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Do indoor Cats get Depressed?

Its human nature to live and interact with a non-human creature of nature. It’s one of the traits of nature to sustain interaction between humans and animals. In America, 60% of the population have pet dogs and cats in their home. And they have a more healthy relationship with their pets than their family members.

They use to get addicted to their pets and also develop a very emotional relationship with their pet. These pets are not only an important part of the family but in society, Proper law amendments are taken to save them from any inhuman behavior and brutality.

Life of an Indoor Cat

Indoor cats

Indoor cat life is overall easy. There is no struggle to find their daily food. They have a proper shelter to live in. They never do outdoor life-saving struggles. Its cat psychology to get attention and if it’s your pet, it becomes the apple of everyone’s eye.

Cats want someone to cuddle, play with, and do tingling activities to do and they find humans for it. But still, there is depression seen in indoor cats. As every cat has a specific nature like humans, some are very friendly, outgoing, and overly expressive. And others are shy, indoors, and choosy to share their feelings. If you notice a change in their behavior then it means there is something wrong with them or they are depressed

Sign of depression in the cat

  • Change in Verbal language
  • Change in body language
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Extremely aggressive attitude or dull one
  • Not eating
  • Always be alone
  • Excessive scratching

The first symbol of depression in many cats is mostly the change in their vocal language. If your cat’s nature is quiet or shy then they suddenly create high pitched noises, irritating yowls, and unhappy voices. And if your cat is expressive and active then they become quiet and don’t wanna play and cuddle with being anyone anymore.

Change in the body language of cats also shows that they are depressed. The position they usually sit, the way and quantity they eat food, and the types of activities they do have all changed suddenly.

Human and cat psychology are somehow the same. When they both get depressed the most indicate symbol is a change in their sleeping routine. It may be extremely excessive or either there is no proper sleep for many days.

A depressed cat usually reacts to everything with extremeness either they react extremely aggressively on little things or either react completely dull pay no attention and do not react to anything.

Changes in their daily eating routine or also ignore their favorite food is also a symptom of a sad cat.

A depressed cat needs no interaction with anyone. Even though they are his favorite people at home but they get into self-isolation and always want to be alone.

Excessive scratching is also the symbol of a sad cat. Cat knows very well with which force they used to scratch a human, a kid, or any wall but when they scratch a human-like they scratch a wall or non-living thing it means she is sad and there is an aggressive attitude that took place in them.

Reason for Cat Depression

Depressed cat

There are many reasons for cat depression in which some are given below:

  • Injury
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Illness
  • Changes in the environment
  • Change in the attitude of guardian

Physical Injury is also the reason for cat depression. Pain is the reason for changes in the usual attitude of cats. For this, it’s best to take them to any known veterinarian so that he treats them and cures their pain.

The loss of a loved one is also the reason for the sad cat. This loved one may be one of his own family or from the family of the guardian but loss or nonavailability has also been the reason for a cat’s depression.

Severe illness is also one of the reasons for a depressed cat. It’s maybe a dental issue, fever, hormonal changes, FIV, liver disease, or any other medical issue. If you feel that your cat is a little more uncomfortable then take it to the doctor.

Changes in the Environment like changing the residence or changes in the owner may also make the cat sad. Sometimes cats start panting in hot weather, which is completely normal.

When cats notice the change in the attitude of their guardian then they get depressed. It may be of their guardian’s personal life or because of work stresses they can’t give the same attention and time as they gave them before but it will be the reason for cat depression.

Why Outdoor cats are not depressed

depressed outdoor cat
  • Perfect weight
  • Help their mental health
  • Increase their expressive ability
  • Entertaining life
  • A big world to explore

As street cats had to struggle for their food daily. This will never let them get overweight. That is very good for health. And we also notice that street cats are more active than pet cats.

Daily ongoing activities like running, playing, curdling, struggling for food, and interacting with other street cats make them mentally healthy. They never get bored or frustrated because every day new challenges are ready for them.

Street cats are usually not shy or introverted because if they are stuck in their inner shyness they will fail to fulfill their daily needs because street life is like race first come first take.

As street life is full of thrills and adventure from crossing roads to saving yourself from any disaster. Once cats get addicted to this open environment it’s not easy for them to be under some guardians. Its matters nothing how difficult street life is this daily entertainment never let be under any slavery.

The cat always feels happy when they are set free. No rule to follow, there’s no routine of anything do it the way you wanna do it. Go where you wanna go, Eat what you want makes them happy and satisfied to the next level.

Depression is seemed both in humans and animals. Human has God gifted will to address their physical and mental issues but animal needs human help to cure them on time.

If you keep a pet at home and you’re the caretaker or owner of it. It is ultimately your responsibility to keep it healthy and happy. If you ever observe any abnormal behavior – take it as a signal to visit the nearest vet.

Otherwise, it’s against international animal laws and also forbidden in every religion. and the guardian is responsible for any negative outcomes.

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