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Why Does My Cat Meow Before Pooping

It’s possible that you’ve seen your cat meowing before it goes for poop. Isn’t the litter box supposed to be a haven of comfort and relaxation rather than a source of pain? Cats, on the other hand, may be concerned if you’ve observed this kind of conduct. Before cats defecate, why do meow?

Cat’s meow lets their owners know they’re about to go poop. At the same time, they’re meowing to ward off predators out of habit. It’s possible that meowing before going poop is a sign of urinary tract infection or a problematic bowel movement in cats.

For cats, meowing before using the litter box is generally not a cause for concern. While meowing before pooping is typical behavior for cats, if your cat’s meow is high-pitched or sounds like a “weeping” noise, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Why does my Cat Meow Before Pooping

Your cat should be examined by a veterinarian if it has recently started this behavior or if it has a high-pitched meow or any other odd indicators such as straining or other discomfort symptoms.

UTI or urinary crystals are common health problems in cats. When your cat urinates or defecates, these might be uncomfortable. Pressure on the urethra might result from the movement of the bowels.

Cystitis may potentially be a possibility for your cat. Your cat’s meowing might be due to discomfort or difficulties urinating, depending on the cause. Over-grooming around the rear end is another telltale indicator of cystitis, as is the need to urinate more frequently or more frequently than usual and have blood in the pee.

Your cat’s digestive system may be blocked. It might make it difficult or impossible to urinate. To determine if there is a blockage or not, the vet will most likely need to do abdominal radiographs or ultrasonography.

cat laying

Worms are another possibility in your cat’s health. Keep an eye on the consistency of your cat’s poop and check for worms in or near its faeces.

Another possibility is that your cat may require a trip to the clinic and deworming medication. It’s also possible that your cat is too elderly or sick to go to the bathroom or has constipation issues.

What is the Significance of Unhealthy Cat Poop?

It might be a bit tough knowing not whether your cat has healthy bowel movements, but it may also be vital to inspect your cat’s excrement, as bizarre as it seems. Abnormal faeces might signify health concerns. What does the unhealthy poop look like in a cat?

Unhealthy poop exists in a range of ways.

  • The more complex the poop, the more discomfort your cat may experience while eliminating it. Its poop ought to be spongy like play-doh or clay.
  • A poop that has a deeper, blackish tone might suggest blood in the stool. As soon as possible, contact your veterinarian about this problem.
  • Very light faeces may indicate a liver condition. It may be a sign that the duct is obstructed. Small, firm balls of excrement might signal a metabolic or neurological issue.
  • Unhealthy bowel movements might also take the form of liquid stools. Diarrhoea can suggest illnesses, dietary intolerance, or even parasites.
  • Ideally, poops should have clay consistency, be medium brown, and resemble a tootsie roll in form. Even if it is soft, the colour of the excrement may reveal a lot about the animal.

As a cat owner, you should spend some time smelling the faeces and observing their appearance. Cat faeces should have a distinct odor, but they should not be overpoweringly unpleasant. The smell of your cat’s litter may be off if it is new or clean, but you may want to examine more if you discover an odd odor.

What Should I Do if My Cat Meows Before Poopes?

If the cat has been at this for an extended period, it might just be a strange habit that needs to be addressed. Keep an eye on your cat when using the litter box, as odd as it may sound. Look for indications of strained or painful muscles. From the moment it begins to the time it ends, keep track of how long it takes your cat to use the toilet or make a bowel movement.

Look through your cat’s droppings to discover if there are any worms. Examine the form, color, and consistency. Pay attention to the cat’s meow. Is it noisy and high-pitched, or is it chatty?

cat and vet

If you find changes in your cat’s bowel habits in conjunction with the meowing, you may always take it to the vet to be evaluated.

Final Thoughts

Cat’s meow a lot before they go for poop, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible. It’s not uncommon for someone to seek your attention.

Even when using the litter box, some cats desire not to be left alone. They are vulnerable while in the bathroom, so having you around provides a sense of security. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t always the case. When going to the toilet, some cats like not to feel observed. Other cats may simply be letting the family know they need to go to the bathroom. When it comes to a feline’s emotional well-being, no one knows it like you.

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