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Best Motion Activated Sprinkler for Cats

Cat run from Water

Cats will be cats; they love to play around. Apart from that, these pets from heaven love to roam around as well. No matter how much you try, you can never eradicate the spying and hunting nature of these magnificent beasts. Occasionally these kittens tend to bring back the wild back in them and tend to relieve themselves on the porch, gardens, and other areas. Often, cat feces in the garden, lobby, porch, and swimming pools always make the cat’s parents angry. Often, this becomes a constant worry for cat owners, as these felines develop a habit of doing their thing in the open.

Furthermore, catfights are common. As their instinct of being wild, they mark a territory of their own. So when another cat interferes in the territory, there is a big catfight, and both parties hurt each other.

Cat Runway is also a big headache for cat owners. You never know when your cat is depressed. Furthermore, kittens also tend to come upon the roads to play around. On those days of heavy traffics, these noble creatures are always in danger. You always need some sort of human presence that can watch for these cats. Unfortunately, this is not possible every time. 

To stop cats from this involuntary undesired movement, cat parents have to use automation techniques that prevent them from roaming around in those places that are forbidden by their parents. Motion Sensor Sprinkler for cats is an excellent tool for that. These automatic motion detectors spot the presence of cats and throw water in their direction for few seconds that gradually stops them from prohibited roaming. Moreover, it also provides an additional protection layer from catfights and runaways.

However, it is worth mentioning that these devices only work for summer. In winters, when temperatures go down, the use of these water sprinklers is not recommended. It would be best if you have some other plans for those chilly days.

What are Motion Sensor Sprinklers?

Motion Activated Sprinklers are electronic devices that work on input motion. These motion sensor sprinkler devices continuously throw infra-red technology on the selected area. When an animal enters the range, these devices signal to energize the water pumps for water sprinkling. It is worth mentioning that these devices do not intend to soak the cats thoroughly, it just acts as a physical signal to frighten them. Since the cat knows that it will be sprayed every time it enters a region, it always stays away from it.

Quick Comparison Table

Water SprinklerKey FeaturesCheck Pricing
Orbit 6210024/7 Operation, Stable Design, Line Sight Adjustment
Intelligent Sensing Technology, Low Power Consumption,
Powerful Sensor Network, Three Detection Modes,
See Price
Hoont CobraDay & Night Operation, 100% Safe to Use,
360 degree Spray Angle, Height Adjustment,
Easy Interfacing, Dual Operation as Sprinkler
See Price
Havahart 5277100 ft. Detection Range, 35 ft. Spray Range,
4 Sensitivity Selection Modes, Good Water Sprinkler,
Eco Friendly Design
See Price 
Orbit 62120Three Detection Modes, Intelligent Sensing Technology,
Adjustable Height Adjustment, Line Sight Adjustment,
Powerful Sensor Network, Low Power consumption    
See Price 
Enforcer Motion
Activated Sprinkler
Noise Sensing Technology, Infrared Motion Sensor,
Adjustable Line of Sight, Dual operation as a Sprinkler
See Price 
Hoont Jet BlasterSolar powered motion detection, Height Adjustment Feature,
24/7 Operation, 360 Degree Spraying Angle,
Powerful water flow, PIR Sensor technology
See Price 
BSTOOL Solar ScarecrowIndividual Operational, Night and Day Setting,
Runs on Solar Energy, Intelligent Sensing Technology,
Unique Lens Design, Automatic on/off the water supply
See Price 
PierTech SprinklerInnovative Jet Spray Design, Powerful spraying action,
Built-in Sensors, 32 ft. Range, Unique Design
See Price 
Manoch Solar Scarecrow9 Modes of Sensitivity Selection, Easy Height Adjustment,
Powerful Sensor Network, Enhanced Detection Angle
of 0 to 300 degree, Powerful Range
See Price

9 Best Motion Sensor Sprinkler

1. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler with Day & Night Detection

Prominient Features
Multiple Detection Modes • Expandable Spray Zones • 40 ft. Range
Smart Sensors • Offers Extendibility for Sprinklers • Powerful Sprinkler
Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Sensor Water Sprinkler is a day and night motion detector. It can be considered as one of the best motion activated sprinkler for cats to keep them away from sensitive areas. The prominent feature of the water sprinkler includes intelligent sensing technology. Orbit 62100 water sprinkler serves ideally since you won’t get error signals that will trigger false sprinkles, especially in the case of windy seasons.

The motion detector is loaded to provide three state motion detection zones. The day, night, and always on mode provides complete 24/7 protection. Orbit 62100 Sprinkler has also been designed while keeping scalability in mind. You can also add more sprinklers to expand the range of your spraying needs. Moreover, you get a panoramic detection as Orbit 62100 can sense animals that are 40ft away from your house with a viewing angle of 120 degrees.

Moreover, this system also can detect between small and large cats so that it will work perfectly for all cat breeds. Obtain a dual mode of operation as the device can provide a 30-minute watering cycle on sprinkling mode.

Overall the product views are overwhelming, as the product is a hot seller in the market. However, some customers claim that the product does not work for small cats in the way it works for the big ones. The cost of the product is on the high side, but it certainly pays off well in the long run.

• Sprinkler and Animal Deterrent
• Three Detection Modes
• Extendable Spray Zones
• 120 Degree Field of View
• Smart Sensing Technology
• Non Sensitive to Windy Motion
• 30 Minutes Watering Action
• Some missing are observed when detecting small animals
• Little Pricy

2. Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water Blaster

Prominient Features
Adjustable 24/7 Detection • 30 ft. Range • 5-second intermittent spray
Spray Angle of 360 degree • Spray Arc of 120 degree • Solar Powered Motion Detection
Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water Blaster - Copy

The Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water Blaster is a 360-degree water sprinkler. The water sprinkler comes with a 30 ft. range and provides a protection range of up to 1000 square feet of area. The water blasting of the water sprinkler is very impressive since it offers a continuous water flow.

A powerful array of PIR sensors in the device deliver an uninterruptable detection that never fails. The device has an adjustable height adjusting mechanism that works ideally for all sized cats and breeds. The device provides a 5sec spray cycle pause that consumes minimal water —backed with a powerful battery, the automatic motion detector can provide continuous operation without any breaks.

The watering action is pretty powerful but does not harm the cats; instead, it just frightens them. However, some customers claim that spraying action is limited to 10ft only. Complaints regarding false triggers and water leaks have also been observed. Moreover, it also seems that the water sprinkler does not house any compensation for wind movements.

Still, a good product since it offers some unique features that are not available in competitive pricing. The addition of solar detection, smooth water flow, and circular mode of operation add great features that add more appeal to the product.

• Circular Mode of Operation
• 120 Degree Spray Arc
• 30 ft range
• Can Work on Solar as well
• Smooth water flow
• Height Adjustment Technology
• Not good for small animals
• Sensitive to Windy Motion

3. Havahart 5277 Motion-Activated Animal Repellent & Sprinkler

Prominient Features
Dual Functionality of Animal Repellent and as well as Sprinkler • 24/7 Monitoring
4 Setting Modes • 100ft spray range • Intermittent 5 second spray
Havahart 5277 Motion-Activated Animal Repellent & Sprinkler - Copy

Havahart 5277 is a unique device in a way that it can be used as an Animal Repellent and as well a Water Sprinkler. This motion activated sprinkler is loaded with some excellent features that make it very appealing. The water sprinkler is integrated with infrared sensor technology that provides a perfect mapping of your target location. Any movement on your selected zone will result in instant triggers.

The water sprinkler provides 24/7 monitoring and delivers water bursts after every 5 seconds. The sensitivity of the product is so great that it can even wash away squirrels. The overall response to the product is overwhelming. Still, some users question the durability of the product and claim that the device requires some tuning after several months of use. However, everyone was thumbs up regarding the sensitivity of the product.

Motion activated sprinkler Havahart comes with four sensitivity settings that allow you to control the desired sensitivity level of water sprinkling. Moreover, the device comes with an adjustable dial that allows you to control the range of water bursts from 0 to 60ft.  The water sprinkler has been designed to provide an eco-friendly operation and utilizes only 2-3 cups of water per spray. Havahart 5277 thus provides all the system controls in your hands.

• 24/7 Monitoring
• 60 ft. range
• Remarkable Sensitivity
• 4 Selection Modes of Sensitivity
• Dual Operation of Sprinkler and as well as Animal Repellent
• Tuning Requirements after few months
• Flimsy Construction

4. Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

Prominient Features
120 Degree Field of View • Three Detection Modes • Expandability in Spray Ranges
40 ft. Spray Range • Intelligent Sensing Technology • Detection Adjustability
Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler - Copy

Orbit 62120, a great adaption to the previous model of Orbit, comes with great features and all significant improvements that continue the legacy of Orbit 62100.  The device comes with 24/7 protection, dedicated monitoring profiles for the day, night, and always-on mode.

The water sprinkler provides excellent coverage of 120 degrees, with a range of 40ft providing protection to a large area. If we sum up all the calculations, the device can protect a large area that covers up to 1600 sq ft.

Orbit 62120 water sprinkler comes with an excellent feature of intelligent sensing technology that provides sensitivity compensation for wind triggering. Moreover, you can also make a selection for the type of cats you want to scare off. By adjusting the line of sight, you can select the angels to specifically target specific cat breeds.

The motion detector provides a dual operation of cat deterrent and as well as a sprinkler. The device can sprinkle water for up to 30 minutes in free mode. Combining it with the high sensitivity, it is an excellent choice for motion sensor water sprinklers.

However, don’t expect that this device will wash away squirrels in your garden.  Moreover, the design is a bit flimsy as compared to previous models by Orbit. The product cost is a bit high but is certainly worth it. 

• Dual Mode of Operation
• Three Detection Modes
• Extendable Spray Zones
• 120 Degree Field of View
• Smart Sensing Technology
• Non Sensitive to Windy Motion
• 30 Minutes Watering Action
• Can Miss detecting squirrel
• Delicate Design

5. Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Prominient Features
Dual Advantages of Water Sprinkler and Animal Deterrent • 120-degree field of view
1600 sq. ft. of protection area • Adjustable Detection Patterns • Noise Detection • 40 ft. range
Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler - Copy

The orbit enforcer TM motion-activated sprinkler serves as a great tool to protect your gardens and landscapers from cat poop. Moreover, the cat deterrent can also be used as a water sprinkler. The motion-activated water sprinkler continues the legacy of its predecessor products and adds more value to its functional value. The device is unique as it can sense motion and as well as noise, providing an extra layer of protection.

Loaded with an infrared motion sensor, the water sprinkler is highly effective. The water sprinkler can provide a 120-degree field of view with motion and noise detection that can work up to a 40 ft. range.  Amazingly a single node can monitor a large area of 1600 sq ft. The orbit enforcer works ideally for all cat breeds regardless of their size.

However, many cat parents prefer more on the 62XX series models of Orbit Water Sprinklers as they believe that it provides more sensitivity. However, it is still a great product for those who want to add the noise detection feature to their cavalry.

• Dual Mode of Operation
• 120 Degree Field of View
• Noise sensing technology
• 30 Minutes Watering Action
• Squirrel and small animals may not be detected
• Intelligent Sensing technology is not present

6. Hoont Motion Activated Jet Blaster – Yard and Garden Animal Rodent Repellent

Prominient Features
24/7 Detection • 30 ft. Range • Intermittent 5 second spray • Unique Design
Detection Angle 120 degree • Water Spraying Angle 360 degree • Monitored Area 650 sq. ft
Hoont Motion Activated Jet Blaster

Hoont Motion Sensor water sprinkler comes with a powerful PIR sensor network that provides a detection range of 30 ft. The water sprinkler works with solar-powered motion detection along with powerful water blasting action. The sensitivity of motion detection is pretty amazing and can also wash off small animals. So it is ideal for all cat breeds.

The device can provide a 120-degree field of view and delivers water bursting on a 360 pattern. Hoont Motion water sprinkler comes with an adjustable height option to protect plants that have high heights. The water sprinkler can thus provide overall monitoring of a 650 sq. ft. wide area, so it works ideally for gardens and courtyards.

The motion detector offers an easy installation feature on dirt, grass, and other soft surfaces via stake. Additionally, you can also attach water sources to the water sprinkler via a standard quick fit hose connection. Furthermore, the design of the product makes it throw water without any interruptions.

However, some customer reviews describe the body to be fragile and subject to leaks when operated at high sensitivity. Moreover, the water consumption of the device is very high. You must arrange for some backup batteries for continuous operation.

A positive point of the water buster includes 100% safe operation that is very safe for cats. Overall a fantastic product that will make sure that your cat does not spoil your pool or garden.

• Solar Powered Motion Detection
• 120 Degree Field of View
• PIR Sensing Technology
• Excellent Sensitivity
• Adjustable Height Adjustment
• 360 degree Water Spraying Angle
• Easy installation and water connection
• May Leak when Operated at High Sensitivity
• Power Consumption is slightly High

7. BSTOOL Solar Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler Water Animal Repellent Deterrent Sprinkler

Prominient Features
Unique Lens Design • Automatic on/off of water supply • Intelligent sensing technology
Individual Options for Night and Day Operation • 30 ft Range • Solar Energy Operated
East Interface with Standard Garden Hoses • Wider Protection Area of 1,200 sq. ft.
Detection Angle 120 degree • Intermittent 3-second spray
BSTOOL Solar Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler Water Animal Repellent - Copy

BSTOOL Solar Scarecrow Motion water sprinkler is one of the most powerful animal deterrents available these days. The device is loaded with excellent features that are not present in conventional water sprinklers.

To start, the BSTOOL water sprinkler comes with a unique lens design that provides an enhanced sensing range for small pets. Conventional water sprinklers do not come with the automatic close button, so they tend to leak when they are full of water. This device comes with a system that turns off water input when the desired levels are met. Among other novel features, the enhanced lens structure provides a broader protection area of 1,200 sq. ft.

BSTOOL water sprinkler has been developed based on intelligent sensing technology that optimizes the use of water and battery power. Furthermore, it can also work on solar energy for effective energy management. The device is loaded with a 24/7 operability that provides a range of 30 ft., along with a 120-degree detection angle. The water bursting of this device is rather pretty impressive and continuous as it offers an Intermittent 3 second spray. Moreover, it also provides an easy interface with standard garden hoses.

Overall, the customer reviews about the sensitivity and sprinkling capabilities of the product are pretty excellent. However, some reviews advise that the design structure and as well as body type material of the product should be improved. The product cost is a bit on the high side but pretty reasonable against the novel features.

• Enhance range by unique lens design
• 1,200 sq. ft. area protection
• Automatic on/ off water supply
• Intelligent Sensing Technology
• Easy interface with garden hoses
• Best animal deterrent these days
• Works perfectly for small and large animals
• High Price
• Design Improvements
• Flimsy Body Material

8. PierTech Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Deterrent Havahart Function

Prominient Features
Innovative jet spray design • Powerful Spraying action
32 ft. Range • Intermittent 5-second spray
PierTech Motion Activated Sprinkler - Copy

PierTech Motion Activated Sprinkler is one of the most powerful animal deterrent water sprays in the market. Unlike conventional water spraying mechanisms, the system is based on a jet spray operation. So it is very likely that the water blast will be much stronger than competitive products. Frankly speaking, it is quite possible that the water sprinkler can be used against human intruders as well.

The powerful sensor network in the sprinkler offers good sensitivity to detect motion. With a detection range of 32ft and a detection angle of more than 120 degrees, the PierTech water sprinkler is an effective tool to scare off animals and pets in your garden and pools, providing a wide range of protection.

The motion detector offers a straightforward interface and user-friendly operation. The customer feedback about the product is limited since the product has been introduced recently. From the reviews, no complaints regarding the system functionality have been observed. Although, some critique regarding the water leaks has been observed.

Structurally, the product has been designed to provide a powerful water spraying effect. A must tool to have if you have some stubborn animals in your area that do not get washed away by conventional water sprinklers. PierTech Motion Sprinkler comes in handy to provide protection of your cat against big animals.

• Enhanced water spraying by innovative jet design
• 32 ft. Range
• Enhanced detection angles
• Easy interface and handling
• Good Tool to scare off Large animals
• Water Leaks
• Less sensitivity

9. Manoch Solar Scarecrow Motion Activated Water Animal Repellent Deterrent Sprinkler

Prominient Features
24/7 Operation • High Range of Sensitivity Selection • Controllable detection width of 0 to 300 degree
35 ft. Range • Easy Height Adjustment • Operability with only 9V battery
Manoch Solar Scarecrow Motion Activated Water Animal Repellent - Copy

Manoch Solar Scarecrow Motion Activated water sprinkler is undoubtedly one of the best water-based animal deterrents. The device houses powerful sensors that check the motion of your cat in the garden, pool, or courtyard.

The main plus point of Manoch Solar Scarecrow Motion Activated Water includes a wide detection range of 0 to 300 degrees. To add more, the device can detect the motion at a range of 35 ft. protecting a large area of 1000 sq. ft.

The device provides an all-day, all-night operation with high sensitivity. There are about nine ranges for sensitivity selection that offer you the complete control to select which sort of cat breed you desire to scare off. Manoch Solar Scarecrow Motion sprinkler offers an easy height adjustment. Moreover, it is also designed to operate in an energy-optimized way working on a 9V battery and consuming only 2-3 cups of water for each activation.

Despite good motion detection and high sensitivity, the device pretty much lags in design and structure. Although these design flaws are pretty much tunable, you just have to buy some connectors to make it work through the conventional system. Overall a good product if you can fit it in your system.

• High Sensitivity Selection
• 35 ft. Range
• Enhanced detection angles of 0 to 300 degree
• Easy height adjustment
• Powerful sensor network
• Wide Protection area to 1000 sq. ft.
• Water Leaks
• Design Considerations

Buyers Guide

There are many brands of Motion Activated Water Sprinklers available in the cat market. However, every motion sprinkler cannot be used as an animal deterrent. Somewhat lighter models of cat deterrent are recommended since you desire to drive off cats that weigh only 10lbs, not hurt them. You certainly do not want to buy those strong devices that are used to scare off human intruders. That is the prime objective.

We have listed some points that can help you buy a good cat deterrent.

  • Decide What You Intend to Do: Before buying a cat deterrent, you must decide what you intend to do with it. If you want to prevent your cat from entering a specific area, or you want to stop other pets from entering your home. Keep in mind that some people that live in the countryside or hilly areas tend to buy stronger versions of an animal deterrent to stop intrusions from deer, pigs, and animals.
  • Deterrent Medium: You must decide which sort of deterrent medium you desire to use that can scare off your cat. Most animal deterrents are based on a water sprinkling mechanism, while some models also come with ultrasonic waves. Although most ultrasonic devices come with EPA certification, I will personally go for the ones based on water-based sprinklers since I am a cat lover and do not want to take unnecessary risks.
  • Range: Range is an essential element that decides the efficiency of your system—the lesser the range, the better the system performance. If you have a large area to protect, you must go for the system with higher ranges of about 65 ft. contrarily, you must go for systems with approx. 30 ft. ranges.
  • Sensitivity: It is always preferred to go for the systems that have a high sensitivity range. This makes the animal deterrent more receptive to motion detection. It is preferred to buy those motion detectors that provide you the complete control of sensitivity. A wide-ranging detection system can even pick the movement of squirrels, so just think how effective it will be on cat breeds.
  • Detection Angles: The detection angle can be regarded as the visual range of your motion sensor. You must buy those systems that have a detection angle of 120 degrees or more. If you want to have more visual dimensions, you must go for multiple systems that provide you 360-degree control.
  • Water Blasting: We assume that you just want to prohibit your cat from entering a specific place. So you do not want to use those systems that have a strong water flow. A motion sensor water sprinkler that provides intermittent water sparing in the general direction of your cat is more preferred.
  • Design Considerations: It is always preferred to buy those systems that provide a certain degree of IP or related protection. Most motion based water sprinklers always leak in some way or the other. A good strategy built on solid system design can handle these water leaks more effectively, while those with a flimsy body break down after a few months.


Q1. Do All Motion Activated Water Sprinklers Work on Night?

Almost all new brands of motion based water sprinklers work on night and as well as on days. However, some brands are developed to specifically operate in the night mode. It is always better to check.

Q2. Can Water-Based Motion Deterrents Hurt My Cat?

It depends upon the type of device you choose. If you buy a strong or jet-based water buster, it will hurt your cat. Go for the ones that have been specifically designed for small pets or cats.

Q3. How much can water pressure can be handled by conventional water-based deterrents?

Good water-based deterrents can handle a water pressure of 60lbs. Weak systems cannot handle this much pressure and start leaking.

Q4. Will continuous water bursting make my cat ill?

It depends. The basic theme is to put the idea in the cats’ minds that it will be sprayed if it crosses a prescribed boundary. It is often seen that cats understand this idea and learn to stay out of the monitored zones. Moreover, good deterrents tend to spray in the general direction of the cats. However, it is recommended not to use water-based deterrents in winters. This can make them ill.

Final Verdict

Keeping the cat away from a particular area is an essential step of cat parenting. As human presence cannot be present 24/7. Automated Motion Activated Sprinklers are therefore imperative in this case. It is a kind of protective wall for your cat. There are many parameters that must be evaluated before buying one. To make your life easy, water-based animal deterrents made by Orbit are excellent; specifically, the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler is a good and safe choice for motion-activated sprinklers.

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