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Best Drinking Fountains for Cats


Baffled in choosing the best drinking fountains for cats? We understand your concerns about taking good care of your beloved cats. Water is, without a doubt, a primary intake for all animals, including your feline partner. But have you experienced issues while training your cat to drink water?

Most feline pets do not like being supervised, so it’s somehow difficult for a cat owner to regulate his pet’s drinking schedules. Do you know that a way to hygiene drinking promotes the animal’s health, so one should focus on getting some top-class drinking fountain for cats

That is why we put all our efforts into manifesting you with high-end fountains. These fountains are not only easily accessible but also ideal as they are low-maintenance and cost-effective.

As you own a cat, you might know him better! Making your cat drink more clean water will promote good health. So, having one of the top drinking fountains for cats will keep them hydrated, besides preventing their kidney diseases and urinary tract infections.

Many furry animals choose to drink running water instead of from a static bowl. Our list of affordable fountains is so eye-enchanting that they can easily attract your partner to drink more.

Keeping every essential point in mind, we short-listed the top ten best drinking fountains for cats. All of them fall under super durable fountains that you can pick anyone as per your demands.

cat drinking water

But before we step towards the detailed review of every product,

Let’s first walk through a quick comparison table below:

Comparison Table 

ProductsBrand NameMaterialColorWeight
Veken Pet Fountan
Automatic Cat
Water Fountain
Veken Polypropylene, Resin Blue1.54
Wonder Creature –
Cat Water Fountain
Wonder Creature Stainless Steel Blue1.67
MOSPRO Pet Fountain
Cat Water Dispenser
MOSPRO Polypropylene & ResinBlue & White1.81
PetSafe Drinkwell
Pet Fountain
PetSafe BPA-free materialWhite4
Veken Cat Water FountainVekenResinCyan2.09
Comsmart Cat
Water Fountain
Automatic Drinking
Water Dispenser
Comsmart Stainless Steel &
Pioneer Pet Swan
Pet Drinking Fountain
Pioneer Pet PlasticWhite-Plastic1.2
isYoung Cat Fountain
Automatic Fountain
IsYoung PolypropyleneGreen1.7
Catit Cat Water FountainCatit PolypropyleneGreen1.32
Pioneer Pet
Raindrop Fountain
Pioneer Pet Porcelain/StonewareStainless Steel2.64

Cast an Eye Over Our Top Drinking Fountains for Cats

  • Veken Pet Fountain – Automatic Cat Water Fountain for Cats, Dogs, and Multiple Pets
  • Wonder Creature – Cat Water Fountain with Stainless Steel Top
  • MOSPRO Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser – for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Small Animals
  • PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain – Best for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs
  • Veken Cat Water Fountain – Suitable for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs
  • Comsmart Cat Water Fountain – Stainless Steel Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser for Cats, Dogs, Other Pets
  • Pioneer Pet Swan – Pet Drinking Fountain
  • isYoung Cat Fountain – Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Dogs/Cats
  • Catit – Cat Drinking Water Fountain
  • Pioneer Pet Raindrop – Fountain for Cats

No doubt you can get access to multiple great fountains for cats on Internet, we thought to place all our energies into providing you the finest. The aim behind selecting these ten affordable fountains was to make it easier for you to grab the best of all. Now you can latch onto your favorite cat drinking fountain without struggling much. We have enlisted these products after considering the budget-friendly fountains that will also suit your cat’s nature.

Veken Pet Fountain – Automatic Cat Water Fountain for Cats, Dogs, and Multiple Pets

Prominient Features
Brand Name: Veken
Material: Polypropylene, Resin
Color: Blue
Item Weight: 1.54 Pounds

Veken Pet Fountain

Finding it tricky to make your cat drink water regularly? Veken Pet Fountain is a perfect fit for cat owners possessing more than one cat. The quality is super fantastic that the box falls under durable fountains with a silicone mat. Furthermore, this large drinking fountain retains a capacity of 2.5 liters. The design is so eye-catching for your fussy feline partner with a flower-type dome on the top. Waterfalls from the top into the fountain tray with bubbles in it to definitely attract your cat.

Then comes the outclass triple filtration system in this flower fountain. Cats are very hygienic animals who love to stay hydrated. This three-layered filtration system includes stimulated carbon, one cotton layer, and an ion exchange resin that promotes his drinking habits. If you wish to get a BPA-free fountain that is easy to wash and clean, look no other than Veken Automatic Pet Fountain for multiple pets. It is not only highly efficient but also directs towards the long-lasting feature.

• Comes with an ultra-quiet feature
• Induced with BPA free material
• Utilized energy-efficient pump
• Triple filters that are replaceable
• Beautiful design
• Includes lifetime warranty
• Little Expensive

Wonder Creature – Cat Water Fountain with Stainless Steel Top

Prominient Features
Brand Name: Wonder Creature
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Blue
Item Weight: 1.67 Pounds

Comsmart Cat Water Fountain

Struggling for the fittest stainless steel fountain for your dear furry friend? This enchanting fountain by Wonder Creature shows up with an unbreakable lid that is so comfy to clean. The top material is highly hygienic and free from the dishwasher.

Another attractive feature induced by wonder creature is its sleek design, which satisfies most cats’ water needs.

Moreover, if you talk about the filtration technique induced in the box, it has four stages. The one in circular motion utilizes a detachable carbon filter for water purification. Furthermore, it works to dump all the food and dust particles from inside, preventing the water fountain from clogging. There are ion-exchange resins present as well that promote fresh water for your pets.

One of the startling features of this cat water fountain is its LED light indicator. Whenever there is little or no water inside the tank, this LED spotlight blinks as an alarm to remind you of the empty fountain. Not just this, the company installed a 360-degree stream that adds in ventilation for your cats.

• High-quality material used
• Easy to pour water in it
• Attractive design
• Large water capacity
• Can be easily found at night via an LED indicator
• Lacks the return policy

MOSPRO Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser – for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Small Animals

Prominient Features
Brand Name: MOSPRO
Material: Polypropylene, Resin
Color: Blue & White
Item Weight: 1.81 Pounds

Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser

If your cat gets annoyed with the usual water noise, MOSPRO is an excellent option to pick! MOSPRO pet fountain is a unique gadget for your lovely pets, super silent with the lowest water consumption. The company induced three different flow settings, including waterfall, gentle fountain, and flower bubble options. Now you can optimize these settings according to your pet’s liking.

It stands among the larger fountains, containing a capacity of two liters. If you are a busy person with committed schedules, you don’t have to worry about your cat’s drinking habits with MOSPRO. One can store fresh water in it for almost a month, which will always remain clean with the best-installed automatic system.

Cats love to stay ventilated and access freshwater! With a MOSPRO pet fountain water dispenser, get an increased area for air & water and let your cat enjoy the enhanced taste. Moreover, this fountain has an extra carbon filter to eliminate bad smells or tastes, if any. The beautiful blue & white color is selected to captivate your cat’s eyes. Not just this, but the BPA-free polypropylene material used is so eco-accommodating, promoting your pet’s health. All in all, this is one of the top-notch fountains for your furry friend.

• Appears in the best material
• Larger water capacity
• Super silent fountain with low consumption
• Captivating design
• Easily cleaned
• No such prominent cons seen

PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain – Best for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs

Prominient Features
Brand Name: PetSafe
Material: BPA-free material
Color: White
Item Weight: 4 Pounds

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum or Platinum LED Pet Fountains

This smarter fountain is a top pick for most customers wanting to grab a BPA-free material for their lovely pets. It is not only ideal for your cats but also for small to medium-sized dogs who can enjoy drinking water from the PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain.

It has a sufficient capacity of 168 ounces with a free-fall water system, which definitely will attract your furry partner. The fountain’s shelf is exclusively designed as dishwasher safe, making it pleasant for clients to clean it thoroughly. Moreover, the company guarantees its material, and many customers gave positive reviews of its long-term access.

Furthermore, the PetSafe fountain allows adjustable streams in the cat’s fountain, permitting you to set water flow as per your pet’s requirements. The company also renders carbon filters, the best to overcome offensive smell or taste, and keeps the water fresh inside. Get your hands on this fantastic water fountain by PetSafe, whose design intrigues your pet to drink more! Placing an automatic feeder with a fountain can help to develop timely feeding habits and improve health.

• Customized flow streams
• The shelf is dishwasher safe
• Easily installed
• Sufficient water capacity
• Suitable for long-term use
• Sometimes difficult to clean

Veken Cat Water Fountain – Suitable for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs

Prominient Features
Brand Name: Veken
Material: Resin
Color: Cyan
Item Weight: 2.09 Pounds

Veken Cat Water Fountain

Worried about managing your cat’s drinking schedule without keeping an eye on them every time? Here we come up with the best solution, offering you a Veken smarter fountain. This larger fountain has a 2.5-liter capacity, suitable for not only your cats but also small to average-sized dogs. Just like the previous one, it also has tripe modes to satisfy your cat’s drinking needs. You can change the flower waterfall mode to either a gentle fountain or the flower bubble fountain. Veken is wise enough to select the colors that will enchant your cat, of course! That is why they chose this cyan color to promote your pet drink extra. Most cats do not like being around noisy places or things.

This specially designed Veken fountain is super quiet that never disturbs your cat while he’s drinking. Moreover, the company coaxed a highly efficient power consumption pump that can last from two to almost four years. One can easily install, operate, and clean this enduring, BPA-free luxury pet fountain.

Not just this, but the triple filtration system, including activated carbon, ion-exchange resin, and cotton layer, promotes hygienic water for your cats. Last but not least, this gadget falls under the easiest fountains equipped with a silicone pad for your moody cats.

• Compact design
• Top-quality detachable filters
• User-friendly
• Has low power consumption
• Super quiet
• A BPA-free durable material used
• Difficult to check inside water level

Comsmart Cat Water Fountain – Stainless Steel Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser for Cats, Dogs, Other Pets

Prominient Features
Brand Name: Comsmart
Material: Stainless Steel & Polypropylene
Color: Grey
Item Weight: 1.85 Pounds

Comsmart Cat Water Fountain

This stainless steel gadget is the favorite fountain of most customers who are anxious about the decreased water level for cats. The upgraded Comsmart water fountain comes with an LED light that glows upright when there is little or no water. If you want to grab a water fountain with an ultra-quiet feature, Comsmart stands on the top of all options! The latest technology induced in the fountain utilizes very low power, enhancing durability for up to 4 years.

Moreover, the triple filtration system eliminates dust particles to keep the water clean, besides throwing out the heavy metal substances. The sleek water-fall design with stainless steel material will definitely satisfy your cat’s liking, encouraging him to drink frequently.

One can alter the fountain’s display, from a gentle fountain to a flower waterfall or even a flower bubble. All three options are beyond beautiful, ranking Comsmart in the top list of several water fountains. The compact design holds 2.4 liters of water that always stays fresh and without external dirt particles. Now buy this quietest fountain, a perfect fit for your cats or medium-sized dogs.

• Convenient installation & assemblage
• Has extra filters, a floor mat, and a cleaning kit
• The LED indicator helps maintain water level inside
• Outclass display
• Ultra-quiet functioning with low power utilization
• Filters demand replacement after every two weeks

Pioneer Pet Swan – Pet Drinking Fountain

Prominient Features
Brand Name: Pioneer Pet
Material: Plastic
Color: White-Plastic
Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds

Pioneer Pet Swan Pet Drinking Fountain

Is your pet fond of drinking water through a faucet? This swan plastic fountain by Pioneer Pet is a lightweight fountain, easy to carry for a single pet – be it a cat or a dog. The premium design fits perfectly in your friend’s needs, comforting him to enjoy freshwater any time and every time. The faucet has an adequate 80 ounces water capacity that is best for your single pet at a time.

Furthermore, the dishwasher safe fountain’s lid is highly convenient to install and assemble, promoting its cleaning process. We assure you that your cat is going to embrace the ultra-silent feature that eases the surrounding, so your pet can drink comfortably.

This pioneer pet swan comes equipped with a replaceable charcoal filter that enhances the hygienic and clean water flowing. It depends on how much your cat drinks water, and you can accordingly replace the filter once or twice a month. You can either connect the gadget with a wall or provide it a USB connection for automatic serving. Overall, this shorter fountain is highly recommended to pet owners possessing single or multiple cats.

• Very durable
• Ultra-quiet movement
• Ammonia free material used
• Utilizes a charcoal filter for cleaning purpose
• Adjustable water stream
• Easy accommodating
• Expensive replacement filters

isYoung Cat Fountain – Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Dogs/Cats

Prominient Features
Brand Name: IsYoung
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Green
Item Weight: 1.7 Pounds

isYoung Cat Fountain

This fascinating isYoung cat fountain falls under the easiest fountains, ideal for smaller cats and dogs. The company chiefly considered your pet’s overall health and embedded BPA-free, polypropylene material in the faucet. Furthermore, the enhanced water capacity of 56 ounces is the most suitable for your single cat to drink at regular interludes.

Not just this, isYoung introduced an adjustable water stream, so you can increase or decrease the water level and let your cat drink with ease. Like other topmost water fountains, this faucet also has an ion exchange and charcoal filter to eliminate any musty smell or foul water taste. These filters, thus, promote fresh water to your lovely cats.

Now talking about its design, the company created faucet-like streams with waterfall, gentle, and bubble-like systems. Besides this, the noise cancellation feature instilled in the water dispenser will never disturb you in the hours of your sleep. Pick this isYoung pet water fountain if you wish to get one with lightweight and easy to clean.

• Keeps the water fresh
• Easy to wash
• noise-cancellation feature introduced
• Consumes less energy
• Easy to carry
• Promotes better water taste
• Always have to rinse the filter before using

 Catit Cat Drinking Water Fountain

Prominient Features
Brand Name: Catit
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Green
Item Weight: 1.32 Pounds

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain

If you are uptight in selecting a fountain for your very picky cat, we recommend this Catit Flower Fountain, extracted from many cheaper fountains. It comes with tripe water flow settings, including calm streams, bubbling tops, and a gentle water flow setting. If, after operating, your pet doesn’t like one of the settings, simply move to another one!

The company planned this machine such that it occupies lesser space and still fills three liters of water in it. We know cats love to roam around and discover new things! Catit created this water fountain with a sleek design and perfect height, so your lovely pet cannot interfere with the functions.

The filter system not only expels dust particles, but also excludes chlorine, calcium, or magnesium substances from the water tap. This way, the electric fountain stays out of all the debris, encouraging your cat to drink more fresh water and stay hydrated. This gadget is the simplest to set and operate when it comes to connection. You can comfortably clean it within no time as the surface is all smooth, and the material used is dishwasher safe. If you are looking for something that can keep your cat’s water fresh for a month, the Catit flower fountain is highly appreciated!

• Introduces an eye-attractive design
• Promotes healthy water drinking to your cat
• Adjustable water flow
• Utilizes an energy-efficient pump
• Sufficient space for water
• Cat-friendly fountain construction
• Although mentioned, it’s not very dishwasher friendly

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain for Cats

Prominient Features
Brand Name: Pioneer Pet
Material: Porcelain/Stoneware
Color: Stainless Steel
Item Weight: 2.64 Pounds

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

Are you struggling with the chin acne of your beloved cats? If you want the best raindrop drinking fountain, preferring a metal fountain, we would suggest buying a Pioneer Pet raindrop faucet. The company prides itself on bringing one of the best water fountains, acquiring stainless steel material. It is entirely safe to use by your pets and also very easy to clean and convene. Cats are very humble and calm creatures, always prioritizing things in peace.

So bearing this in mind, this fresh flow purifying fountain stands in the market with an ultra-quiet feature. We have gathered different reviews to conclude a point, and guess what? Most cat owners gave positive reviews as their pets like drinking hygienic water from this metal raindrop faucet. Moreover, the magnificent ventilation system in the water fountain keeps your cat very fresh, encouraging him to step towards it even more.

Another best feature about this gadget is its ability to keep water pure for up to thirty days. So if you are busy in your daily life, you now don’t have to stress while thinking about your cat’s drinking patterns. This Pioneer Pet Water Fountain can hold almost 60 ounces of water for a maximum of a month. You can demand this faucet in a ceramic cat fountain form, but people usually do not buy it because of its base size.

• The carbon filter helps eliminate unwanted odor and taste
• Highly durable
• Secure from dishwasher
• The stainless steel makes it more healthy
• Attractive fountain design
• Doesn’t include an adjustable water flow system

Buyers Guide

Every time you go out to shop for the most suitable cat fountain for your precious cats, look for a few necessary qualities in it. We presented a quick buyer’s guide below to help you pick the right water fountain for your partner!

Ultra-Quiet Feature

As we know, cats are super sensitive animals, preferring to live in quiet places. So, with this in thought, always try to pick the water fountain with an ultra-quiet or noise-cancellation feature. Although some customers might want to hear the dripping sound of water, it all depends on your cat at the end! What he likes should be your preference, no? Thus, grab the one with the best silent motor qualities!

The Extent of Comfort to Use

Focus on getting the water fountain with easy fitting and cleaning procedures. The list of cat fountains above is all very comfy to set up and operate. Go for the water fountain no plug feature, which means you can either connect the faucet with a USB or hang it near a wall. It’s better to choose the one whose filters are detachable, and the material is dishwasher safe. It will eventually lead to a comfort zone while using the water fountain.

Material Used

We mostly prefer getting stainless steel or ceramic cat fountain. The best thing about such water fountains is their nature of being non-porous, which instantly surrounds bacteria and other dangerous particles. Customers also pick other desirable materials, such as plastic so to avoid their pet’s chin acne. All in all, you better know your cat’s liking and buy the fountain accordingly!

Size & Water Capacity

It’s critical to realize the size and capacity of water before buying any fountain for your pets. If you own more than one cat, consider getting a huge-sized faucet with maximum water capacity. We concluded a list of the top ten water fountains that are in different sizes and deals with a range of liters. If you got just a single cat, buy a fountain that’s able to pour 50 ounces of water into it. Similarly, the larger ones can surround water up to 3 liters being with the highest capacity fountain.

These are some points that we cleared, thinking they might be the top concerns for you. But if you consider we have missed something, try searching about it thoroughly on the Internet & and then buy any water fountain.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it safe to use water fountains daily for your cats?

Making a cat drink water is one of the serious concerns of many pet owners. If you commit to change the water filters regularly, then let your cat drink from a fountain daily is suggested. The filtration system actually helps to eliminate all impurities, bacteria, and dirt particles entrapped in the faucet. That is why a cat parent is asked to maintain a sanitary environment by altering the filter every other day. Companies usually recommend replacing the filter after two weeks, but you can increase or decrease the duration based on your cat’s activities. All in all, it’s very safe for your cat to drink water through a fountain.

Is drinking water through a tap safe for your cat?

Allowing your cat to drink tap water largely depends on your environment and where you reside! Make your pet drink whatever you intake routinely. If you think tap water is safe to drink for you, it will suit your cat too. Even if it includes impurities and you are pouring it for your pet, don’t worry! There are multiple water fountains with the best filtration system, separating all the contaminants from the tap water. Your pet can then enjoy drinking safe and pure water!

Are the cat water fountains worth promoting your pet’s health?

Every living organism needs essential hydration to live a healthy life, so does your cat. Your cat, punctually drinking water, will not only promote his digestion but also enhance nutrient retention and eliminates the toxins out of his body. So yes! Having a water fountain will boost your cat to drink at frequent intervals and ultimately keep him healthy.

Reach a Verdict with Our Top Pick!

Now that we have enlisted everything above – from the individual fountain’s review of all the top ten water fountains to presenting you the buyer’s guide. It’s high time that you pick the most appropriate fountain for your cat as per his requirements. Some fountains are energy efficient and highly durable, with the maximum water capacity in them. You can consider getting the one with the accurate dishwasher safe material or BPA-free substance.

Our top pick so far has been the water fountain by Wonder Creature due to its numerous elite features. It not only is lightweight but also comes with a sleek design to attract your choosy cat. Moreover, the LED light indicator is another adorable feature that keeps you updated on the water level inside and looks beautiful when displayed. If you find an option even better than this, just go for it now!

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