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14 Gift Ideas for Cat Owners on National Dress Up Your Pet Day

cat with gift

The National Dress Up Your Pet Day is an excellent opportunity to dress up your fur babies in gorgeous dresses and take cute pictures. It is also a perfect time to get together with your friends and family with pets. The pets get to spend time with their favorite other animals, and you have fun, too. But what to buy for the host’s cat or guests as return gifts often seems challenging. So, we have brought you interesting and useful gift ideas for cat owners on National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Look through the versatile list of gifts for pet parents with fur babies and choose what seems the best to you!

Gift Ideas for Cat Owners on National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Customized Name T-shirt

What’s better than getting a cute, customized t-shirt for the fur baby?

You can get one customized in the color of your choice with the text you want on it. It could be their name or anything else you call them with love. Adding a personalized touch to pet gifts is always a good idea.

Favorite Child Tee

If you find customized gifts cliche, another option is to buy a t-shirt with the text ‘favorite child;’ where’s the lie, anyway!

You can find these shirts for pets on Amazon and other websites. Choose your favorite color and font that the pet would also like.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets on fur babies always sound exciting and fun; we love the idea too!

Denim jackets are another great idea to dress up your cat as they’ll look super cute on your furry friend! These jackets would also help your pet stay warm. You can find Levi denim jackets for cats in various designs, styles, and denim colors. Pick what looks the cutest and enjoy the sight when the cat wears it.

Potter-Themed Sweater

Besides denim, everyone loves pretty little sweaters on fur babies. The sweaters not only provide additional warmth but look incredibly adorable. Crochet a Harry Potter-themed sweater for your friend’s feline to welcome them to the Potterhead group!

Character Costumes

There are numerous cat character costumes among gift ideas for cat owners on National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Make them yourself or buy them online to give to your family members or friends on this holiday. Some of the top choices for pet costumes include:

  • Nurse costume
  • Octopus costume
  • Lion costume
  • Bumble bee costume
  • Flower costume
  • Pete the cat character costume
cat in tiger costume

Paw Boots and Leggings

If you just jokingly thought of getting leggings for your friend’s ‘always cold’ cat, we say ‘Why not?’

You can get outdoor cat boot leggings and indoor sock leggings for the cat. They protect the fur baby from cold and save their paws from getting dirty.

Cat-Face Socks

You might not have thought of seeing cat-faced socks on the list of gift ideas for cat owners, but trust us, they look adorable. Buy socks with cats and cat faces for the feline’s tiny feet to keep them clean and warm. Find them on Amazon, Etsy, or any other pet accessory site you prefer.

A Crocheted Leash

Walks with your cat are only fun if you have a leash to keep them near to avoid sneaking around. However, instead of the boring leashes off Amazon, why not get them a crocheted leash? Make one yourself to show your love for your pet, or skim through Etsy to find what you are looking for. The best part is that you can also customize the leash.

A Glittery Bow

Bows never go out of fashion, especially when it’s on a cute cat. Buy a few cat bow ties in different colors and textures for the cat in varying sizes. Glittery bows are a favorite among cat parents. But ensure that the glitter does not stick to cat fur.


Cats love catnip. And if you know this pet also loves catnip, it could be one of the best gift ideas for cat owners on National Dress Up Your Cat Day. 

Cat Crack is one of the most popular catnip brands among cats. They love licking and rubbing on Cat Crack. Get as many bottles as you’d like.

Sushi Toy

Cats are curious animals and love interesting toys that look appealing and unique. PetSmart’s sushi toys for cats have a cute design and soft texture that keep your cat engaged. Moreover, they also have a little catnip, making these toys an absolute favorite among cats.

Hiding Hut

Cats love cozy spaces, which is why a small hiding hut can be the perfect pick among the gift ideas for cat owners. Some huts like this also have a heated pad to keep cats warm during cold days. It is especially a good choice when bringing a gift for a family member or a close friend.

Automatic Feeder

Automatic feeders are the perfect gift idea for cat owners on National Dress Up Your Pet Day. While they might not exactly go with the ‘dress up your pet’ theme, the pet parent will love you for it. It eliminates the worry of feeding the cat on time. These cat automatic feeders dish out food at a fixed time for your feline.

automatic cat feeder

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are quite popular gifts for cat parents as they cover more than one gift item. You can add multiple things like a t-shirt, toy, bow, socks, and catnip to make a whole gift basket instead of deciding on one.

Bonus: “Best Cat Parent” Travel Flask

Besides getting gifts for the fur babies, going the extra mile and getting something for the pet parent is always thoughtful. So, the last one of the gift ideas for cat owners on National Dress Up Your Pet Day is not for pets but the parents.

Get a “Best cat mother” or “Best cat father” travel flasks for your friends and family. They look adorable, make them happy, and are functional. They can carry them anywhere filled with coffee, tea, or a cold drink on a hot day. These flasks also make the perfect gift as return favors at a pet-together.

The Bottom Line

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a popular holiday among pet parents, and pet-together are quite common in neighborhoods. If you are also arranging or invited to one, taking a gift with you is always good. Alternatively, you might also get something as a return gift for pet parents. Some of the best gift ideas for cat owners on National Dress Up Your Pet Day include customized t-shirts, crocheted sweaters, ‘favorite child’ shirts, leggings, and cat-faced socks. Moreover, you may also get a cute costume for the feline. If you want to buy something besides costumes and dresses, soft toys, hiding huts, and gift baskets are excellent picks.


How do you celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

Dress up your pet in cute outfits, take pictures, and arrange a party with other pet parents in your neighborhood and friends. Get funky costumes, crocheted shirts, bows, sunglasses, and customized leashes for your pet and dress them up.

What should I gift a cat?

Some of the best cat gifts include toys, hiding huts, and playpens. You can also get a cat bed, comfy pillows, or a mod cat scratcher. Besides accessories, cat parents also appreciate catnip and treats in gifts; make sure you know what the fur baby likes.

What do you get a cat owner for Christmas?

When buying a gift for a cat owner for Christmas, you may consider cat books, feeders, treats, toys, litter boxes, and accessories. Otherwise, you can also get them personalized Christmas décor for their cats.

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