You love your pet. You do that’s why you take it at your home and make space for him in your family.

If you choose a cat as a pet. It gave you addiction and affection which no other pet can replace. To let it be at your home without giving harm to anyone. You need to teach your cat some disciplinary lessons. Because your’s this fluffy and independent streak have some mood swings. It can be very friendly at once and become very arrogant and aggressive to the other second.

Is it hard or easy to teach your cat?

It is very difficult to teach a cat. Cat is not like your other pets who follow your guidance easily. They have independent nature which never lets them to follow any one at first. It takes long time to make them adopt some habits permanently. The guardian should be humble and consistent because if you get irritative for their non-coordinating attitude then you fail to train your cat.

The process of teaching discipline to the cat is full of error and trial. The learning and coordinating ability of every cat is different from one another. Some cats easily pick your footstep and some completely reject and Do opposite to it.

Considerations before training your Cat

If you ever train a cat before. it is easy for you to train another one. But if it’s your first experience then there are some pros and cons which can help you to train any cat . By following these, Initially, it feels no difficulty to understand some basic nature of your cat.

Not to Do

  • Don’t compare your cat with a dog
  • Never be physical with the cat to learn
  • Don’t yell at your cat
  • Never rub your cat nose in an accident.
  • Don’t allow harsh  games
  • Don’t spray on them

Don’t compare your cat with a dog: If you have a dog before in your home and you train it easily. Then you probably think that to train a cat is as easy as to train dogs. This concept is completely wrong about it. Stop it here.

To train dog is very easy because it’s dog nature to obey and coordinate with their owner but Cat has a completely independent nature. They never let you easily dominate it. It can take a long time and a cool temper to teach them.

Never be physical with cats: To train a cat is a process of temper and continuity. If you get irritated from continuously disobeying nature of your cat and be physical to them. Then it’s impossible to generate coordination level with your cat.

Don’t yell at cat: You and your cat language are different. Don’t think that to put your voice pitch high make them understand what you want to say. Even it gets cat irritative and scared. its outcome will bring negative behavior.

Never rub your cat nose in an accident: When your cat faces any accident like falling from the wall on the ground and stuck themselves in the basket. After rescuing them, Guardian unintentionally touches their nose.

To show their condolence and care to it but the nose is a sensitive part of the cat. They don’t allow anyone to touch it. It makes them feel irritative and aggressive when someone touches their nose. Avoid touching the cat nose.

Don’t allow harsh games: When your cat is playing with you. Never allow to scratching and bitting in your finger. Most of the time guardians think that it is not a big issue if their cat-like to biting and scratching but after some time this habit becomes consistent and harsh. There are many chances that they can bite and scratch a child. So stop them at first.

Don’t spray on them: There is an old and popular myth of use spray-on cats to stop them from bad behavior. Studies say that it doesn’t stop cats from bad behavior. It helps to distract them for a while and after some time they used to do the same. To make them disassociate from bad habbit permanently. Make them attached to some soft toys. Once you offer them their favourite soft toy. They never turn their way back to bad habits.

To Do

  • Praise them on good behavior
  • Take notice of their bad habits.
  • Take care of your cat’s health.
  • Do not make changes in the environment
  • Gave them love and attention.

Always praise them for good behavior: Cat has a dominant and attention-seeking nature. Punishment and strictness never help them to learn anything. They get irritated and aggressive from it. Always use to praise them on the behavior you want them to follow. Reward them so that they feel they are doing something good and adopt this habit permanently.

Take notice of their bad habit in the first step: If your cat starts biting, scratching, and yelling. Then don’t consider it an ordinary issue. Take notice of this and try to stop your cat from it.

Take care of your cat’s health: If you notice that your cat is not physically fit. She feels a problem in walking, eating and playing. Then immediately take it to the veterinarian. Maybe she is infected from any disease or faced any accident recently.

Do not make changes in the environment: You have to take some environmental changes if you want your cat stop from the jump in your table and scrape to your leather blanket. For example, put silky stuff on your leather blanket. That helps to prevent it from crafting and scratching it. Place a cookie sheet on your table so when they try to jump on the table. These sheets help to never make it work.

Gave them love and attention: Cat needs two things attention and independence. Once they feel ignored. They start dis-asscociate themselves from you. Always maintain interaction level with them by playing, cuddling, eating with them. This also helps to train them according to your demands.

Final Verdict

Cat is naturally independent and of dominant nature. They never follow anyone’s guidance easily. You need to train them if you love cats and want them at home as a pet. They never get themselves in any trouble and harm to anyone else.

As the cat and human language are different. In starting it’s difficult to deal with them. During training, there is a time when you get irritating from their uncoordinated attitude. You need to be patient and humble. Gave them proper time and affection. Their training will give you worth watching results.


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