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Symptoms of Dehydration in Cats

cat drinking water

Even in the dead of winter, you need to keep an eye on your cat’s water consumption. Unlike dogs; cats can be picky and less inclined to drink from the water bowl or dish you’ve set out for them. The absence of water may cause dehydration in cats. So if you notice that your cat hasn’t had any water in a while or has been uneven in its water consumption, it’s best to conduct a little inquiry.

The Symptoms

While dehydration isn’t often immediately noticeable, various symptoms might be connected with a dehydrated cat. Do not hesitate to call your veterinarian if you observe any of these symptoms in your pet’s drinking habits.

1. Eyes that have drooped

Lack of water might be a cause in your cat’s eyes seeming sunken, blurry, or simply not correct.

2. Flat or depressed demeanor

cat closing her eyes

Change in your cat’s behavior, such as taking shelter or not shifting from their bed is a clear indicator that something is wrong, and you should contact your veterinarian immediately. For example, if they appear sluggish, depressed, or sad over time, this might be a symptom of dehydration or other medical problems.

3. Tacky, dry gums

Your cat’s gums should be pink and moist; if they’re dry and tacky (sticky), they may be dehydrated.

4. Not eating anything

Dehydration can cause your cat to lose interest in food for up to 24 hours, which is a clear indicator that your pet is sick or injured.

My Cat needs to Drink how much Water.

You may not have thought of how much water your cat needs to drink during the day. Most cats consume 45 ml per kg of body weight each day. Depending on the cat’s diet, this might change from day today. They will require more water if they eat extra dry food than wet food. Wet food provides some hydration for many cats.

What’s Wrong with my Cat’s Thirst?

Taking a drink of water is no exception for cats, as we’ve already said. If your cat refuses to drink the tap water you’ve placed out, there are several possible explanations.

It’s a natural tendency for cats to avoid drinking from their bowl of water if it’s adjacent to their food dish. They never drink water near newly killed prey in the wild since it may be polluted. Instincts can have a role even in a domesticated cat’s decisions, even if they are well-trained.

Cats like to drink from rushing water sources. At home, you may have observed that your cat frequently attempts to drink from the faucets. Consider getting a cat water fountain to help them have similar feelings.

thirsty cat

Some cats prefer water differently, the sort of dish you choose for them is also essential to make cats drink sufficient water. Some cats prefer drinking from plastic dishes, while others prefer porcelain or metal. If your cat doesn’t like their whiskers splashing the water, a broad and shallow dish may also be necessary. There is no substitute for trial and error when it comes to figuring out what your cat enjoys.

If the water in your cat’s dish isn’t cold, they won’t drink it. If this is the case, consider moving the bowl. It’s best to keep their water dish away from the sun and heat. Being a caring cat parent, you can use ice cubes to your cat’s drink to help keep the water chilled on hot days.

To put it simply, the water is discolored. Running water is preferable to stagnant water for cats since they are pretty picky. The water in the cat’s bowl or tray should be clean and good enough. You must clean it and refill it after a few days.

Tips for Preventing Dehydration in Cats QUICKLY!

Maintaining your cat’s hydration is a challenge that cannot be imposed. It is possible to provide the best possible environment for your cat by taking a few precautions.

  1. As an option, you might have many water bowls around the house. Providing a variety of bowls will allow a picky cat to have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to drinking water.
  2. Keep your cat’s water bowl clean so that it doesn’t make your cat feel ‘offended’ by stagnant or unclean water.
  3. As wet food has a significantly higher water content than dry food, it can make up some of your cat’s daily water consumption.
  4. Invest in a water fountain. You can check the reviews of different water fountains here on this page.

It might be tough to tell if your cat is getting enough water each day. While it’s impossible to guarantee that your cat won’t suffer from dehydration. You can take the above-mentioned steps to ensure including consulting a veterinarian when required.

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