is. Just like dogs, cats do love their owners and expect the same from them.

So try to love cats also, they too need your attention, and they will surely be the best pets you will ever have.

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