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How to Stop Cats Pooping in Your Garden?

cat popping

Let me guess, your neighbors have brought home a cat, and now your life has become like a hell. After all, no one would enjoy a cat pooping in their garden.

Your garden is not merely a yard full of grass, it means much more to you. You invest the most precious time in your garden just so that you can build a place closer to nature, a place that can give you peace of mind in your free hours. So, you would never let your neighbor’s cat ruin all of this by making a mess there.

That’s why you have to prevent the cats from pooping and urinating in your garden. But how? Well, we have got some really simple ideas to keep the cats away from your garden by growing some plants and following these ways too. 

10 Ways to Stop the Cats from Pooping in Your Garden

#1 Motion Activated Water Sprinkler

water sprinkler on cat

A fact that no one can change is: “all cats hate water” we all know that. Cats run from the water as if they have seen a ghost. So water is a great idea to keep the cats away from your yard. All you have to do is install a motion-activated water sprinkler.

The moment the cat enters your garden, this sprinkler will start to spray water everywhere and the cat will simply run away from the water, thus saving your flower bed from that awful stuff.

#2 Chicken Wire

Chicken wires can also do great when it comes to keeping the cats away. You will have to lay a sheet of wire all across the way leading to your garden, the holes, and opening present in the wire irritates the cat’s paws, so they will often try to stay away from them.

#3 Spikes Matts

You can also use spike mats or other pointed things to drive back the cats from your garden. Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt or harm the cat’s paws, it will only cause them irritation and ticklish feelings in their feet which will be enough to keep them away. 

#4 Odor Repellents

You must have heard of odor repellents that are used for cats during their training. Well, you can also you these repellents to save your garden from cat dung. Just spray the repellent on the corners of the garden and see how it works. Its strong smell causes the cats to step back from the garden as their nose cannot bear such strong scents. And don’t worry, the smell of these repellents is not going to bother you.

#5 Bring Home a Tom Cat

This one can be a little too difficult, but still, it is the most efficient way to drive the cats back from your garden. Bring a male cat in your home because males don’t like any other cat to come and spray in his territory, that’s why most cat’s tries to stay away from such areas where there is already a male cat ruling.

#6 Citrus Peels

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution, then you can go for the citrus peels. They work the same as odor repellents. Just spread the citrus peels all around your garden and watch what it does to cats. It will keep the cat to stay away from your garden thus ensuring you no more cat poops in the garden.

#7 Ultrasonic Motion Detector

Another great way but a little costly one. You can install an ultrasonic motion detector in your garden to keep the cats away. This detector will begin to make sounds whenever it feels movement. Don’t worry, these noises are not going to disturb you as their frequency is inaudible to the human ear. But the cats can hear it clearly and finds it quite irritating, that is why they will try to stay away from such sounds.

#8 Crushed Pepper Might Work

Crushed Pepper keep cat away

Though this method is not very much appreciated as it can cause a little bit of pain to the cat, still you can try it because it will not physically harm or hurt the animal. Spread the crushed red pepper all around your garden, it will for sure keep the cat away until the next rain. Be sure to sprinkle the pepper again after the rain as the water will wash it away with it.

#9 Plant Lavender

There are some plants that cats hate and keep away, it includes lavender also. Cats do not like the smell of it and hence try to avoid it as much as they can. So you can plant the lavender all around your garden to make it completely cat free.

#10 Approach the Owners

Cat and owner

The last thing you can do is to directly approach the owners. But make sure that your tone should not be rude or offensive. You must negotiate with them in a friendly way and must keep the discussion as friendly as possible. Just inform them of your problem as ask them kindly and politely to keep their cats locked in the house. By doing so, you are also helping them as most owners don’t know that their cats are spending time outside, so by telling them this you are helping them not to lose their pet.

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