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How To Transition Cat To Covered Litter Box

Cat seeing outside from litter box

If you have bought a new, shiny hooded litter box for your cat, but it doesn’t use the box, don’t worry – all cats are like that!

It’s already a difficult task to get your cat to use the litter box and even more time-taking to shift them to a covered litter box, or sometimes they may sleep in the litter box once familiarized. You may often observe that your cat stops eating because they cannot recognize their litter box due to the cover.

Yet, it’s all good as we are here to tell you the simplest way to transition a cat to a covered litter box.

What is a Hooded Litter Box?

Hooded litter boxes are specially designed for indoor spaces when you have a high influx of guests that may not like the litter box inside the house. These litter boxes have a high roof that allows the cat to sit inside the box to use it. It is great to save your house from the specific litter box smell and keeps the area clean. These litter boxes are not typically chosen as the first choice of the litter box, but if your cat adapts to this litter box, it can be a life-saver (bad odor saver).

Benefits of a Hooded Litter Box

Hooded Litter boxes can be an excellent investment if you have small children at home or feel that the open tray does not give a clean look to the place. Some of the benefits of having a fully enclosed litter box are:

No Bad Odor

Covered litter boxes help you eliminate the odor of the litter box to a great extent. They are perfect for people with a more sensitive smelling sense that gets triggered due to the litter box.

Safe From Children

Having a litter box does not only take away the concern of smell in the house but also the possibility of children interacting with the litter box. It is rather difficult for them to get dirty in a hooded litter box.

Aesthetically Pleasing

As you may not like the open tray in your house, some visitors also detest them (especially those who do not have pets). Hooded litter boxes are aesthetically pleasing and come in various designs to choose from per choice.


Most covered litter boxes are convertible, and you can convert them into an open tray when needed. It also makes it quite easy to clean the litter box.

Do Cats Like Covered Litter Boxes?

Cat in a litter box

Though there are multiple benefits to you when you decide on getting a hooded litter box, do cats like covered litter boxes?

Despite numerous studies, a verdict could not have been established about the liking of covered litter boxes cats. While some like the open tray, others enjoy their privacy more.

An important question is, will my cat use a covered litter box?

How to Transition Cat to Covered Litter Box

Whether your cat likes it or not initially, you can try your best to train a cat to use the litter box through a few easy steps. They may take some time but eventually get used to it. Here’s how to get a cat to use a litter box with a door:


The first step is to make sure not to change the place of the litter box as your cat may not be able to cope with two changes at once. So, when you plan to transition your cat to the hooded litter box, place it in the same place as the litter tray.

Introduce Hoodless

It might be the best idea to suddenly transition your cat from the open tray to a hooded litter box. Do not rush, as it may take some time for your cat to accept the new tray. Place the new litter box hoodless in the place of the previous one and let them explore it on their own.

Add Familiar Litter

To make the litter box feel more familiar, add the litter your cat is used to. It will attract them to use the litter box more without being anxious.

Add the Hood

Now that your cat does not feel shy about sitting in the litter box, it’s a good time to add the cover and let them get acquainted with it. Again, it may take some time, and your cat may resist, but you can always show them that it’s the same box.

Extra Tips

cat getting out to litter box

If your cat does not like the fully enclosed litter box despite taking all these measures, you can also try alternating the litter tray and box. Place the litter tray one day and litter ox the other. It might confuse the cat, but it cal also help smoothen the transition.

Another trick you could try is taking the flap out until your cat feels comfortable going in and out of the box.


How long does it take to litter train a cat?

It typically takes four weeks to litter train a cat if you stay consistent and keep trying.

How are automatic self-cleaning litter boxes?

Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are perfect for people who do not like scooping. You can find them in different shapes and models with varying specifications. However, you may need to clean them thoroughly from time to time to clean them properly.

How tall should a covered litter box be?

Covered litter boxes should at least be tall enough to allow your cat to use them properly without the litter spreading everywhere. The best size is around 8 to 12 inches tall.

Are hooded cat litter boxes safe?

Covered litter boxes are absolutely safe, considering that you clean them properly. Also, it is suggested to use a fragrance-free, hypoallergic material to keep your cat safe.

What to do when my cat resists the litter box?

Your cat may take some time to get accustomed to the litter box, but you must keep trying. One effective way is to offer your cat a treat every time it sits in the litter box to encourage the behavior.

How to get rid of cat dander?

Besides the fowl litter smell, cat dander is also quite disturbing as it may cause allergies. A cat purifier can be the best choice to eliminate cat dander and any of the remaining smells as the carbon filters absorb the smell and remove it from your house.

The Bottom Line

Transitioning a cat from a litter tray to a litter box can take time, yet it is the best choice to keep your house clean. Place the covered litter box in the place of the litter tray and let your fur baby explore it. They will get accustomed to the fully enclosed litter box, and your life will become easiest!

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