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How to Train a Cat Not To Bite

Cat trianing for not to bite

Cats are natural predators. They love hunting. No matter how much you train them, there always exists the intrinsic behavior of cat attacks and bites? There is also a chance of bites when your cat is stressed or it is frustrating. Moreover, some cats also bite when they require attention. Still, The reasons are unknown.

Cat behavior patterns show that cats indicate some traits before biting their owners

  • Twitching tail
  • Dilated pupils
  • Stiff body
  • Flattened ear

What Makes the Cat Bites?

Upon deep observation, we observe that all these factors share one common thing of ‘mental stimulation’ that governs this behavior.

No matter how playful your cat might be cat bites are always hazardous. If left unattended, these cat bites can also prove dangerous. Cat teeth are very fine and sharp, they tend to puncture the human skin and wounds in the skin. If not cared these wounds can cause a medical problem known as ‘cellulitis.’

9 Points That Can Stop Your Cat Biting You

Find the Reason: Often cats get stressed and depressed due to some reason that forces them to bite. Try to find out the reason that stimulates this behavior in cats.

Give them Catnips: Kittens love to chew and bite things. If you can give them a catnip that gives them the habit of chewing, you can prevent them from biting your hand or feet. Care must be taken that these catnips should be naturally and organically made, so it prevents your cat from biting.

Remove Stressful Triggers: If your cat is suffering from stresses or anxieties you must try to pacify it to the best of your efforts. This can be done by playing music for it or playing with it. Here is a fruitful main idea to bring your cat out of depression

Praise for Soft Paws: Develop a routine in your kitten that gives it the hint to identify between good bites and hard bites. This can be done by praising the kitten when it bites softly and making a loud noise when the cat bites in a hard way.

Cat paw

Give it a ‘Time Out’: In order to show displeasure with your cat when it bites you, give it a timeout.  This can be done by putting the feline n a different room. Continuing this habit will make your kitten realize that it is doing something wrong. 

Never Be Rude With Your Cat: Never try to be harsh with your kitten. If you give your cat a physical punishment or a harsh scolding it will become sad or either it will become more stringent.

Angry with cat

Give Your Kitty a Calm Environment: Cats love cleanliness and like to live in a cleaner environment. But if the place is dirty or unclean, this will get your kitten stressed out and make it vulnerable for more bites.

Buy a Scratching Post: A scratching post is the best tool to satisfy the ninja attitude of your cat. It will provide them the tool for scratching and as well as biting. 

Visit A Vet If Problem Persists:  If your cat becomes habitual of biting, and the problem persists, you must visit a vet for medical advice. 

Visit vet with cat

Cat love is a delicacy, which is often very seldom. These felines often tend to bite human counterparts for many reasons. Training your feline can alter its mind from biting. However, if your cat bites, please don’t take it easy, visit a Doc. 

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