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How to Tell If Cat Mating Was Successful

cat couple

A random observer who doesn’t own a pet might find cat mating a simple natural process, but it is far more than that. Cats go through mating processes almost throughout the year, which is extremely loud, arbitrary, and frequent. How old were you when you knew a cat is unable to ovulate before mating? There are other similar myths and misconceptions about cats that need to be addressed. A cat, when pregnant, can give birth to 4 kittens, all of the different fathers!

When Would I know if the Cat is prepared for Mating?

When a family possesses a cat, they usually choose to spay it (neutralizing its gender) before she goes on heat. We have seen most people discussing waiting till the pet turns six months old as that is the time of heat. But it’s totally a misconception! Different cats vary in their time of being in heat. Several external factors affect a cat and its behavior while she’s ready to mate.

Numerous studies are done and different experts have different views. Some say a cat experiences her first heat at an early age of 3.5 months and others say it is four and a half months. It’s well and good if you turn your female feline friend into a spayed one before she goes on heat. In an otherwise case, the process will continue unless and until you stop it through surgery. Most cats encounter mating between March and September, so take special care of your feline friend in these months of the year.

Symptoms Showing a Cat on Heat

A cat pet who is not de-sexed before the right time will display a different behavior when on heat than on regular days. You should observe the change in your pet’s mood swings and treat it accordingly.

Loud Vocals

cat loud vocal

You can observe the change in vocals of your furball when she’s on heat. A cat will usually meow more, moan, or wail, representing that she’s stressed or wants something.

Reduced Activity

Keep an eye on your cat’s activities to see if she’s on heat. A female cat will gradually crawl and wouldn’t enjoy playing on the ground in these months. It is definitely not a sign of pain but that she’s in the warmth.

Restless Behavior

Cats get aggravated very easily and especially when she is experiencing estrous days. So, you will find your cat being uncomfortable around you and not eating properly, which is a positive sign.

Extravagant Grooming

As your cat is in the warmth and her demands aren’t fulfilling, she’ll consume most of her time in extravagant grooming of genital parts. It will lead to inflammation or swelling of such areas, confirming that she’s on heat.

Lifted Tail

cat lift tail

You can examine the odd behaviors of your cat while she’s going through estrous days, including the one where she lifts her tail. A cat usually keeps her mating position exposed by grasping the tailpiece to a side of the air.

Roaming Everywhere

A cat would want to go outside and find a partner for mating when she’s on heat, so you’ll observe her roaming everywhere all the time. The chief purpose of this act is to spread her particular scent so a male cat can approach her.

How Do You Know If a Cat Mating is Successful?

After you realize your cat is on heat, she will find a tomcat for mating, which goes successful most of the time. Know that cats in heat can surpass all troubles to meet a tom (male) cat and mate. Like humans, cats also show definite signs and symptoms through which we realize that the mating went well. It probably happens after a few weeks of your cat getting pregnant.

A cat will begin showing physical alterations, including getting fat, and behavioral changes, such as mood swings after expecting. We have enlisted the common signs showing the mating was successful and your cat is now pregnant. So, watch out below:

Morning Sickness

Cats are equally sensitive as humans, so when your cat is expecting a child, she will experience morning sickness almost every day. Morning sickness includes a lazy body state and constant vomiting. An important point to notice is this issue doesn’t extend in a healthy pregnancy, so consult a vet if you find such problems.

Enlarged Nipples for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural process by which kittens grow. It is the reason, that enlargement of nipples starts processing right two to three weeks after a cat’s pregnancy. The color also changes to a pink/red shade.

Cat Dump

It’s not easy to hold unborn kittens inside the tummy for almost two months. Your cat’s tummy will start dumping or growing fat after a few weeks, increasing your pet’s weight to one to two kgs. If you see your cat with quite a large and swollen tummy, it’s a positive sign of healthy pregnancy.

Increased Appetite

A cat cannot tell you if they’re feeling hungry, so you have to take loads of care of your beloved pet when she’s pregnant. Keeping four to five kittens inside is very challenging, which also leads to increased appetite. Make sure to fill her food tub with cat food, so she can eat whenever she wants.

Finding a Convenient Nesting Place

Right two weeks before your cat is about to give birth, she will start finding a comfortable place where she can efficiently go with the natural process. We all know this entire cycle is pretty painful either for humans or animals. So, make sure to provide a cozy environment to her when you observe such changes. Even if you couldn’t figure out her pregnancy before this, nesting behavior will let you know that the mating went successfully.

Cat Pregnancy Timeline

The standard gestation period of a cat lies between 58 days to 65 days, but it can vary from cat to cat. Some cats give birth in almost 61 days, while the procedure for others extends to 72 days. Consult the best veterinarian in town if you figure out your cat mated and is now pregnant.

Do Cats Get Pregnant Every Time They Mate?

It’s not a compulsion that cats will conceive after mating, but yes, the probability is high! It is because mating induces ovulation in cats that persists for twenty to almost fifty hours, leading to pregnancy most of the time. Even this duration is quite long for a cat to get pregnant because the cycle can only take a day to superfetation. All in all, it is not a hard and fast rule for cats to expect after mating with a tomcat.

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