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How To Safely Leave Your Cat Home While You’re Away

Cat at Home

Going away can be stressful, especially if our beloved pets are involved. A more adventurous cat may enjoy a weekend trip away but the average house cat will be much happier in its usual environment. Though every cat is different, here’s a few tips for leaving your cat home when you go away.

First Of All, Should You Leave Your Cat Home Alone?

Cats can pretty much take care of themselves but you still shouldn’t leave your cat alone for more than a couple of days. If you’re going away for longer than that, then someone should come and visit your cat each day or even stay with them.

Clean Your Home Before Leaving Your Cat Alone

Cleaning Home

Even when just leaving for the day, you should make sure your home is a safe spot for your cat. Hide shopping bags and anything that is out of place and unplug appliances that you used. Windows should be securely shut and make sure that the only food out is meant for the cat. As long as your home is safe and secured, your cat should be safe wandering the whole house while you are out.

Set Up The Food And Water

Food and Water for cats

Make sure to leave out enough dry food for every day you will be away. Remember, it can’t hurt to leave out extra food! You should also move food far away from the water source so no water can reach the dry food and get it soggy. Separating the food into two spots is another way to make sure some food is edible in case something happens to one bowl. Are you concerned your cat may overeat when you’re away? Try getting an automatic pet feeder. Another essential item to purchase is a cat water fountain. This is a great idea for when you leave the house. However, it also encourages your cat to drink extra water on a normal basis.

Make Sure Your Cat Has Entertainment

Owning multiple cats is a great first step to giving your cat entertainment when you are away. Your cat should also have access to their cat furniture and bed while you’re away. If your cat likes to watch birds you can also leave some blinds open. Also, leave out your cat’s favorite toys if they don’t need supervision.

Use A Pet Camera

We always tend to worry about our fur babies when we leave them alone. Installing a camera is an easy way to ease our minds so we can relax while away. It’s best to place the pet cam facing the feeding station so that you can make sure they have food and water left.

Keep Internal Doors Open

You will want to make sure that internal doors can’t close if your cat will have access to multiple rooms. A doorstop is a simple way to keep the door open while you’re away. You don’t want your cats to shut themselves somewhere where their food, water, or  litter box is not accessible. Even if this hasn’t happened before, it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Prepare The Litter Box

Prepare Litter box for cat

This is a pretty self-explanatory tip. The cat litter box should always be cleaned before you go away. You may even want to add an extra litter box if your cats are used to it being cleaned every day. If this is your first cat, check out everything you need to know about the cat litter box.

Make Extra House Keys

When you go away, you should ensure that someone you trust can access your home if needed. It isn’t totally necessary to have someone visit your cat when you are only going away for a day or so. Yet, it’s still a good idea to give someone nearby a key in case there is an emergency. If you don’t know who will be available, leave a hidden key outside of your home. Have at least 1 or 2 people in mind ahead of time that you could count on if an emergency happens.

Leaving Your Cat Home Is Okay If You Are Prepared

Cat Alone at Home

While we hate to leave our cats home alone for an extended period of time, it has to be done sometimes. Allowing your cats to stay in the place they are the most comfortable is the best option for short travels. Following these tips for leaving your cat home while you’re away should help you relax while away.

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