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How to Know if your Cat Loves You

Cat Love Human

In past times cats were worshipped like gods; to date, the cats have not forgotten this and continue the way of their ancestors. Cats are known to have very indifferent or somewhat cold behavior to human keepers. The human-cat relation is very tricky and nebulous making it difficult to determine if your cat loves you or not. The way cats express their love is somewhat different than humans do and to be true it is quite hard to predict cat behavior. Cat owners often feel a cold vibe from their cats when they play with them as if their cats are not really into them.

Almost everyone loves cats and undoubtedly cats are the most favorite and affordable pets around. Being more biased to cats, I feel that cats are silent lovers that do not openly flirt with their masters but do love them.

Contrarily, some scientists even claim that cats do not need their owners, rather live like kings & queens. But we’ll let the scientist keep their opinion. The love for cats in our hearts will never fade away. We love them.

This ‘mystical’ cat behavior adds more appeal to cat love syndrome. In simple words, you are always on your toes to receive your cats’ affection. If it bestows love, it will make your day, if not it will add more fuel to the fire. Sometimes I feel cats deliberately want you to pass through this ordeal so you may realize their true value.

So how to decide if the relationship with your cat is based on a mutual connection or it is a one-sided love affair. Moreover, the overwhelming affection showed by pet dogs certainly overshadows the cat’s tiny love gestures, further confusing the situation.

To put this paradox to rest, we have compiled the 11 most common ‘affiliative behaviors’ associated with cats that are a good indication of their fondness towards you.

Door Greetings: Like dogs, cats are also associated with door greetings. If your cat greets you at the door when you come home, then certainly it has feelings of longing for you.

cat at door

Cat Purring: One of the best gestures to judge your cat’s love includes purring. Since cats do not even purr to each other, you are very lucky if your cat purrs at you.

Belly Playing: Cats are very cautious about their bellies and it can be regarded as the most vulnerable body part. So when a cat rolls over you onto its back it’s a major sign that it trusts you.

belly playing

Eye Blinking: Like humans, eye blinks can also be regarded as a gesture of acceptance and trust. A cat normally blinks rather slowly if it finds good vibes with its owners.

Tail Wrapping: Cats like to wrap their tail around the things they like. Usually, it is done during playtime or when they are in the mood.

Kneading: Cats often knead their kittens to show warmth and care. If your cat likes you it will knead you. This form of gesture is a good hint of fondness of your cat towards you.

Bringing Gifts: Cats often bring gifts carried in their mouth as a token of love and appreciation. This shows that your cat cares about you and brings stuff it thinks will make you happy.

Hanging Out: Just like your loved ones like being around you, cats also like to share space with their loved ones.

Following Around: Cats usually follow their masters around or tend to lean their body around their legs. Usually, this signifies that either they want your attention or want you to feed them.

Cuddling Up: Cats tend to cuddle up with their loved ones to show and seek attention. Normally this happens when you lay on your sofa or bed and your adorable cat wants you to share the comfort with them.

cat cuddling

Licking: Last or not least cats tend to lick or clean you. So if a cat tends to lick you, it is considering you as a friend.

Cats are certainly adorable and a treat to play with. Their aloof behavior signifies the sanctity of their love. A pinch of love with, warmth, protection, and care will certainly make them love you.

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