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How Often Should I Brush My Cat

cat brushing

Cats are heavenly creatures. They demand some extra care and attention. Cats love to play around, self-groom themselves and express their love. However, honestly, cat owners prefer to groom their cats more than playing with them. This allows them to spend some time with their kittens and spare some time with them.

Top Notch Benefits of Brushing Cat

Enhances Blood Circulation: Brushing your cat is an essential element to boost its blood circulation. This helps to remove skin flats under the skin. It also stimulates and increases the overall blood flow in the skin that can help to remove all the negative energy on your cats’ skin.

Reduces Shedding: Brushing your feline can help to remove the excess hair on your cats’ skin. This is of great help since these felines tend to hover around their hair everywhere in the house. Find A good de-shedding brush from this page as it can help to remove all dead hair on your cats’ skin.

Gives Your Cat a Massage: Proper brushing of your hair can help to distribute the natural oils that are on your cats’ skin. This gives their hair a gleaming and comforting look. Apart from that, it also saves their skin from irritation.

Cat massage by brushing

Fewer Hairballs and Fleas: Grooming your cat also enables detangling and a well as removing hairballs. Regular combing can also help to remove fleas and mats on your kitten’s skin. If not appropriately groomed, these mats can cause itching and as well as skin infections.

Brushings Requirements of Each Cat

The hairbrushes and combing requirements of each cat vary a great deal. Generally, it is recommended to use gentle brushes on your cat. However, specialized cat brushes should be used if your cat is suffering from fleas or other skin diseases.

Long Haired Cats: Long-haired cats such as Ragdolls, Maine Coon, and Persians are subjected to tangles, mats, and hairballs. These cats require a more intense cleaning action. Cat Vets recommend that these cats need a daily grooming action. Typically, de-matting brushes and fine-toothed combs should be used for these cats. Care should be taken not to use hard brushes on them, otherwise, it will hurt their skin.

Long hair cat

Medium-Haired Cats: For cats such as Manx and Japanese Bobtail that have medium hair, brushing several times in a week is necessary. Brushes such as grooming mats and slicker brushes should be typically required for these types of cats.

Short Haired Cats: These felines should be brushed several times a month. Cats such as American Shorthair and Egyptian Mau fall in this category. Gentle brushes should be used on these cats, as over-brushing can cause bad patches and irritation on your cats’ skin.

Brushing Guidelines

Guide for Cat brsuhing

Some cat parents brush their cats in the wrong way. We have highlighted some points that must be noted before giving your cat a hairbrush.

Never Brush your cat against the direction of hair growth. If not done correctly, it can lead to skin infections and skin patches.

Brush Your Cat Completely. Some people comb their cats’ hair in a more partial way. This leaves bad patches and mats on your kitten skin. Sensitive areas such as areas of the back leg and ears are left untouched.

Never brush your cat after taking a bath. For cases when these furs tend to come in contact with water, these mats tend to worsen. It is often better to brush your cat before bathing so you can remove all those mats.

Give your cat a regular hair schedule; abrupt brushing of your cat can make your cat distressed. Cats love to be punctual; giving your cat a normal hair brushing pattern will make it happy, as it will always be waiting for it.

Do you know Why Cat Brushing is Important?

Cats and grooming go hand in hand. It is very important that you take proper care of your cats’ coats. Not only will it make your cat happy. It will also help to remove dead hair from your cat’s coat. The best give you can give it to her.

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