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How To Train Your Cat To Go To The Toilet Outside

Kitten see a litter box

Do you have a cat that loves to poop in different corners of the house? Well, you are not alone!

Many cats might stay out all day, but they come in to do their business. Having a cat that defecates inside the house can be quite convenient if they are toilet-trained, yet sometimes it can be unhygienic when you have children at home.

If you are thinking of having your cat defecate outside, a few tips and tricks can help you keep them out.

How to Train Your Cat to Go to the Toilet Outside

When you train a cat to go outside, the transition should be smooth, so they are not intimidated by the sudden shift. Creating a suitable environment is the basic step when training your cat to go to the toilet outside, facilitating the transition.

Move the Litter Box

The first step in creating an easy environment to have the cat pee and poop outside is to change the location of the litter box. Instead of keeping the box out of the house instantly and confusing your pet, it is better to shift it gradually. Move the litter box near the door slowly to familiarize your pet with the surroundings and prepare them for the chance to use the litter box outside.

Install a Fence

Now that you are thinking of letting your cat do the business in the backyard or the garden, you need to install a fence for their safety. If your cat is not habitual of staying out much, leaving them by themselves might not be the best idea. Install a safety fence around the boundary to create a safe space for the cat to play and defecate.

Use a Cat door

If you do not have a pet door installed, it is the right time to have one. Having a pet door enables your fur baby to go out as often as they want to poop without waiting for you. In case you cannot have a cat door at the moment, be ready to take them out frequently to not find them spoiling your floor.

Add Litter to the Box

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If you have not placed a litter box outside and expect your cat to defecate in an open space, they may initially be hesitant and end up pooping inside the house. It can be not only unhygienic if unattended but also dangerous if ingested. When designating an area for your cat to defecate outside, it is suggested to add a bit of litter to the space for it to seem familiar. This way, your cat will be less reluctant to defecate in that space. Alternatively, you may just place their old litter box outside the gate, making it more convenient for them.

Go out with them

Sometimes cats are not huge fans of going out and take every measure to avoid being out of the house. And when you have a cat like that, it is not easy to train your cat to go to the toilet outside. To appreciate and encourage them to go outside, you can take them out by yourself in the beginning. It gives them trust and comforts them to go outside. Training your cat to defecate outside may take some time, but you will be relieved in the end.

The Bottom Line

Most cats love to stay outside some need efforts to keep them indoors while others need efforts to take them out. They love to stay in all day and dread going out, making it difficult to toilet train them. However, when you have kids at home, defecating inside the house can be hazardous to health and should not be encouraged. Use these simple steps to train your cat to go to the toilet outside and make your life easier.

Happy Petting!

1 thought on “How To Train Your Cat To Go To The Toilet Outside”

  1. but I don’t have a toilet outside…
    never ever give your kitten a litter box and you won’t have to train them. yes, install a cat door. shitting in a box in a house is very unnatural, they don’t like it. with puppies, I just do not let them in the house until they get it. I built a screen porch and my animals love it, they go in and out, come inside if it is raining, etc. even when I am gone.

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