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Is It Okay For Cats To Eat Peanut Butter

Cat and peanut butter

If your feline friend looks at you longingly while you enjoy a peanut butter sandwich, you may want to share it. But is it safe for your pet? There is no definite answer if Peanut Butter is okay for cats to eat? However, you can give some peanut butter to your pet as a treat.

Before you give peanut butter to your fur baby, it is important to know all the risks and considerations regarding this treat.

Potential Risks of Peanut Butter for Cats


Allergies are the foremost risk that comes with offering anything to your pet that contains nuts. Like humans, cats also sometimes have reported nut allergies. Monitor your cat for symptoms like itching, swelling, and GI distress. Take your pet immediately to the vet if any sudden changes occur in your pet’s body or behavior.


While humans can easily swallow peanut butter, the thick consistency may make it difficult for the cat to ingest and possess a choking hazard. If giving them peanut butter, ensure not giving a large amount at once.

GI issues

Some cats may take peanut butter very well and ask for more, but some might not be able to tolerate it. Intaking peanut butter can sometimes cause an upset Gastrointestinal system in cats.

High Calories

Besides the health issues pertaining to the system’s inability to digest peanut butter, it contains a fairly high amount of calories. Daily intake of peanut butter in high amounts increases the chances of obesity in your cat, leading to further health issues.

High Sodium

Most kinds of peanut butter contain salt, which makes them high in sodium, and a lot of sodium is not good for your cat’s health.


Xylitol is an artificial sweetener added to most peanut butter jars to balance the salty feel and improve the taste. However, it is poisonous to animals and causes GI disturbance, balance issues, and seizures.

What to Consider while Buying Peanut Butter for your Feline?

cat touch her nose with tongue

If your feline baby does not have any allergy or GI disturbance due to peanut butter, you may find them here on amazon and give some of it as a treat to them. Though, there are a few factors you can pay attention to while buying your next jar of peanut butter.

Look for other nuts

Your cat may tolerate peanuts well without feeling any discomfort, yet other toxic nuts like Macadamia are toxic to them. Make sure to buy peanut butter for your pets that do not contain such nuts.

Low salt and sugar

Usually, the sugar and salt content is similar in all peanut butter brands, but you can find some “Low-sodium” options that contain less sugar. It helps reduce your cat’s sugar and salt intake and keep them healthy.

Low to No Trans fats

Besides sugar, trans fats have also been seen to increase the chances of diabetes in felines along with heart diseases. Choose options that have less to no trans fats.


As mentioned above, Xylitol added to improve taste can be fatal for your fur baby. Look for options that do you have artificial sweeteners to ensure your cat is in no danger.

How much Peanut Butter is okay for Cats?

cat showing her tongue

If your pet does not have any allergies or GI issues regarding peanut butter, it is okay for cats to eat peanut butter.

But, how much peanut butter is safe for cats?

Cats usually need 250 calories per day, out of which only 25 calories should come from treats. As one tablespoon of peanut butter contains around 100 calories, you can give a quarter tablespoon of peanut butter to your feline baby as a treat.

How to Avoid giving Peanut Butter to your Cat?

If you think your cat may become obsessed with peanut butter and it has health hazards, you can gradually substitute it with other options. You may introduce pumpkins, carrots, cheese, eggs, and other healthy alternatives to their diet and eliminate peanut butter by reducing the quantity gradually.

The Bottom Line

When you think, “Is it okay for my cat to eat peanut butter?” the answer depends on your cat’s tolerance to peanut butter and related allergies. If they are not allergic to any components or do not show any symptoms of discomfort, you can give them low-sugar, low-sodium, Xylitol-free peanut butter as a sweet treat.

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