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10 Best Cat Beds for Older Cats

Cats are the most affectionate and adventurous creatures but as they grow older they tend to become sluggish. They try to find a place where they can rest their aching joints and sleep peacefully. Cats are creatures that are more inclined towards a luxurious life as compared to any of the pet animals. They not only require a warm place to sleep but also a hideout when they are tired or irritated. 

The best option for older cats is to find them the comfiest and easily accessible cat beds. There are various health benefits of orthopedic cat beds as the older cats lose their muscle tone and suffer from painful joints.

However, finding the right kind of bed is pretty difficult, especially when your cat is more choosy than you. There are dozens of products available and finding the best one can be challenging therefore, we have reviewed several cat beds and taken out the ten best cat beds for older cats to make your work easier and save your time. Along with that, we have compared the qualities of the best beds so that it may be easier for you to find your desired product.

Quick Comparison

Editor’s PickSpecialtyMaterial and Color
Plush Dog and Cat BedNon-skid bottom Lined with Thick tufted cushionPolyester – Gray
Sheri Calming Donut Cat BedFilled with premium quality AirLOFT fibersPolyester – Taupe
Furhaven Pet – Plush Orthopedic Sofa
Bed for Cats and Dogs
Anti-anxiety Self Warming Hooded bedPolyester Twe-tone stone grey
Cat Condo Tree Tower with
Hammock Bed and Scratching Post
For scratching and climbingPlush Gray
MIXJOY Orthopedic Cat BedHigh-loft fiber nest like designPolyester, nylon, synthetic Grey-Blue
OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler
Self-Warming Cat and Dog Bed
Deep dish cuddler with ortho comfortPolyester Gray Shepra
 Friends Forever Donut Cat BedSelf warming indoor cuddle bedSynthetic fur Grey
Traditional Orthopedic Foam Mattress Bed for & CatsNon-obstructive designFoam
Bedsure Large Cat BedBest orthopedic pet bed Water-resistantOxford fabric
BinetGo Cat BedCat fluffy bed Donut cuddler Waterproof bottomPolyester Synthetic fur

Ten best Cat Beds for Older Cats in our view 

old cat laying on older cat bed

After hunting and looking at various cat beds for kittens, mid-aged, and oldies, We marked the best features that should be available in the product. These features helped us to separate cat beds for older cats from a long list. 

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Plush Dog and Cat Bed

Prominient Features
1. Beautiful swirl pattern that provides unmatched comfort
2. Non-skid bottom
3. Thick tufted cushion with an ultra-soft polyester
4. Machine washable

MidWest Homes for Pets Plush Cat Bed

Be ready to spoil your royal pet with Midwest ultra-plush gray ombre cat beds. You can either use it alone or restorate it in the crate to make a complete home. A cat of weight 12 pounds can easily sleep in this bed. The paw-pleasing surface will make your cat drool all over it. You can fix the non-skid bottom of the bed anywhere you want to make it convenient for the cat to get on or off the bed.

The best part of Ombre Swirl pet bed is durability, it does not require a lot of maintenance thus, providing long lasting comfort. Your cat can stretch and clinch its paws as much as it wants because the covering of the bed won’t wear off. Also, you won’t have to apply effort in taking off the cover and then washing it as you can easily wash the complete bed in the washing machine.

Moreover, the ultra-soft polyester is designed in a way that its alluring swirl pattern blends into grey and charcoal color that makes it befitting with any furniture. It is light in weight thus you can easily take it along wherever you go. 

• Easy to clean
• Provides great comfort
• Features eye-catching pattern and colors
• Soft and smooth surface
• Not so thick padding

2. Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed

Prominient Features
1. Made of non-toxic material
2. Donut shaped bed with nylon faux
3. Dust and water resistant bottom
4. Double lock stitching

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat Bed

Sheri is super soft, more comfortable and the most loveable bed by cats. Its donut shape enables the cat to snuggle in and take a long comforting sleep. The raised sides of the bed provide extra support and create a sense of protection.

It does not only allows the cats to sleep on the soft surface but also alleviates the pain in muscles and joints. Moreover, the shag fur is an imitation of a mother’s fur. The contemporary design along with catchy hues will surely prove to be a perfect addition to your home. The seamless ultra-soft upper area ends in a water and dirt repellent that prevents the foam from soaking up the water from the bottom. The nylon faux withstand cat stretches and can be removed easily. To clean it up you just have to remove the cover and wash it in a machine.

• Super comfortable
• Resilient fibers
• Does not contain formaldehyde
• Do not form clumps after machine wash
• No padding at the bottom

3. Furhaven Pet – Plush Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed and More for Dogs and Cats

Prominient Features
1. Lined with reliable and long lasting faux fur
2. Higher side bolsters provides support from sides
3. Wide front area
4. Washable bed cover

Furhaven plush Orthopedic bed comes with a wide front opening and bolsters on the sides. The wide opening enables the aged cats to easily jump into their beds. While the bolster on the sides provides a great head resting area and side support. You can use it for elderly cats suffering from arthritis as its foam is orthopedic medical graded.

The eggshell foam is designed in a way that the weight of the pet’s body is distributed evenly lowering the pressure on joints and making it a muscle relaxant. The fabric that is used to line up the upper area is made of microsuede faux fur that is wear-resistant and gives a soft, silky feeling when touched. The L-shaped bolsters are super soft and light in weight but provide perfect cushioning for the head.

You can easily wash and dry this cat sofa and bed cover. Moreover, the fluffy filled bolsters are recyclable. It is available in various sizes, you can order the ones that perfectly fit the size of your cat.  

• Perfect for older cats
• Available in multiple sizes
• Side railings
• Cozy and soft
• The foam may collapse if pressure is applied on one side only

4. AmazonBasics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post

Prominient Features
1. Scratching pillars with cat hammock
2. Pillars are made of jute fabric
3. Long-lasting and sturdy construction

AmazonBasics Cat Condo Tree Tower Hammock Bed

If you are tired of your cat scratching whenever and wherever it wants, then this bed is the perfect choice for you. It will surely satisfy the urge of your cat to scratch as well as climb. AmazonBasics cat tower with a hammock bed is a great relaxing and cozy personal space.

The scratching and resting areas are constructed with fibers along with pillars made of rope. These rope pillars allow the cats to clench their jaws and scratch peacefully. You don’t need to worry about the life of the hammock bed as it is made of natural jute fiber along with plush carpeting.

Moreover, the durability of amazon basics hammock bed is further enhanced by sturdy chipboard that withstands weight firmly. The bed comes in neutral colors that will compliment your home decor.

• Perfect for scratching and climbing
• Sturdy rope pillars
• Durable quality
• Interactive play design
• Not for feline above 5lbs

5. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog and Cat Bed

Prominient Features
1. User-friendly design with neck and side support
2. Center area provides cushioning
3. Dirt and water resistant bottom

MIXJOY Orthopedic Cat Bed

Another luxurious orthopedic cat bed that we have on our older cat’s best list is by MIXJOY. It is a perfect place for your older cats to rest and relax their joints. It features a cuddly nest-like design with the filling of polyester fiber that provides cushioning. The cushiony mid area along with soft fur on the sides creates a cozy room for your tired cat. Your cat can lay its head on the faux fur sides which gives them a sense of security hence a sound sleep. It is lightweight and easy to transport, you can carry it around providing homely comfort to your older even during traveling days. You can also wash this shag fur anytime you want. It is usually recommended to wash it by hand however, you can wash it in a machine as well. Its bottom deters dirt and water as well.

• Provides joint support
• Non-skid bottom
• Made of non-toxic material
• Might not have enough batting in the middle

6. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler – Self-Warming Cat and Dog Bed

Prominient Features
1. Supports pets of weight 10-20 pounds
2. Promote healthy sleep
3. It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner
4. Supported sides

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort - Self-Warming Cat Bed

Another unique product that we have selected from Best Friends by Sheri is its orthocomfort deep dish cuddler bed. It comes with self warming ability that forms an ultimate comfy bed for older cats. The deep dish design of the bed allows the cat to snuggle in and enjoy a sound sleep. The sides of the bed are filled with polyester that maintains the shape of the bed.

Furthermore, the front side is carved in a way that it falls short as compared to the sides making adequate space for the cat to climb in. Although, the shape of the bed is like a deep dish but it is spacious enough to support various sleeping positions.

The bottom of the bed is made of tough fabric that resists water and dirt therefore alleviating buildup of mildew. You can easily maintain the cleanliness by cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner or throwing it in the machine.

• Dish like design
• Promotes sound sleep and a sense of protection
• Flexible and spacious
• Easy to wash
• The shape can cause a little difficulty in start

7. Friends Forever Donut Cat Bed

Prominient Features
1. It features a self-warming faux fur
2. Calms the pet and is anti-anxiety
3. Constructed with non-toxic material
4. It is made of Breathable and comfy material

Donut Cat Bed Friends Forever

Friends Forever is another donut shaped cat bed that promotes self warming. It works best for the senior cats especially on days when they are irritated. The raised surrounded areas of the bed help them ease their anxiety and provide them a peaceful sleep. It features a good quality synthetic plush fiber along with the supportive filling. The supportive filling enables the old cats to stretch their aching joints and offers productive support to the neck and the head area. It is available in various warm colors and is made of non-toxic material. You can wash it effortlessly in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer.

• Cozy and warm
• Paw friendly
• Machine friendly
• Keeps the pet calm
• Lumpy and lose shape

8. Furhaven Pet – Traditional Orthopedic Foam Mattress Dog Bed for Dogs & Cats

Prominient Features
1. Gray luxurious sleep surface
2. Egg crate foam and suede gusset that improves air circulation
3. Available in various sizes and colors
4. Attractive swirl pattern on the outside
5. Non-obstructive design

Furhaven Pet - Traditional Orthopedic Foam Mattress for Cats

Another amazing product by Furhaven Pet is a traditional orthopedic foam mattress that provides adequate support to the joints of senior cats. It is designed in a way that senior pets get the optimum comfort in their bed. The sleeping surface is made of faux fur with a swirl pattern that gives a luxurious outer look to the bed.

The traditional foam base is designed like an egg crate that soothes the aching joints and loses the muscles of senior cats. The open mattress design allows the cats to stretch, play, and sleep in different positions. The additional height is given by gusseted sides that furthermore enhance the bed comfort level. Available in different sizes and colors, Furhaven traditional orthopedic mattress is one of the best choices for senior cats. 

The bed is made of machine washable foam and is certified by CentiPUR-US. It perfectly meets all the standards of contents. It is proven to be durable and free of formaldehyde or ozone depleters. 

• Older cats can easily hop in
• Easy to wash
• Certified Cat bed
• Orthopedic support that gives restorative sleep
• Foam insert may not be washable
• Cushioning is very thin

9. Bedsure Large Dog and Cat Bed

Prominient Features
1. Provides extra comfort to the joints
2. Egg crate High-density foam with a spacious sleeping surface
3. Reversible design for both seasons
4. Removable and washable outer cover

Bedsure Large Cat Bed

If you are looking for an older cat bed that not only pampers cats at home but also on the go, the Bedsure Cat bed is surely the best cat bed for older cats. It soothes their aching joints. It is flat in shape and orthopedic in nature. The zipper allows you to remove and wash the outer cover. It works best in both summers and winters. In winters the soft fleece cover keeps it warm whereas the oxford back of the bed keeps it cool in summers.

Furthermore, the layers of the bed are made of orthopedic egg crate foam. When your pet lies on the bed its weight is distributed evenly along the length hence alleviating the pressure on joints and the bones. The high density provides restful sleep to the cats which help in keeping them active all day.

Bedsure cat and a dog bed is a comfortable and durable flatbed that allows the pets to easily hop into it. The water-resistant fabric has the capability to endure the sharp nails of cats. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the bed wearing off now and then.

• Washable outer cover with zipper
• Inner egg crate foam that evenly distributes pets weight
• Ample surface
• the inner foam is not washable

10. BinetGo Dog Bed Cat Bed

Prominient Features
1. Fluffy round bed with three different sizes and colors
2. Machine washable
3. Light in weight and convenient to carry around
4. Gets fixed on tiles or hardwood floors
5. Waterproof bottom

BinetGo Cat Bed

Known as the little heaven for the pets, Binetgo dog and cat bed is a medium round pet bed that provides the nicest amount of coziness to the pets. BinetGo is a fluffy bed that comes in three different sizes. It ranges from 20 inches to 32 inches in width and 5.5 to 6.5 inches in height. A cat of 15lbs can easily fit into this cat bed. It comes in navy grey and pink color which will go perfectly with your home decor.

Moreover, it is made of soft polyester filler along with a nice amount of padding that provides perfect comfort to the joints of older cats. You will just have to keep it aside for 1 to 2 days after opening the package. The outer cover is made of faux fur that helps the cat to take a sound sleep.  Another noticeable quality of BinetGo cat bed is that it offers non-skid and waterproof bottoms. You can easily fix it on tiles or wooden floors but that does not mean it will stay fixed there and you can’t carry it around.

It is extremely light in weight and portable. So if you are taking your cat along with you, you can easily take its bed too. Hence making it convenient for you to take your cat for camping as it will keep them warm in the outdoor environment.

• Easy to wash
• Portable and light in weight
• Fluffy and round
• Relief joints pain and improves cat sleep
• Cat nails can get stuck in the fur

Buyers Guide – Buy a good bed for your senior cat

Whenever you are buying a bed for your cat, it is always recommended to take a little insight into the top features and your needs. So that you can save yourself from buying useless. We will be discussing some of the must-have features of a cat bed for older cats that you need to look for before making a final decision to buy one.


Cat beds must always be of the right size, as cats are very choosy, they always look for something that can provide them with perfect comfort within a perfect space. The older cats choose beds that are spacious and cozy. Therefore, you must measure the cat size to find the right-sized cat bed.


Another feature to consider while buying the cat bed is its ease of cleaning. Cats prefer to rest in places that are neat and clean. Also, older cats are slower and sometimes they may take more time to get out of bed and reach the litter box in time to defecate. Consequently, you might find their bed messed up, so if the bed is not washable it can cause you big trouble.


The material of the bed should be waterproof so that it can resist any kind of saturation especially when senior cats are suffering from incontinence. The material of the bed should be free of toxic chemicals.

Comfortability and Firmness

The cat beds for older cats should be comfortable yet firm. Firstly, they should be comfortable because older cats tend to sleep in places where they get warmth and comfort is provided to their joints. Secondly, a bed should be firm which means it should not collapse while the cat is entering or leaving its bed. Otherwise, it will make them detest the bed and leave them irritated.


As a cat owner, you must be aware that every time a cat yawns it stretches and scratches its resting place. Henceforth, you must find a bed that can withstand those stretches and won’t wear off within a few days.

 Matches with home decor

Along with all the other features, you need to find a bed that perfectly matches your home decor. 

 Orthopedic Cat Beds

Orthopaedic cat beds are usually made of thick padded material that provides balanced warmth to the body of older cats. It is designed especially for cats that are older or are suffering from an injury.


Search for the cat beds that are great in quality but do not burden your pocket.


Why do you need a cat bed for Older Cats?

Senior cats typically suffer from various health issues therefore, it is important to get a comfortable, warm, and clean bed for your older feline pet.

At what age does a cat become a senior cat?

Cats age 11 to 14 are called senior cats.

Do cats use cat beds?

You will have to train them to use their beds instead of lying around everywhere. You can train them by placing cat toys or some treats in their beds. It is advised to start training them when you bring them home for the first time.

Final Verdict

It is not that easy to make your cat familiar with its new bed as you can never guess if it is going to like it or not. Another quality of the cats is scratching which they love to do whenever and wherever they find a fluffy place. Therefore, we would recommend you to buy the bed carefully especially for your older cats.

Out of all the best cat beds for senior cats that we have reviewed, our top pick is Furhaven Pet – Plush Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed and More for Dogs and Cats, but it entirely doesn’t mean that other beds are not good.

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