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How to Train a Cat to Stay Indoors

Grey Cat on floor

If your cat is one of those babies who love to stay out all day and people tell you, “it’s how they are!” it might not be entirely true. While cats have lived outside ever since pet cats enjoy staying at home more.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a cozy space anyway! Simply train cats to stay indoors.

Why should your cat stay inside?

Cats often love going out to explore nature and roam around; however, it is not healthy for them. Reports show that millions of animals are killed on the road every year. Letting your fur baby out increases the chances of being lost, hit by a vehicle, or transmitting diseases and parasites.

You can save your pet from these hazards by cat training to stay in the house.

How to Train a Cat to Stay Indoors

When your cat starts loving to go out more than staying in, it can be difficult to keep them indoors. Yet, you can improve security and create a similar environment inside your home.

Let’s tell you how you can train your cat to stay indoors.


Limit the Exposure

Trying to cage your cat in the house entirely would not work, and you may have to face resistance to your cat staying inside. The best approach is to limit the going-out time slowly. If your cat likes to go out at a particular time and comes back by themselves, you can secure the gate and open it a little late. This way, your fur baby will spend less time outside and be back early. You can reduce the time gradually while creating a familiar environment inside your home.

Install a Fence

Another thing you may do to limit the outside time and exposure is to install a fence outside the boundary of your house. Doing this allows your pet to enjoy the free air without worrying about their whereabouts.

Begin Training in Winter

Cats do not really like staying out in cold weather and come home earlier than warm days. You can start cat training to stay in the house in Winter, and they may get accustomed to staying inside all the time.

Lock the Doors

Does your cat run out as soon as you leave a door open? Time to work on that!

The most convenient way to keep cats indoors is to have the doors closed when you do not plan to go out. Not having an escape will make your cat stay in, and they will stop wanting to go out soon. You may also install an electronic cat door to keep your cat from going out. They are secured and do your open like the mechanical ones. You can keep it locked for as long as you want and only unlock it when allowing the cat to go out.

Use a Security Barrier

If you do not want to install an electronic pet gate, it is time to get a security barrier. You can use a pet-proofing barrier or proofing spray to keep them away from the door.

  • Proofing Sprays help the cat staying outside by emitting a harmless liquid spray that prevents your cat from stepping near it.
  • On the other hand, Proofing Barriers have sensors that generate a loud beep when your cat is around it.
Cat seeing outside

Provide Outside View

Besides the atmosphere, your fur baby loves to see the trees, birds, and everything else they don’t have inside. You can make them stay indoors easily by providing a window perch where the cat can see outside and observe without stepping out.

Set up a Cat Condo

Cat condos are another excellent way for your cat to stay in the house while providing the outside feels. Cat condo or cat tree is a 2 or 3 step cat playhouse that allows you to cat training to stay in the house by offering a space for hiding, jumping, climbing, and playing. You may also provide toys to your fur babies, like stuffed mice and plastic balls to play with.

Be Patient

Lastly, be patient. If your pet is habitual of staying out, it can be challenging to keep the cat indoors and might take some time. Do not be anxious as transitions of all kinds take time, and they will love to stay indoors once they adjust to the surrounding.

Happy Petting!

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