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Can You Put Neosporin on a Cat?

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How often does your cat try to prove to be an aunt to the lion’s community and pick up fights with bigger and beefy dogs than her? Does your little feline love to tease the dogs by jumping over the fences of your house often? This daring creature must get wounds daily? How do you treat it then? Are you using the same ointment you use for your family? Are they okay to use for your goofy ball?

Don’t worry; most of the people reading this article are here for the same questions.  

Most of the ointments or medicines used by the vets are the same that are prescribed by the doctors to humans but not all. The question that usually comes to the cat’s owner’s mind is; are they causing the same effect as they cause to the human body? The most used ointment aid kit is Neosporin.

Let’s talk about its usage and effects on the body of cats.

Neosporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment

There are three main antibiotics in Neosporin that are

  • Bacitracin
  • Polymyxin B
  • Neomycin
  • There is also an analgesic called pramoxine hydrogen chloride

Basically, these antibiotics together in Neosporin are used to treat wounds on the superficial skin. For instance, minor cuts on the skin, other scratches, or injuries to the skin. It basically provides an antibacterial effect to the wound, making it heal faster.

Can Neosporin Be Used for the Cat’s Wounds?

The question of the usage of Neosporin on cats is of significant importance. Generally, Neosporin is not bad for cats. However, the bodies of humans vary significantly from the bodies of cats. It is not the only thing to be worried about. Many other factors are listed below that can make you stop using Neosporin on your cat’s wounds.

Size of the Cat

The other factor is the size of the cats. They are so small compared to the human body. They are an alternative to the baby you would like to have. They demand the same care as the baby would have.

Intake of the Ointment

Humans are aware of the dangerous effects of the medicines they apply; however, cats are not. They wouldn’t know that they have been applied with any ointment, and they would just lick it when they feel any irritation.

Infection in the Eyes

These ointments can go in the eyes of the cats too, while they keep on touching the ointment. Cats are likely to get an infection in the eyes since the eyes are the most susceptible part of the cats. If this happens, rush to your vet to get the treatment as soon as possible.

What are Different Neosporin Alternatives for Cats?

Animals do not have any particular language to explain how they are feeling. It is your connection with them that lets you feel them yourself. If you fail to do so, you can put them in a lot of danger. You can also cause them to die. A minor injury, if not treated, can cause a significant infection that can further cause many terminal diseases or even death.

It is better to care now than be sorry later. Vets are there for a reason. Start using the ointments that a vet recommends. However, You can use the following alternatives, if there is an emergency.

  • It is recommended to use petroleum jelly as it has no adverse effects on the skin or body.
  • You can also use benzoyl peroxide but in 3% or less concentration. Otherwise, it can prove harmful.
  • If the bleeding is stopped, you must clean the wound with iodine solution. It will prevent any further infection. And use medical tape to cover the wound. Be sure that they are not band-aids but medical tapes.
  • If you see the bleeding, take the sterilised gauze wire and apply pressure to the injured or wounded part. Later on, use the medical tape to cover the wound.
  • Always have the temperature thermometers for cats in your aid kits. Regular thermometers may not prove beneficial to them since they have high temperatures usually. Measure the temperature of the rectum to be sure of their illness. Severe infections can cause their temperature to get high.

Final Verdict

No matter how long it has been with your cat or how much you know it, there are still certain things that you cannot handle. You will never understand how deep the cat’s wound is, nor can they tell you. Don’t take the easy or otherwise; you will end up losing them. For once, go to your vet and ask them the emergency steps as a backup. Better will be the case if you take them directly to the vets in case of cuts or irritation. The vets will prescribe the medicines that would be best for them.

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