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Ideas to Dress Up Your Cat on “National Dress Up Your Pet” Day


Pets are like kids to pet parents, and celebrating festivals and national days with them is always a pleasure. National Dress Up Your Pet Day is an incredibly sweet national day that allows pet owners to dress up their pets in cute costumes and celebrate the day with them.

This holiday is also an excellent opportunity to dress up your cat in adorable outfits and take cute pictures with them. If you’re a cat lover who would love to know everything about how to make your cat happy on this special day, we got you! Let’s tell you all amazing ideas to dress up your cat on ‘National Dress Up Your Pet’ Day.

What is the National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

The United States celebrates ‘Dress up Your Pet’ Day on January 14 every year. Colleen Paige started the trend in 2009, now celebrated as an unofficial national holiday to have fun with pets.

Pet parents dress up their pets in adorable outfits to celebrate this day. Many also arrange small get-togethers with other pet owners. You get to spend time getting your pet ready in pretty dresses apart from routine activities.

Moreover, it helps you bond with your pets and make memories to cherish for a lifetime!

How to Dress up Your Pet on National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

Go Shopping

Around National Dress Up Your Pet Day, you can find many new and unique dresses and costumes for your pet. The good news is for the ones owning a cat as there are numerous options available for cats to wear and enjoy! Shopping lets you find the perfect pick for your baby’s big day. Most pet parents opt for a simple approach, like a fancy harness with a simple strap, while some go all out!

Sew the Costume

If you cannot find anything in store to your preference, the best pick is to sew something for your baby yourself. You can pick anything from the following options or use your creativity:

  • A cape
  • Knitted hat
  • Your favorite sports team shirt
  • Spider legs
  • Tutu frock


In case you do not have enough time to buy a dress or sew something yourself, the simplest option is to get an accessory for your baby. Alternatively, you can accessorize with bandanas, bows, and fun sunglasses. As cats and dogs are the most loved pets in the US, they are mostly dressed up.

Lucky you if you’re here to check the best dress-up ideas to decorate your lovely cat on her big day!

Ideas to Dress up Your Cat on National Dress Up Your Pet Day

If you are skeptical about choosing the right dress for your cat on this National Dress Up Your Cat Day. Some common cat costume ideas include:

  • Witch cat
  • Lion cat
  • Bat cat
  • Pirate cat
  • Mother of Dragons costume
  • Octopus costume

You can get them in-store, get them customized, or put these outfits together yourself with available items at home.

Celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day

If it’s your first time celebrating this fun holiday with your cat or other fun-filled pet, worry no more; we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate this day with your pet this time:

Keep an Eye on the Trends

Finding the latest trends regarding pet fashion is now incredibly easy with Instagram. The social media app is full of celebrity pet photos with gorgeous outfits. Check the latest photos to see what’s trending nowadays in pet fashion.

Try Something Unique

While your pet might have a tag or leash in routine, creating something unique for your pets on these holidays is always fun. Get a costume or make a cute dress for them at home. Dressing them up in characters always steals the show.

Twin with Your Pet

Did anyone mention twinning with your pet? The best way to celebrate this National Dress Up Day with your cat is to get matching dresses; you could have the same colors, patterns, or matching bandanas to elevate your look.

Share the Happiness

Plan the holiday with other pet parents in your neighborhood to make a joyful day for your pet. But make sure your cat does not have anxiety around other animals.

How to Dress Up Your Cat at Home?

Cats can often be difficult to manage, and your pet might not enjoy dressing up in a specific costume or dress. The best approach is to familiarize your little fur baby with the costume or accessories beforehand so they do not feel scared or threatened.

  • Leave the costume in places where your cat sits in the house, allowing it to smell and feel the outfit.
  • Put it in the pet bed so they can get familiarized with the material and texture of the dress.
  • Put your cat in the outfit to see if it fits well and do not agitate your cat while wearing it. We suggest doing it on a good day when they’re not exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Hashtags to Use on National Dress Up Your Pet Day

It’s an unwritten rule to upload your pet’s cute pictures on social media for the world to see!

Post your pet’s pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other places of your choice with these hashtags to reach more pet parents:

  • #NationalDressUpYourPetDay
  • #DressUpYourPetDay 
  • #DressUpYourCat

Should You Dress Up Your Pet?

Yes, you should absolutely dress up your pet on this exclusive pet day. Though the holiday is fun, and you might want to dress up your fur baby in cute and quirky dresses, you must keep these factors in mind:

  • It is better to avoid anything that goes on the head if your cat is not cooperative.
  • Avoid dangling items like ribbons and bells your pet might pull off and eat them.
  • Do not leave your pet alone after you dress them up.
  • Do not force your fur baby to wear something they do not want to.
  • Be sure that the costume fits your pet properly and does not restrict their breathing ability.
  • Do a trial run a few days before the holiday to ensure your pet is comfortable with the dress.

The Bottom Line

Celebrating holidays and festivals with your pets is always fun, and ‘National Dress Up Your Pet Day’ is another such opportunity. It lets you create a bond with your pet while finding the perfect outfit for them and dressing them up. Some of the best ideas to dress up your cat on “National Dress Up Your Pet” Day include getting ready-made costumes, sewing something yourself, or accessorizing. But make sure that it does not harm or irritate them. Try the dress a day or two before the holiday to ensure your pet’s comfort.


How to dress up your pet without a real costume?

If you do not have a costume for your pet, it does not mean they should miss out on the fun. You can accessorize using bows, bandannas, or even witch hats and funky glasses.

What are the top 5 costumes for pets in order?

The top 5 costumes for pets on Amazon are pumpkin, hot dog, bat, bumblebee, and witch. Moreover, you can also choose among lion, spider, ghost, and octopus costumes.

Is it OK to dress up cats?

It is totally fine to dress up cats, but your fur baby must be comfortable with the clothes. Make sure the costume does not irritate your cat. If they do not like being dressed, it is better to avoid it.

Why do cats freeze when you put clothes on them?

Mostly, cats resist wearing a dress as it is unnatural, but sometimes, you might observe that they freeze when getting dressed. The most common reason is putting on tight dresses. Double-check to ensure the costume does not make breathing difficult for your cat.

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