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How to Discipline a Maine Coon Cat?

How to Discipline a Maine Coon Cat

One can never imagine that cats like Maine coon can show bad behavior. Maine Coons are the most gentle giants on this planet. Unlike their looks and their size, Maine Coons are by nature the calmest and the friendliest of all cats. You can even trust your babies with them. They won’t even give a scratch them.

But in some cases, Maine Coons does start to show aggressive behavior that gives the owners quite a headache. Of course, you wouldn’t have ever imagined that the cat that used to gently lick your hand with love will suddenly start biting and hissing at you.

Some Maine Coon Owners have a complaint that their cats have just started to get aggressive with them, they are breaking all the laws, climbing the countertops, putting their mouths on the owner’s plate which is very rare because cats, especially Maine coons never disturb their owners while eating, and never eats from their plates.

They are also worried that their cat is not maintaining discipline, it’s scratching the sofas nearly tearing its cloth, and most of the time, it is also peeing on the bed, walls, and the furniture, which is quite disturbing for the cat owners.

So, if you are one of those owners who are looking for ways to discipline their Maine coon cats, then you are at the right place, I’m gonna enlighten you with some foolproof measures that you can take to discipline your cat.

So let’s begin our journey

Get to Know the Reason

Before taking any measure, the first step for you to take is to confirm the reason for your cat’s misbehavior. You can’t cure a disease without knowing its root. So consult a cat specialist or visit your cat vet.

There would be some problems that your cat is facing because as I have mentioned earlier, Maine coons are not really that aggressive animals. Tell him about your problem. There is quite a chance that he will inform you what the problem with your cat is.

Don’t Show Aggression

If your cat is misbehaving with you or showing aggressive behavior, it is not suitable for you to do the same. Your cat is an animal, not you. So avoid showing aggression to your cat, instead try to relax her. But don’t do it by ribbing the belly, cats never liked to be rubbed on the belly. But you can make a start by gently putting your hand on the cat’s head and slowly moving it all over the back.

Let the Cat Know When You’re Upset

maine coon cat sitting

But not showing aggression doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let your cat feel that you are upset. So, the best way to realize your cat that it has done something that you don’t like is to show it by your behavior. Yes, cats do understand your body language. Make your tone a little firm, but not too harsh, and tell the cat that you didn’t like what it did.

Motivate the Good Behavior

Now the most important thing that matters is to acknowledge your cat for its good behavior. When your cat listens to what you say and obeys your order, then it’s time to give treats, it can be anything from a piece of meat to little cat biscuits. Motivate your cat on good behavior. Let it know that you enjoy what she did.

Give Your Cat a Quality Time

maine coon cat sitting on bed

A major reason for the lack of discipline in Maine Coons is the deprivation of attention. Maine Coons love their owners, and they hope to get love from their owners.

And, if you are not giving your cat quality time, it may develop aggression. So make sure to give your cat some proper attention. Manage a time that is meant only for you and your cat. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day.

Clicker Train Your Cat

The best and the most practical way to discipline a cat is to clicker train it. It might take some of your precious time, but trust me, you will certainly succeed just hold some treats in one hand and clicker on your other.

Now click the clicker, and tell your cat to do as you desired, if it performs the required action give her a treat. Gradually, decrease the number of treats and stop giving treats after some time, now your cat will surely obey you when you will press the clicker.

Use the Spray Bottles

All cats, including Maine coons hate water. The worst time of their life is whenever they are given a bath. So you can use this water phobia for your own good.

Whenever your cat is not behaving well, just spray a little water on it, it will soon develop a relationship between the water and its behavior, and eventually, stop misbehaving.

Make Sure to Neuter your cat

You can control your cat, but your cat can’t control its natural phenomena. So it’s better to neuter your cat or get it spayed. And if none of the former is possible, you could at least let it breed.

Because cats during this cycle of life often get aggressive, the reason is, that they feel insecure and threatened by their surrounding as they have no way to pass on their genes. Most people are not aware of it, and in the end, all they get is an aggressive and undisciplined cat that is always running after to bite them.

Let Your Cat Enjoy the Nature

maine coon cats enjoy nature

Thousands of years ago, cats used to live in the free air rather than being kept in the house. It was more close to nature, to the trees and the birds. And this urge to get close to nature is inherited in every species. We can keep them locked indoors by we can’t snatch their closeness to nature. And if we do try to steal it, the circumstances will not be enjoyable.

Cats that are kept captive in the houses develop anxiety, depression and all that results in the form of aggression. So allow your cat a walk in the park, just like you do with your dog, don’t worry it won’t run away until you’re still around, but make sure to keep an eye on them, and don’t let them go far from you.

So, I hope that the tips I have provided above will be of some help to you. I have experienced them myself and I’ve been successful in disciplining my cat, I’m sure that you will also be able to discipline your Maine coon.

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