The best pet shipping services for 2020

When you own pets, there come great responsibilities, along with having a loving companion. You have to give it all the attention and take care of it like a small kid. When for any personal reason, you need to move out and must take your pet along, it becomes a huge task. Moving is an exhausting work in itself, and with a pet, the workload multiplies several times. From arranging movers and packers for your stuff, you now have to prepare the pet’s stuff for moving.

Usually, animals are not good at adapting with changes, and therefore even while you are packing, they might sense something and might start acting weird. You need to start taking care of several things from the time you decide on making a move. You might want to drop your pet at your friends or family while you start packing to avoid giving him anxiety attacks. If that is not possible, then several pet shipping services provide various services related to a pet, and you can easily hire them.

Before hiring a pet shipping services, there are several things that you must know:

You cannot hire just any pet shipping service that comes to you. You must do the background check of the company if they are worth your trust. You might be risking your pet’s life in the hands of the staff of the company you finally decide to hire. You must go through the reviews from previous clients of the organization and must get an idea about the services they actually provide.

Check for the services they include in the quotation. Several times, you might not require a particular service like documentation as you might have already taken care of it, then you might ask them to exclude the service and deduct the cost for it from the quotation. You might also want them to add certain things even if it might cost extra to you and, therefore, make the updates required in the quotation.

You must beware of the frauds as with the growing industry; there are several scams running in the name of genuine industries. You must make sure that the company you will be trusting your pet with is not a scam and therefore, must give it a close look. Fraudsters usually are up for taking up the charges and vanish into thin air when it comes to providing the service, and you are left with losing your money for nothing. These things get even worse when they steal away your pet too.

A small list of best pet shipping services you may trust easily

Citizen Shipper: This organization offers a very innovative type of pet shipping service. They help in connecting transporters with the pet owners and breeders. They take care of the background checks on transporters to avoid any mishappenings and therefore, can be trusted easily. The transporters are given the responsibility as per their traveling routes. They provide door to door service. The service providing style is a great way of utilizing the ongoing process. The company finds suitable transporters through a marketplace that utilizes all the shipping criteria because shipping a pet requires a lot of legal approvals.  

Air Animal: An able team of vets established this organization in the year 1977, and there is no stopping since. The company has made its way through the market by providing safe service to the clients and are known for taking care of the pets like their own while the process of shipping is carried. They also give the service a personalized touch by keeping you about how they are doing.

Airpets America: This organization has made its way through the industry’s top brand by working hard for straight 20 years towards improvement and betterment in providing the service. Along with providing a caring and safe shipping service, they also take care of the pet’s grooming and boarding facilities. They also provide special relocation compensations and discounts for military people. When the shipping hours are long, the company also takes care of the regular exercise and crate training for the dogs.

Happy Tails: When you own more than just one pet and are looking for a shipping service which offers affordable price altogether, then Happy Tails is your brand to go. They are the best pet shipping services when it comes to a large amount of pet relocation services. They take care of each pet nicely and provide various discounts when you hire them to ship multiple pets. They also keep you updated about the well-being of your pets and offer military relocation discounts.

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