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How to Get Rid of Matted Cat Fur

Get Rid Of Matted Cat Fur

Don’t we all love having cute fur babies around us that brighten up our bad days instantly! But, keeping cats at home comes with great responsibility. Besides their health needs, you also have to care for their fur and related issues.

Cats look adorable, whether they have long or short hair. It is difficult for them to manage long hair. Cats are believed to have around 130,000 hairs per square inch of their body. Yes, that’s a lot and thus, the need for extra care for your baby’s fur arises.

If you have observed that their fur is a bit rigid, matted, or tangled and wondering, “Can I cut my cat’s matted fur?” we would like you to read the article first and get rid of the matted cat fur without chopping it off.

Why Has My Cat’s Fur Gone Lumpy?

Seeing your cat’s beautiful fur coat become lumpy or matted is not an appreciable sight, and the first question that comes to your mind is, “Why has my cat’s fur gone lumpy?”

There could be multiple reasons for your cat fur matting, and shedding and rubbing are the most common causes. Here’s how excessive rubbing and shedding can cause matting in your cat’s fur.


During spring and fall, most cats shed their undercoat to allow new hairs to develop. The hairs that are shed from the undercoat get stuck in the overcoat along with dirt and dust. If you do not brush your cat and they lick these areas frequently, it may form lumps and clots over time, resulting in matted cat fur. If the lumps due to shedding become huge, they can cause pain to your cat.


Rubbing is another reason for matted cat fur. You may notice matted fur in areas like under the chest and between the legs where your cat rubs itself the most. It can also develop in areas that receive more pressure, like the hindquarters and shoulders, due to the pressure of lying down.

How to Get Rid of Matted Cat Fur

Now the major question is how to get rid of matted cat fur.

Don’t worry; you can easily get rid of the mat in your cat’s fur and prevent it from worsening. Here are the steps you need to follow to give your cat soft, untangled fur:

De-Knot with Fingers

If this is your first experience with matted cat fur, you may think of untangling the hair with a comb or trimming the fur right away, but the first step is to take the knots out of the cat’s fur with your hands. Pull apart the mat from the fur with your fingers slowly and carefully so as not to hurt the feline baby.

Use a Detangling Spray

You can also use a bit of detangling spray to help you with the stubborn knots. Keep running your fingers throughout the fur to find out all the knots and untangle them, so your pet is not hurt when you comb the hairs.

Cat brushing

Comb Thoroughly

Once you are done with all the knots, it is time to separate the matted hair with a comb. Use a flea comb for this purpose. You can replace the flea comb with any metal comb if unavailable. Hold the hair close to the skin and comb gently to separate each strand of hair. Your cat might get tired of the process as it is quite time-taking; it is fine to take breaks in between.

It may take a while, but you can remove the mat from your cat’s fur if you are determined.

Home Remedies For Cat Mats

Besides using a detangling brush and spray, you may also use a few other things at home to facilitate the process and remove those mats quickly.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most accessible ingredients at home to detangle your cat’s hair. It can help the matted hair fall off within a week.

Baby Oil

If you do not have olive oil, opt for baby oil to help the matted hair fall off without troubling your pet. It will also take up to a week, but it is suitable for cats that keep running away from you.

How Not to Get Rid of Matted Cat Fur

Though you understand how to get rid of matted cat fur, there are a few things that you must avoid when taking care of your cat’s coat.

  • Do not attempt to give your cat a bath when they have matted fur, as it makes the mats tighter and difficult to remove.
  • Also, do not cut your cat’s fur with scissors if the mats are tough to remove. Apply detangling spray to remove the mats or consult a professional.


What is matted fur?

The mat comes in the outer fur when the undercoat sheds and the hair get entangled in the overcoat. Matting is a common problem in cats and primarily occurs when you do not know how to and how often brush your pet enough while they shed their fur. Or, you might be brushing the coat, but not the right way. The hair, dust, dirt, and cat litter can accumulate in the outer coat. So, when your cat licks to groom themselves, they push the hair and dirt into the fur that stiffens eventually.

Why is matted fur bad?

Matted fur resulting from shedding might form clots and hurt the cat, it is also unhealthy if it occurs due to some other underlying health reason. Matted fur restricts air from reaching your cat’s skin under the fur, thus depriving it of moisture and oxygen. When your cat licks the dry area of their body as a reaction, they tend to ingest hair stuck in the fur, leading to health complications.

How to prevent severely matted cats?

You can easily prevent matted hair by using a suitable cat shampoo for your cat, brushing their fur properly, and using a detangling spray, especially in the shedding season.

Should I get professional help?

If you have seen matted cat fur for the first time and are unsure about removing it, the steps mentioned above can help you. However, when you are not able to get rid of the mat, make sure not to pull the hair in a way that hurts the cat and visit a professional.

The Bottom Line

Matted hair is a common problem in cats with long hair and must be taken care of timely to make sure the condition does not worsen. You can get rid of matted cat fur by using a good quality detangling spray and combing the fur gently. If you cannot remove the mat from your feline baby’s fur yourself, it is better to consult a professional to avoid harming your pet.

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