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How to Play with Cats Without Toys

play with cat without toys

No-one can deny the cheerful and jolly behavior of cats. They are proven to be the most entertaining pet one can ever be lucky to own. The love of cats for their play-time is irresistible and undoubtedly, the most favorite period of the day. However, cats have over-all different preferences to be engaged within their play-time. Some love being accompanied by toys and some crave other things. Playing with your cat is equally essential for its well-being and enhanced mental development. It also contributes to teaching your cat various impressive skills and explores some cute hidden mysteries about it. 

You indeed have bought your little best friend a bunch of exciting toys intending to make him possess the most creative side. But you cannot carry those toys everywhere and every time. Also, occupying your cat with a specific set of toys on a repeated basis may make him irritated or eventually lose interest in playing. Therefore, you being a caring owner must spare a few precious minutes of your day to interact and play with your cat.

Here are some enjoyable and entertaining ways through which you can get grab all the attention of your cat.


talk with cat

This would sound an ordinary way to play with your cat without a toy. But this is proven as the most effective way to stimulate your pet mentally. The simplest ways to attempt this action is by repeatedly taking the name of your cat in a lovely voice, keep chatting to your cat by looking in his eyes and use soft voice in a mediocre high-pitch to address your cat. Make sure not to touch or cuddle your baby at this time; this makes them distracted and uncomfortable.

Fetch and Play

fetch and play with cat

This is the most enjoyable game for a lively and enthusiastic cat. It is also a great way to physically and mentally incite the energy of your cat for the rest of the day. Cats love fetching things that are thrown by their owner. You can throw any plastic bottle or a piece of cloth or anything that your cat can grasp. Cat feels extremely obedient and encouraged when they complete the orders given to them and excel at them.

Chase the Cat

cat hug with boy owner

Whether your cat is still a cute young kitten or a mature adult cat, it can’t resist the desire and love to be chased by you. This is something more than a game; it builds strong trust and understanding between you two and makes him closer to you. By the word chasing means, choose a confined room for this purpose and let your cat run from you.

Wait for a thing to happen and then run after it to make him feel that you’re planning to chase it. This will also make your cat’s speed a bit faster. However, make sure your pet is wandering its tail up signifying that it is enjoying this play without toys.

Hide and Seek


Cats are just like small human babies that give a wide-smile when we catch them up doing something naughty. Similarly, cats love transforming this activity into a full-proof hide and seek game. It allows your cats to explore different concealing places by using their smartness and make yourself distracted not to get caught soon. It is also an incredible game to introduce your young cat with a predatory atmosphere and how he can rescue himself if caught in such a situation sometimes.

Final Words

These were some of the easy-fun games that you can play anytime you feel the dull behavior of your cat. Also, if you leave your cat alone at home for a prolonged time and has experienced a significant decrease in both of your interaction. Then, don’t waste a minute more to rejuvenate your friend’s jolly behavior back and promise to give quality time every day for nearly 20 mins by these games to play with a cat without toys. 

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