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What do Cats Like to do With Humans?

what do cat likes to do with humans

If you are planning to adopt a cat or if you are a cat owner you can relate to the fact that you can never have the position of being master of your cat, but rather she will treat you as her servant and will never let you enjoy the status of being a cat parent or owner.

Nevertheless, having a cat in your house can be the biggest blessing, as she will bring joy and fun to your home. There won’t be any dull moment in your life as your cat will always cheer you up with her sweet activities and play.

Having a cat or any other pet comes up with more significant responsibilities that you cannot take for granted. Cats are susceptible by nature and want all attention of their owner; otherwise, they might not adjust to your house, and their character may become aggressive or lethargic.

You being a cat owner and her favorite human needs to satisfy some of your pet’s likes to make her lively, fun, active, and playful. I have mentioned five things cats love you to do with humans as per their behavior and needs which you need to take out your time to make your cat’s life enjoyable and as per their desires.

Five Thing, Your Cat, Want and Like to do With you

Like I said before your cat does not consider you your owner; instead, you are her servant who needs to abide by her moods, wants, likes, and tantrums. Here are the five things indicating what do cats like you to do with them so that you can be a better cat parent and can make her happy and satisfied.

Loves to Play

cat playing with toy as prey

Cats have limited activities in their lives, including sleep, play, eat, pee, and poop. They spend maximum hours of the day sleeping, and when they wake up, they want their favourite human to play with them and make them tired enough to sleep again.

Cats love to play with their favourite toys, and some even like their human to chase them while they run. Cats favourite toy is any string which they will catch like capturing their prey. There are different toys in the market that your cat might love to play with such as balls, feathers, cardboard boxes, cotton reels, etc.

No matter what the toy is, it is essential for your cat’s health and mood that you play with her at least for an hour in one day. The most they want from a human is playtime which is a must to make them active and happy.

Likes to Spend Time with Their Favourite Human

cat laying infront of owner

Not only playing but your cat likes to spend most of their time with favorite humans. If you have a previous experience with a cat, you might have noticed that your cat will come to that part of your house where you are no matter if she sits at a certain distance but will always want you to be by her side.

There is a misconception that cats, unlike dogs, do not want to be closer to humans, but this is not true. They are as lovely by nature as dogs are, and they want humans and their love as much as dogs wish to.

The only difference is that cats are not as expressive as dogs, and being a cat owner, your biggest test is to identify your cat’s likes and wants as most of the time they do not show that they want to be cuddled. However, deep down, they want all the love and attention of their favorite human being.

Likes to be Groomed

cat loves to groom

Most of the cats by nature do not like water, but they always want to be all cleaned and groomed up. Your cat will like you to brush her fur daily and help her remain clean and groomed.

You might have noticed your cat spending hours licking their body for cleanliness as they like to remain clean and healthy away from all the dirt and germs. Similarly, they will want their human to groom them, take care of their fur and body no matter how irritated they feel while you will try grooming them.

Loves to be Observed when having Food

cat eating on table

Your cat will like you to feed her fresh food every time and want you to observe her till the time she ends up eating. I don’t know what satisfaction cats get with this, but they will start purring if you will sit by their side while they have food and after eating will give back love to you as a sign of their satisfaction.

Cat loves to be observed all the time. If you will not be visible to your cat for longer hours, she will end up getting worried and will meow for you. Therefore, if you are a cat parent be with her for the maximum time and during all her activities as that will make her feel special, and she will show so much love to you in a return.

Likes to Throw Tantrums on Human

Tantrums cat

Cats are very moody by nature, and you being a cat owner should have all the patience of the world as at times their tantrums might become unacceptable to you.

One thing you need to understand is that your cat not only scratches you as a sign of lousy mood but she can scratch you while playing or while you are feeding her without her intention of hurting you.

When you want to play, your cat will not want to play. She might want to play in the middle of the night while you are sleeping which you need to tolerate as a cat parent as this is how they are by nature and want to do with their human.

Cats love to throw tantrums on humans and want their favorite human to understand their tantrums and act according to their pet’s mood to keep them happy.


I hope that until now you are clear with what cats like to do with humans and are mentally prepare to behave as per their requirement to make them comfortable in your house.

Cats are very sensitive by nature and come in stress if anything goes against their nature. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to what your cat loves and like to ensure that they live the best life possible with all their desires being satisfied by their favorite person.

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