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How Long does it take a Cat to Adjust to New Home

How long does it take a cat to adjust to a new home

Whether it’s about your new cat or oldest feline partner, you would be curious about its living habits, right? Want to know how long does it take for your cat to adjust to a new home? especially get the use litter box after relocating

Despite your cat being the loveliest pet, he sometimes might show up with his impulsive nature. It also includes shifting to a new house. Cats are very emotional animals, so moving to a new area is as stressful for them as for you. Whenever you think of stepping into a new place being a pet owner, always prioritize your pet’s issues and concerns.

Let’s look into the main topic below and see what factors influence a cat in adjusting to a new home.

Several Parameters Involved for a Cat Adapting to a New Place

Cats are very sensitive pets with deep feelings, emotions, and a pure heart. It usually depends on an individual cat on how long it takes to adjust to a new home. Generally speaking, it takes almost two weeks for a healthy cat to adapt to a new environment. But again, exceptions are always there! We will discuss all the possible parameters that can affect a cat while adjusting.

Age of Your Cat

You’re lucky enough if moving to a new place with a kitten. Since they are little creatures, experiencing new things, they will easily adjust themselves to another house. But when it comes to your older feline friend, he might be a bit stubborn. Since he is used to your old rooms and ceilings, he may annoy you at times. What can be done besides showing patience? After all, we are cat lovers!

Pet Torture or Trauma

If your beloved cat has faced any kind of pet torture, it would be very disturbing for him to step to another place. Make sure to keep him as much comfortable as you can as they can consume more time than usual.

Anti-Social Behavior

If your cat has an anti-social behavior, it’d be a great challenge for you to take him along. He might get frustrated with the new people out there and would demand extra time to adjust. Whatever the situation is, always prefer your cat’s behavioral issues as they can be life-long influencing for him.

Cat in new house

Addition of More Pets

Most cats are very possessive concerning their owners. If you thought of buying more pets while moving to a new house, make up your mind to bear your cat’s behavioral changes. They will take longer than expected time to adjust to a new home with more pets in it.

Change in Environment

cat in new home

If you previously used to live in a place with a huge playing area for your cat, it’d be difficult for him to adapt to a new closed apartment. This way, it can make him feel troubled or unhappy. Furthermore, he will require more time to fit in your new place unless you arrange a better play place.

No matter what, you have to train your feline partner to set in your new house. Try to make him feel good and modify your home with the things he likes. Still, if it exceeds a month and your cat is not adjusting, consult an experienced vet.

Utilize the Following Cat Adjustment Tips for Quicker Results

cat adjusting in new place

As we know, cats are a lot sensitive. They get tensed very easily with little changes as well. So, try to shift all your house belongings before walking into the new house with your furry pet. It is really helpful in preventing cat’s stress as they get disappointed with unwanted movements and noises. We suggest you pick your cat once everything is done, from placing furniture to decorating your new place.

Another good tip is to introduce a single room or two to your beloved cat. The reason behind this is it feeling safe and relaxed around a small space. Also, ensure to put all the cat’s necessities inside, for instance, its litter box, comfy bed, water, toys, etc. It will provide better opportunities, and your pet will adjust himself to the new house more easily. Besides, this technique will also help your cat get habitual of the new furniture and basic house things in a confined area.

The most important key to let your cat acclimate to a new house is patience. Have faith in your furry partner and respect his liking and disliking. Never force him to bring changes in his activities as it can annoy your cat, and he may decide to run out of the place. You’d never want this to happen, right?

Final Thoughts

Accommodating in a new house is a tough task, no matter whatever animal you are shifting with. In the end, it all depends on an individual cat’s attitude! Its daily activities will let you know how long would it take to adjust to a new home. Still, if you can make your cat stick to the new place, it will take two weeks to 20 days.

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