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Do Maine Coons Get Along With Dogs?


Giants of the cat world, Maine Coons are the friendliest and most serene creatures of all cats. Cats perfectly get along with man and other animals. Unlike regular house cats, who often get macho with their owners and other pets, Maine Coons mostly prefer to tolerate. That’s the reason they are even safe for babies and little kids. No matter how hard your children are on the cat, Maine Coon won’t even give them a scratch.

As everyone knows, cats and dogs are the biggest rivals. And they’re famous for “not being so good with each other”. That’s why, most of the people plan to adopt only one of them, and it’s rarely seen that cats and dogs are living in the same house as pets “with HARMONY”, it’s even difficult for the owners to manage them.

But as Maine coons are known for their quiet and calm nature, so, the question that arises here is that, do Maine Coons and dogs make good terms with each other?

The case with Maine Coon is different. Unlike other cats, Maine coons have been observed to have a liking for the dogs. They don’t just get along with them perfectly, but also enjoy their company and loves to play with them.

But still, there are some other things to consider before combining Maine Coons and Dogs together. Though Maine Coon cats have no issue with dogs, this doesn’t mean that dogs like them too.

Overall, dogs too can be good with the Maine coons but still, some specific dog breeds don’t like cats, even if it’s for the shyest cat-like Main Coon.

So below are mentioned some species of dogs that just don’t get along with Maine Coons, so try to avoid introducing them with the cats.

Dog Breeds Not Suitable to be kept with Maine Coons

cat and dog

Maine Coon will have absolutely no issue with your dog, but there is a chance that your dog won’t like the presence of a cat nearby. Not all dogs are the same, there are just some of the dog breeds that can’t get well with the cats, especially with the Maine Coons, the main purpose of this rivalry is their gigantic size. Dogs often feel offended with such a big cat.

Now some of the dog breeds that shouldn’t be introduced with Maine coons include Jack Russell Terrier, though all types of terrier aren’t a good match for cats, Jack Russell Terrier’s name is written at the top of the list.

Some of the other dog breeds are Weimaraner, hounds (but not the basset hounds as they have found to be good friends with cats), Siberian husky, Shih Tzu, and Australian cattle dog. Dog breeds other than these can make a good match with the Maine Coons.

How to Introduce Maine Coons with Dogs

introduction between cat and doog

So, when it is time to introduce your Maine Coon cat with a dog, it’s better to do with proper planning, so that they don’t feel strange and offended. It will be much more convenient for you to introduce your Maine Coon with your dog when it is just a kitten and your dog is just a pup. But don’t worry, introducing the adults won’t be too much difficult.

Now, your first step should be to make your both pets comfortable, they shouldn’t be introduced suddenly, otherwise, they’ll be offended. Allow them some free space and make them feel comfortable.

Now, take them to a park or some other public place, but don’t take them together. Allow them to observe each other and create a familiar bond from a little distance.

After that, it is time to finally introduce them to each other. But don’t hurry too much. Just make them contact each other just for a little time, and if you feel that something wrong is going to happen, quickly separate the two pets. Repeat this process of slow bonding for 1 week. Now your pets are likely to accept each other as a house member.


There is no need to hesitate if you are thinking about combining your Maine Coon with your dog. They would absolutely get along with each other quite well. Because Maine Coons are happened to be the only cats with the highest level of tolerance. The only thing you have to consider is to choose the right breed of dog and the right moment for them both to get to know each other.

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