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How to Stop a Cat from Pooping on the Floor?

cat popping on the floor

Are you a cat owner who’s worried about your feline partner’s misbehavior? Is your cat pooping on the floor these days?

Note that when a well-trained cat poops on the floor instead of the litter box, there’s something wrong going on! You need to figure it out before preventing him to defecate on the floor. Most cat lovers experience litter box issues due to their cats being sick, mentally disturbed, or any other health problems. It then gets frustrating to manage their cats. The best way to prevent a cat from this behavior is to analyze the main challenge they are dealing with! We have presented an article below that will cover up all your conflicts and questions relating to cats.

Know the Reasons Behind Your Cat Pooping on the Floor

cat sitting on floor

There might be a lot of scenarios behind this issue, but we’ll catch a glimpse at a few of them.

Stress or Tensed Cats

Anyone dealing with stress would get annoyed at times. Why not cats then? If your furry friend is pooping outside the litter box, notice its behavioral changes. He might be bounded up to any tension or stress. Maybe his stomach aches or something is bothering him like never before. Stay connected to your pets to know more!

Your Cat is in Pain

Cats usually have the habit of making assumptions. Sometimes, if your cat is in pain, he might think it’s because of the litter box. So, he’ll start pooping out of the box, on the floor. Urinating can be painful if your feline partner is dealing with internal infections. Even if you’re so close to your pet, you can’t fix his health yourself. If you see your cat involve in such activities, consult his vet.

Changing the Litter Box

cat litter box

Did you notice the change in your cat’s behavior after you’ve replaced his litter box with a new one? They are very possessive about their litter boxes, so make sure to choose the one that fulfills their needs. Some cats like to have shallow boxes, while others want deep, large ones. Most cats look for unscented, clean litter boxes. So if your pet is pooping on the floor, make sure to place the litter box of his choice.

Five Best Ways to Prevent a Cat from Pooping on the Floor

After you’ve known a specific reason behind your cat’s inappropriate behavior, many steps can be taken to stop them. Let’s discuss a few of them below.

1.    Keep the Litter Box Clean

clean litter box

Cats are naturally very clean animals. If your cat is going out of its litter box, he might be experiencing untidiness there. Initiate by cleaning the litter box regularly and keep it at the place most liked by your feline friend. If you fail to do so, your cat will find a better place to poop, which probably is the floor. Moreover, to get enhanced cleaning results, use top-quality cat litter box cleansers.

2.    Utilize an Extra Litter Box

If your cat’s litter box is too old to keep or your furry friend is bored of using it, you might see him pooping on the floor then. To avoid such scenarios, purchase an extra new litter box and observe if your cat likes it or not.

3.    Keep a Check on Cat’s Litter

If you were previously unaware, know that your furry pet keeps a more sensitive nose than you do. Chances are there that it might not like the smell that you favor. Hence, if you used to buy scented litter, move towards scentless right away. Many cats run away from the artificial scents and repulsively poop on the floor. Besides, they may also get unhappy with the litter surface. To avoid these frustrating little issues, buy litter boxes of two different types and see which one is most appreciated by your cat.

4.    Connect More to Your Cat

Cats are lovely creatures who like to grab their owner’s attention. Sometimes they poop out of the litter box to get preference from you. Try to connect more to your feline friend and bring toys so they can enjoy more when alone at home. Adjust a cat tree in its playing area, as cats like to jump more while playing. Moreover, give them time whenever you are free or out of the workplace.

5.    Always Stay Consistent

You can never bring a change in one night, so always try to stay consistent and patient. No doubt you are working hard to bring your cat back to its training, but it will definitely take some time. Make sure to clean the litter box regularly, play with your cat, avoid whatever he dislikes and leave the rest on him. You will observe the results very soon.

Final Thoughts

So as we have discussed above, there could be multiple reasons why your cat is pooping on the floor. Try examining them yourself or consult your cat’s vet to know the right cause behind this. Besides that, make sure to cleanse the litter box every day and keep it fresh for your furry partner!

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