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Psychological Benefits of Having Cats

playing with cat

You can have a cat as your pet for various reasons. It is always great to have someone to cuddle and curl up with at the end of your day. Animals also help you in relieving stress from your body.

Top 5 Psychological benefits of Cats on their owners

Here, are some psychological benefits cats can have on your mind:

1. Low Stress and Anxiety Levels

cat minimize stress

Cats can be a better support in stressful situations than human beings. Studies have shown that if we spend an hour of our day with cats it can boost up our mood instantly. The reason for this is the decrease in the levels of cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone that induces stress conditions in the body. When we play and cuddle with our cats it boosts up our mood inducing stress relief by decreasing the level of cortisol.

Even watching cat videos can boost your energy and positive emotions and carries away any negative feelings that you may have. You will not even have to worry about taking care of your cat and about their maintenance. Cats are super easy to pet and maintain.

Studies have shown that cats don’t get stressed seeing you worrying about something so they support you better emotionally. Also, cat owners are calmer and much relaxed than people who don’t own pets.

2. Joy of Health and Well-being

joy with cat

Cat owners are mentally calmer and much relaxed than other people. They cope with problems and difficulties in their lives better. People who own cats feel happy, relaxed, confident, and much less nervous and anxious in their daily life. They sleep better and enjoy their alone time more. Cats make you smile more in your routine life and induce positive emotions.

Cats act as therapy for people just like massages and other stress-relieving therapies. It increases the level of serotonin in our body that help in our well-being.

In terms of health, cat owners actually have a lower risk of heart attack and other heart diseases than others. Cats can prevent allergies and asthma in people by boosting up their immune system.

Cats need regular playing sessions and stimulation so that they remain active. In this way, they help their owners to stay fit and active as well.

3. Benefits in Building Relationships

People that have a bond with their pets tend to have a better ability to interact with humans. Cat owners care for their cats and love them unconditionally. They also feel a sense of care and love from their cats as well. This cross of emotions between humans and cats helps in building other relationships.

People who own cats are very sensitive towards their relationships. Studies have shown that pet owners tend to trust people easily and like them easily.

Moreover, cat owners feel other people’s affection towards them more and feel supported by people. Cats really can help you in your social life by enhancing your emotions and making you feel self-worthy.

Also, women find guys who own cats more attractive. This can actually help you in your dating life.

4. Better Sleep

better sleep

Having a pet can actually make you sleep better. Many studies have shown that majority of the cat owners prefer to sleep with their cats in bed. Some choose cats over their partners as their sleeping companions. Studies have shown that sleeping with a cat can actually improve your sleep quality.

According to a research conducted by a clinic of sleep medicine, people have agreed that sleep with cats have made their sleep better. Only a few people feel that cats cause disturbance while they are sleeping. But it thoroughly depends on your cat’s nocturnality.

5. Make the Recovery Process Fast

Besides all the health benefits, a feline companionship can actually help people in their healing. Whether it is an emotional trauma or physical wound, the presence of a cat near the person healing can significantly decrease the time of the recovery process.

People who cannot rely on their loved and close ones for emotional support actually find cats their companions and recover quickly. Cats can fill up the loneliness in your life.

Bottom Line

Cats can actually serve more than just being your pet. They have various positive impacts on our minds and body. They are the companions that help you stay happy and positive in your daily life.

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  1. I like that you mentioned how spending an hour of our day with cats could instantly boost up our mood. My wife always wanted to own a pet so I am thinking of giving her a pet cat. I think Main Coon cats are pretty cute so I think I’ll pick that kind of cat.

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