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How to Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

cat in tiger costume

Dressing up your pets is always an interesting and fun activity, and what’s better than a whole day dedicated to it?

The National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a popular US holiday all pet parents love to celebrate. It lets them dress up their pets and share cute pictures with friends and other pet parents. It is also an excellent opportunity for cat parents to put them in adorable little outfits.

This article tells you how to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day with your pet and answers all your queries. Let’s get started!

History of National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige founded the National Dress Up Your Pet Day in 2009. Now, it is celebrated as an unofficial holiday throughout the country on 14th January every year.

How to Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

If you are a new pet parent finding your way through this holiday or willing to try something different this time, we got you covered. You can find gorgeous dresses for your cat and dress them up the way you like.

You can make this day fun and memorable with your pet by:

Dressing your Pet

The National Dress Up Your Pet Day is dedicated to dressing up your pet in cute and adorable clothes they are comfortable in. You can pick your favorite ideas to dress up your pet for the National Dress Up Your Pet Day that makes them stand out; go shopping, sew up a costume, or accessorize your pet – this day is all about them!

beautiful cat pink dress

Treat your Pet to a Grooming Sesh

While we love going to salons and hair-dressers, pets also like being pampered. Especially, if your cat has been growing hair that falls on your clothes and needs a trim, it is the best time to treat them. Get your fur baby a trim and a polish so they are ready for the big day!

Get your Pet a Massage

Pet parents know how much their pets like massages, especially if you have a cat or a dog. They love to be pet and massaged; get them a pet massage so they feel energetic and ready to take over the world!

Twin with your Pet

This is your time to shine and show your love for your baby by getting matching dresses. It could be the same color, pattern, or complimenting outfits. For example, you could get a banana and monkey costume or similar pattern bandanas for both; cats look absolutely adorable in these matching outfits!

Involve Your Kids

If you have kids, it is an excellent opportunity to teach them more about being gentle and nice to pets. Get your kids matching dresses with your cat, and see the joy on their faces!

Get a Photoshoot

The National Dress Up Your Pet Day can be your own little Halloween when you can take pictures with your pet. Decorate the backyard of your home according to your cat’s costume, and take some aesthetic photos. Get a few with them, too, especially if you are twinning.

Post on Socials

Though it is not a mandatory part of celebrating the National Dress Up Your Pet Day, Instagram has become a part of our lives, anyway.

Take interactive photos and videos with your baby, edit videos and photos to post on social media, and share them with other pet parents. Also, do not forget to use hashtags like #NationalDressUpYourPetDay, #DressUpYourPetDay, and #DressUpYourCat.

Arrange a Pet Parent Meetup

Holidays like these are perfect for meeting other people with pets like you. You can find cat parents in your surroundings and enjoy a lovely get-together. Arrange a meetup on 14th January in your local community hall or invite pet parents in the neighborhood to your house. It would be an interesting event for everyone, including the pets.

Tips For Celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day

While we all love to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day and put adorable outfits on our pets, it is important to take care of a few things. You must ensure the costume does not irritate your cat. Keep the following in mind when dressing up your pet for the holiday:

  • Choose the costume wisely to ensure your fur baby is comfortable wearing it.
  • Make sure the dress you get is the right fit or it can cause breathing issues.
  • Avoid clothes that restrict your pet’s movement, as it may annoy and agitate them.
  • Do not buy outfits with buttons or dangling balls; they can pull and eat them.
  • Avoid getting anything that goes on the head if it causes discomfort to your cat.
  • Run a trial a few days before the holiday to ensure your pet is comfortable with the dress.
  • Do not leave your pet alone after dressing them up.

Why We Love National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Pets Look Cuter

While pets are incredibly cute, these costumes and accessories make them even more adorable. Whether you dress up your pet as a witch, octopus, superhero, Harry Potter, or any other, they make you fall in love instantly. Cat parents often have more outfit options like a bumble bee, pumpkin, lion, etc. So, lucky are cats with plenty of beautiful options to get ready!

Shows Care Toward Pets

Celebrating pet holidays shows your love and care toward them. It also shows kids to be more gentle and considerate when dealing with pets and ensuring comfort.

Represent your Cat’s Personality

With so many options, some costumes also depict your pet’s personality. You can choose a simpler outfit for a calm cat, like a knitted hat or cape. On the other hand, if our cat has a funky attitude, get those funky bows and bandannas out!

Protects from Cold

January is cold, and you might already be dressing up your cat or dog while going out. So, why not make it fun?

Add a headband, bandanna, or cute hat on top of the outfit to fit the pet holiday spirit; win-win!

What if My Cat Does Not Want to Dress Up?

You might be excited to get the trendiest and unique costumes for your pet, but they might not like it. It is normal for some cats to get irritated while being dressed and you must not force them. Try to get your cat into the costume a few times, but if they still resist, it is best to avoid it.

Alternatively, you can try the following instead of costumes:

  • Bandannas
  • Bowties
  • Fancy collars
  • Cats
  • Cute sunglasses

You can only enjoy the National Dress Up Your Pet Day if your pet is comfortable with the outfit, especially for furry animals. So, make sure to pick the right material that is soft on your cat’s skin.

white cat

Every Day can be a National Dress Up Your Pet Day

As a pet parent, you do not have to wait until 14th January to celebrate the National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Instead, you may dress up your cat any day, appreciate them, take pictures, and upload them on social media. If your pet is happy and comfortable wearing fun outfits, what’s bad about it? If you specifically talk about cats being cat parents, you better know how much they love attention and love, so why not spread it any day?

Enjoy your time with your pet, and make the most of every moment!

The Bottom Line

The National Dress Up Your Pet Day founded by Colleen Paige, has become an unofficial holiday for pet parents nationwide. People dress their pets in cute and quirky outfits and share their pictures with friends and peers on social media. If you are a new pet parent wondering, “How to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day,” the options are endless. Order an outfit for your pet online or sew them yourself. Alternatively, you may take your cat for grooming a day earlier. Dress them in their holiday outfit, take pictures, and arrange a pet-parent meetup. Pick what suits you the best.


How many people dress up their pets?

If you have been skeptical about dressing up your pet for the National Dress Up Your Pet Day, it would be nice to know that 3 in 4 pet parents do so. Yes, around 76% of all pet parents dress up their pets on different occasions.

What is the most popular pet costume?

The National Retail Federation mentions that most US adults prefer dressing their cats and dogs in a pumpkin outfit. The second favorite is a hot dog costume, followed by superhero and bumble bee outfits.

Should we dress up our cat?

Most cats do not require an outfit as they are comfortable only in their natural skin. But, dressing them up sometimes, like on the National Dress Up Your Pet Day, shows that you care about them. It allows adults and children to bond with their pets better. However, if your fur baby is uncomfortable dressing up, you must not force it.

What should I wear for pet pictures?

If you look forward to pictures with your pet, getting a matching or complementing outfit is best. Otherwise, opt for coordinating colors in mid-tones with a sharp fit.

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