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What does it Mean When a Kitten Licks You?

cat licking

Human and pet interaction is as old as their relationship with nature. Humans always like to own a pet. They make them feel being loved, secured, and give a loyal company. As a pet, a cat is considered the most favorite pet around the globe. It is with humans from centuries to date.

Cats are very attractive in physical appearance having fluffy feathers, round big eyes, and flexible bodies. It has some random mode swings which sometimes give you the joy to make you feel happy and on the other time, you get irritated or harmed from it.

There are some signs which help you to understand what your cat wants now? Like if your cat starts licking then there are the following reasons why she does so

Reasons Why Cat Licks You

Cat licking her hand
  • Cleaning
  • Show love and affection
  • Sharing sent
  • Inherited traits
  • Want attention
  • Help to deal with anxiety and stress.


cat lick feet

When your cat starts licking your hand, knees, and face. It means she wants to clean your body. This idea is not computing with humans psychology and they don’t understand this behavior and its reason.

But from the cat perception, it is the way to build a bond with the owner and show how much she cares about him. As the cat is coming from the family where they always live together. So, they use to clean and groom each other by licking from their sticky and tangled tongue. They inherited this behavior from their family to start licking anyone to whom they want to set any bond.

Show Love and Affection

Cat in your home considers you as her family member. She always wants to be around you and have interaction. Cat shows her love and affection through licking you because there is no way to say it verbally. It is another signal that she adores you and likes you.

Sharing Scent

cat sharing sent

It is in mammal nature to spread their scent on anything including place, and person to show their ownership. It is the same with cats when the owner comes from outside to the home. She recognizes him but still, she smells different from her that makes her feel uncomfortable and unrelatable.

She starts licking her owner and spread her sent in his body to make him smell like her and to keep intact the relationship the same between each other.

Inherited Trait

Cat has a dominant nature and once they adopt any habit, it’s impossible to keep them away from it. Cleaning everything they use is in their norms. And to clean, they use to lick.

Licking is one of the inherited traits of a cat. Mother cats use to lick their kittens to clean them, show them their love, and also to groom them. In their spare time, it is the most favorite activity they used to do. Not only kitten mothers but other cats also like to lick each other. This trait is not a means of harm for anyone so there is no need to stopping them.

Want Attention

kittens want attention

Cats get addicted when the owner sets any specific time for their cats to play, cuddle, and run with them regularly. She waits for her owner a whole day to come and play.

Your cat feels ignored, sad, and irritated when you skip this routine for many days. She uses to lick his owner in his arms, knees, and fingers. It means she wants attention and time as she has before.

Help to Deal with Anxiety

When a cat feels that her owner having stress and anxiety. Then she tries to calm him by licking her finger and forehead. A cat starts licking the owner’s hand if she feels that the owner is stressed for any reason. It helps to divert attention and reduce stress. Also, it exposes all negative radiance out from the human body, which helps to feel at ease and relax.

On the other side, a cat uses to lick more harshly without a stop if the cat is sad. It is a signal that your cat is looking for more attention and time from you. She is giving you signs that she needs more care, more attention, and more of your time.

It is possible to have no positive results. In such cases, visiting vet is the only solution.

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