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How to Cut Cat Nails With Human Clippers? A Guide

trimming cat nails with human clipper

Cats are one of the most favorite pet choices in the world. They are fun to play with, fluffy to cuddle with, and small to easily adjust everywhere. They are graceful and full of life but bods us around like it’s nobody’s business. 

Cats are the ideal pets because they care for themselves and don’t need us to do everything, but there are surely a few things we should take care of on their behalf, and one of them is cutting their nails.

Street cats need their sharp nails to hunt prey and fight predators, but house cats don’t necessarily need them. In fact, cutting the nails of your pet cat is beneficial not only for them but also for you.

Trimmed nails ensure healthy paw pads, and if you let them grow out over time, they can cause problems for the cat. You should cut their nails, especially if you have children in your house, to avoid any mishaps. 

However, high-quality cat nail trimmers are the best choices but human clippers can give you the same results for free as you already have those in your house. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow and cut your beloved cat’s nails with human clippers. 

1. Make Sure the Cat is Relaxed

relaxing a cat

Never try to cut a cat’s nails when it is in a playful or energized mood. Note when your cat is sleepy or tired after a good playing session, this is the right time to cut its nails. If your cat is in an aggressive mood, it will surely leave its marks on your hands, so be careful.  This guide helped owners to restrain cats to nail clipping.

If your cat is still not calm, then you can swaddle the cat and expose one leg at a time to trim its nails. 

2. Keep Them at an Elevated Position 

Sit your cat down on a table where they are elevated and close to your upper body. This will help you keep a good grip on the cat, and it won’t run away. This position will also be more comfortable for you. 

3. Gently Grip Your Cat 

If you have your cat at an elevated position, then hold them close to you by your elbow and forearms so the cat can feel comfortable. This grip will reassure your cat that they are supported and in good hands. 

If you are sitting, then grip your cat with your thighs and knees. 

4. Cut the Claws

cat nails

After everything is set, your cat is in a comfortable position; it’s time to cut its nails. Lightly press the paw pad (toe beans) to bring the nail out, take the human clipper, place it on the nail sideways and cut only the curved part of their nail. 

You want to keep the clipper at a position where it is making contact with the flat part of your cat’s nail. This position will be painless for the cat, and it won’t move during the process. 

Please only cut the transparent part of the nail and not the pinkish part called “quick.” If you cut too deep and the quick is damaged, this will be painful for the cat and might also bleed. 

So there you have it, by following these steps, you cut your cat’s nails without causing them any discomfort. Your furniture will love you after this as your king or queen won’t be able to scratch them too much. A few cat owners do have dogs too and may think of using dog nail clippers on cats. Here’s an article that explains should or shouldn’t use dog clippers on cats.

Keep your cat happy and healthy for its long life. 

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