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How to Reduce Shedding in Cats

Reduce Cat Shedding

Hair fall and cats go hand in hand. It is not surprising to know that the longer the cat hair, the more dominant the hair fall. Cat breeds like Persian, Maine Coon, and Ragdolls are the heaviest of shedders. Furthermore, not even cats from the same breed can be placed under the same umbrella of shedding; there exists some individual behavior in each cat that determines how fast it will lose its hair.

However, there are so many factors that influence the rate of shedding. It is always better to examine them on an individual basis rather than using a general rule of thumb.

Types of Cat Shedding

Cat Shedding

Many natural processes trigger cat shedding. Like humans, cats also lose damaged and dead hair, particularly due to their natural growth cycle, especially in the fall season. Some cats also shed in the spring season to remove the heavy undercoat that protected them from the chilly winters. Moreover, some cats that live indoors shed almost all the year since their genetic cycle for hair growth has been somewhat altered by temperature and light-controlled environments. Don’t think about shaving a cat to avoid shedding. It can be dangerous.

Cat Hair Problems

Although, cats love to self-groom themselves. This works well until the bulk of dead hair combines with cats’ fur to develop hairball, mats, and tangles. If not removed properly, it can create severe skin-related issues. Cats also hate this feeling and tend to show distress to their parents in those scenarios.

Therefore, some human assistance is always required for the proper cat fur cleaning.

 Why Cat Hair Makes a Mess?

In times of shedding, cat hair scatters everywhere and is visible on each and every place cats tend to roam. Apart from making everything shaggy, the consumption of dander on hair particles can result in digestive problems. This is not good for toddlers who love to play around the cats as they have no practical knowledge of object identification. 

Therefore, being a cat parent is your responsibility to maintain proper health standards, including hygiene, health care, and particularly shedding.

8 Effective Ways that helps to Reduce Cat Shedding

Give It Plenty of Water To Drink: Parents should place bowls at different places because It is essential to keep your kitty hydrated. If you can provide it with enough water content, it is quite possible to improve its overall health and certainly affect its hair quality. Cats are famous not for drinking much water, you must provide them with wet food, so it gets the required amount of water intake.

cat drinking water

Groom Your Cat Regularly: Grooming is an essential tool to maintain the hair quality of your cat. Long-haired cats require daily brushing, as this can remove the dead hair on the cats’ coats and detangle the sticky hair. We have an important reading about cat brushing here on this page Special hair brushes are available in the market that has been developed explicitly for deshedding. Try to use these brushes. Check these brushes if you have Maine coon at home.

Give Your Cat A Good Diet: A man is a good representation of what he eats. The same can be applied to cats. The more protein intake of your cat, the better the immune system it will have. Try to add more omega 3 and 6 proteins to your feline’s diet so it will give it a beautiful hairy coat.

Shaving Your Cat: Shaving a cat to reduce its shedding is one of the best ways to get rid of your cat’s extra fur and dead hair. When you see that your kitty hairs have reached a length it is a good time to give it a nice haircut. Care must be taken not to use clippers without a guard. Otherwise, it will damage your cats’ skin. 

Give Your Cat a Bath: Although cats resist bathing more than anything. However, it is crucial for their hair care. Try to use mild cat shampoo, which can help remove its dander, dead hair, and tangles. Moreover, it also adds a good scent around your cat and deodorizes its foul smell. 

bathing a cat

Give it Fur Friendly Location: One of the best methods among cat hair shedding solutions includes providing it with a fur-friendly space, especially on shedding days. Make a nice cozy spot for your cat with a blanket around its resting area so all the fur gets mingled with the blanket, which can be easily washed later on. Otherwise, you’ll see cat’s hair on furniture, clothes, carpet, kitchen, and everywhere. This serves a dual purpose as it minimizes the spread of loose hair and makes your cat comfortable for that season.

Play with Your Cat: Playing with your cat is an essential tool that can help to ease your cat’s stress levels. Don’t think that cat doesn’t get depressed. There are behavioral signs showing that They do. This guide helps to reduce depression levels. Moreover, giving some outside playtime for your cat can somewhat help to regularize its shedding season. Take it as a serious because cats can die from depression and stress.

play with cat

Check for Mites and Fleas on Your Cats Coat: Check for mites on your cats’ coats if the shedding does not seem to stop. It might be one of the reasons that result in excessive hair loss that is more than usual. There are many effective shampoos for fleas you should try. If the condition persists, it is better to use an anti-flea cat shampoo, or in worst-case scenarios, a vet visit.

Cats Will Shed

Cat shedding is a natural process. However, cat hair management is a very hectic job, as these thin hair tend to scatter everywhere rather pretty swiftly. Use all precautionary measures to control shedding. If still, you see cat shed around, then all you can do is to grab a vacuum cleaner and clean your house, as cats will shed.

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