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What Foods are Poisonous to Cats?

What foods are poisonous to cats

Cat is the most beautiful creature on earth, and owning them as a pet is undoubtedly a blessing. The moment it enters your house, you get covered with a bunch of responsibilities, and you must fulfill them genuinely. Cats possess a comparatively, susceptible body and metabolism; a normal food intake can be poisonous to cats. Therefore, your first most concern should be to take care of cat health through your cat’s food intake. They are very demanding when it comes to their favorite time of the day, their sumptuous meal. However, aside from this, they also feed themselves with special treats and table scraps they come across.

Your cat is probably going to eat something that looks appealing and has a great fragrance regardless of whether it is a synthetic or palatable food item. In this regard, you have to become the savior grace here and have a constant check on your cat’s nutrition. They are not meant to eat raw meat or your remaining food, it can be dangerous to cats. But if you’d been providing your baby with some vile and poisonous food items that he probably enjoys eating then stop because it’s high time to gather some information and know some strange points about how these food items can affect your cat.

5 Most Poisonous Foods to Cats

Bones and raw Meat

Bones and raw meats:

A slice of natural raw meat may sound like the perfect food for your cat, but unfortunately, that’s not. It is not good for indoor cats as your cat is not a wild street cat whose favorite food is raw meat. Providing your cat with raw meat can put you underwater as they contain harmful pathogens, salmonella, E. coli, and other terrible bacteria that can severely rupture your cat’s internal digestive organs, including teeth. However, washing multiple times and cooking it till it gets tender may make raw meat suitable for cat food.

Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and Dairy Products

The most well-known item and a universal food for cats – milk- is undoubtedly a terrible slow poison for your cat. The presence of lactose in milk and other dairy products is utterly unsuitable for your cat’s metabolism. Cats contain a precise number of enzymes and lactase that is responsible for the breakdown of lactose is not one of them. This undigested lactose can result in severe and excessive vomits and possible diarrhea in your cat.

Chocolate and Caffeinated Drinks

Chocolate and Caffeinated Drinks

The most loved food of humans is undeniably a toxin to your cat. Treating your cat with chocolates is nothing less than absurdity. Chocolate and caffeinated drinks contain a high level of methylxanthines and theobromine. Both of these are responsible for causing some lethal diseases in your cat. Such as increased body temperature and heartbeat, upset stomach, abdominal imbalance, heart palpitations, a feeling of discomfort, etc. 

Dog Food

dog food

The resemblance of the cat with dogs is surely undeniable, but when it comes to food. Their bodies possess entirely different behaviors. Cats have a very under-developed body with insufficient nutrients in contrast to dogs. Therefore, beneficial nutrients like vitamin A, taurine, arachidonic acid, amino acid, and growth protein are a prerequisite to have in their daily diet. The deficiency of these nutrients might cause ill, abnormal, or incomplete growth of the cat’s internal body organs.

Onions and Garlic

Onions and Garlic

These are a pretty rare food item but, cats have been observed showing their love for these two particular vegetables because of their strong odor. Onions and garlic both contain highly toxic constituents for cats and may lead them to permanent loss of red blood cells and anemia. Also, don’t be mistaken to offer diluted, powdered, or cooked onion and garlic because the effects remain the same regardless of the state. 

Wrapping Up

These were some of the very crucial food items that you must consider while preparing food for your cat. Also, please don’t get tricked by the innocent face your pet makes urging to eat amongst these items as you surely don’t want them to be exposed to these unhealthy yet poisonous foods for cats.

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