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Symptoms of Dead Kitten inside Cat

Kittens with cat

Our Feline friends, like other living beings, may lose their unborn inside them. It is usually called a miscarriage of a cat or pregnancy loss. Wanting a kitten from your cat is such a happy thought. But, getting your feline pregnant by the process and caring for them is much difficult. There is usually more than a single kitten. Imagine how much it would be difficult for that little one to carry more weight than her body, or almost equal load.

Since there is an inconvenience that our fur friends cannot talk to us, they cannot inform us about what is bothering them. Moreover, not knowing the reason for their pain can cause you a lot of distress too.

What Causes Death of a Kitten inside a Cat?

There are many things that may help you identify the actual signs of a miscarriage or pregnancy loss by the cat. With this knowledge, you will be able to help your furball in their time of need.

Hormonal Imbalance

Most of the time, when the cat gets pregnant, it faces hormonal imbalance like those of humans. That hormonal imbalance may lead to the death of a fetus inside her belly. It is not possible to exclude this cause of death. However, we can take steps to normalize the hormones of the body of the cat.

Infections – The Most Common Cause

Several infections are noticed to cause feline miscarriages. These infections might be viral, fungal, and bacterial too. However, bacterial infections are usually less likely to affect. Viral infections, on the other hand, are the most destructive.

Other Causes

  • Nutritional factors
  • Stress and Depression (Do you know that Cats themselve can die from depression too? Read more here)
  • Hygienic factors
  • Age factors
  • Breed factors like Persian or Punch-faced cats are very likely to have pregnancy problems
  • Chemicals exposure may lead to pregnancy issues too
  • A fungus in a Mycotic infection may lead to bleeding in the uterus and the death of the fetus

What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage in Cats?

cat behavior changed

If the kitten dies during the early stages of the pregnancy, there are generally no specific symptoms seen in the felines. It is so because the fetus becomes a part of the feline body, and there are no visible changes shown.

However, during the later stages, the furball may show visible signs. The owner should be very active towards noticing the small signs since they got no other way to tell. To observe, the parent-owner needs to have knowledge about the symptoms.

Vaginal Ejection

The felines may show a unique type of release through their vagina. The secretion is usually of pus-type color or maybe any other dark, greasy color.

Other Discharges from the Body

There can also be blood discharge seen from the uterus that is abnormally in large quantities. There are also some tissue-like materials released along with the blood.


In some cases, the feline starts the labor contractions, and the fetus comes out. It occurs in the last stages of the pregnancy.

Motherly Instincts

There are some of the emotional instincts shown by cats. They may start producing milk in response to sadness. They may also begin pacing and crying as a result of their loss.

Changed cat habits

Changed Litter Habits

The felines usually are trained to litter at specific places. When they feel the death of their kitten, they may face emotional stress that may cause their litter habits to change. It may include the sites and the time to litter.

Disappearance of Fetus

The fetuses can be seen by doing ultrasounds of the feline’s body. If the ultrasound is done again, and the fetus is not visible. It is clear that the kitten is dead inside. Since the body absorbs the fetus.

Abdomen Constriction

Usually, you cannot see the blood or pus staining because the felines have a habit of cleaning themselves with their mouth. But if you notice the abdomen constricted than before, you may need to go and see a vet.

Other Symptoms

Some other significant symptoms may include

  • Vomiting,
  • Anorexia (a form of the disease where one cannot eat),
  • Some unexpected changes in the behavior like not clinging with you all the time,
  • Not drinking enough water, and
  • Fever.

Is there any Possibility of False Pregnancy?

pregnant cat

Most of the time, mating goes successful and the cat may show some visible signs about successful mating but Yes, you feline animal can feel all of the factors that a pregnant feline will feel. And still, your cat might not be. It is usually because of the hormonal changes after mating. See a vet and have an ultrasound of your cat to be assured about the pregnancy. It will help you to take care of the precautions.

Deduction of Article

As soon as you see the signs explained above, you may need to run to the vet. There are a lot of ways to treat the cat’s after-miscarriage response. It also needs to have some medications to fight the harmful effects happening to its body. There may also be some other fetuses inside the body that should be removed then. If they remain inside the body, it can cause further infections and diseases.

You can’t just be sad along with your feline and let it fight alone. Help it!

Give it a warm and peaceful space to recover from the trauma, if your cat is a little restless and is pacing. The recovery ratio of a cat from miscarriage is enough not to be worried.

Just stop worrying, start caring more and let it do the rest!

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