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How to Tell Cat Gender by Face?

Difference in Male and Female Cat

People are primarily attracted towards the lovely creature – cats! Discovering a cat’s gender isn’t an easy task, especially for those owning it for the first time. Cats are naturally quiet animals who don’t like being called all the time. It’s crucial to determine the sex of a cat, not just for the name but also for their care purpose, as both genders respond differently to human behavior. You will yourself observe male cats showing an entirely different attitude than a female. So, to clear your conflicts, we thought to present an article on determining a cat’s gender, particularly through its face,

Face Differences between a Male & a Female Cat

male and female cat

There are multiple possible ways to examine your feline friend’s gender, with checking via genitals is the most common. But in this article, we will mainly target determining the sex of a cat by checking its face.

Let’s begin!

Observe the Face Shape

The most prominent facial feature is its shape in both cats. A male and a female cat are entirely distinguishing by face shape. If you identify a cat with a significant, round face, it’s a male cat. On the contrary, a female cat has a sharp face with narrow feminine features, making her look girlish.

Notice the Aggression on Their Face

cat face

Most female furry cats live happily with gorgeous, lovely faces. On the other hand, male cats usually show a bit of aggression on their faces. The soft, feminine features of a cat make it a girl, while the male being tougher and aggressive by look.

The difference in Whisker Pads

All furry pets tend to have whisker pads on their faces, between the nose and the mouth. It is pretty tricky to judge a cat’s gender through whisker pads as some early-stage neutered cats look less masculine than they actually should! It makes it difficult for animal lovers to understand the gender of a cat. But, all in all, if we notice the whisker pad differences, a female cat has a more pronounced face with lesser vibrissae (whiskers).

Snout Length Along with Face Fat Pads

If you observe cats of the same breed, a male cat will have a comparatively shorter snout (nose) than a female. There is a genuine reason behind males having shorter muzzle! Whenever a male cat is done showing its sexual identity, it develops more face fat pads. These thicker and more rounded cheeks help a male cat protect himself from scratches by others males during a fight to get a female partner.

Check the Shape of Forehead

Other than the above features to examine, a cat’s forehead can distinguish if it is a male or a female. Female cats give a less stumpy appearance than male cat, with their forehead being less broad. So, it is apparent that you can also define the masculinity of a cat through its wider forehead and heavy look.

Watch a Cat’s Neck

Another way to decide a cat’s gender by face is to look at its neck. If you see a thicker and broader neck, it’s a male cat. Similarly, if you tend to observe a delicate, long neck, it’s, particularly of a female.

Are There More Ways to Determine a Cat’s Gender?

cat couple

Analyzing a cat’s gender is the least common and not so authentic way of determination as it can contain human errors. However, there are other multiple ways to detect the sex of a cat, including checking through their genitals, observing the colour coat of cats, and examining their behaviour in routine.

If you are a cat lover and want to have a cat, we will prefer you possess a male cat as these are very lovely and close to humans than female cats.

2 thoughts on “How to Tell Cat Gender by Face?”

  1. I have a cute cat, she gave birth to 2 kittens last month. They look so cute, my whole family loves them and my mom taught me how to tell the difference between men and women. Male cats are allowed to have rounder faces than females, and female cats have a slimmer facial structure and smaller foreheads. Amazing 2 cats have 1 male and 1 female.

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