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Can You Shave a Cat?

shaving a cat

Are you a cat lover? So you probably have one. That is why you are here. Having a cat as your pet is a lovely and great thing but taking care of your cat is quite hard. You have to take care of your pet more than yourself. Having a pet cat is not just about going to a pet shop and adopting one. Your petting begins when you get one to your place. Now, you are responsible for its training, feasts, maintenance of good health, grooming, breeding, vaccination, and a lot more.

With all of these responsibilities, there are many do’s and don’ts that the owners are confused about. For example, most cat owners wonder whether they can shave their cats or not. If you are the one looking for the same answer, let us look up to it.

Is Shaving a Necessity?

Shaving your cat is not a necessity as their fur works as an insulator. It keeps warm in winters and cool in summers. Well, that is how nature works. Cats are smart enough to look for shadows to stay when the temperature is increasing. If you have had a cat for a long tenure, you probably have seen that in spring, hair shedding is at its peak. That is the process to deal with the coming rise in temperature. There are many reasons for which the owners go for shaving. But, every problem comes with a solution.

Following are some of those problems along with their solutions.

Excessive Hair Shedding Is Causing You Trouble

Hair falling

You love your cat the most. But you cannot bear the hair spread everywhere on your sheets, clothes, furniture, and floor. You probably are tired of cleaning and looking for a solution. The only solution that will click your mind here is shaving. But this is not the only solution. If you brush or comb your cat regularly, you will be able to tackle this problem. You can also try innovative ways of cleaning your furniture. You can lift the mattress and sheets for some time until you cage them up again to sleep.

Shaving the Cat for Grooming Purposes

Shave cat for grooming

People who consider shaving as a part of the grooming, then this is for you! Grooming is not about shaving your pet. Rather, you should brush your feline’s fur regularly. Yes, you can shave the cat if you want any style of its hair. But it should also be done by a professional.

Matting Needs Shaving!

The health of your pet is your priority concern. Hence, this is the case where you can agree to the shaving of your cat. Matting is tangling of thick fur. Due to matting, some cats get parasites, infections, or sensitivities. Then ultimately, they require shaving or cutting off hair for an effective treatment. But again, if you comb your cat regularly, you may never feel this problem. In case you do, take your pet to your vet.

Never try to do this on your own.

Final Words

Now, you know that shaving is not a necessity. And if it is, you know the reason too. But never try to do it at home. Sometimes, a cat may have any injury or infection that needs to be treated well, and its fur is creating a problem in the analysis. In such cases, one needs to shave the cat. If you are looking for shaving of your cat, then do contact a professional for this. They know how to keep the cat calm while shaving, how and where they need depth shaving.

Cats have very delicate skin. Never use your clippers or trimmers to trim your cat. Do not even try to use the pet clippers as well. Clippers contain very sharp blades. Unfortunately, if you cut your cat’s skin, you would have to take an emergency visit to the vet.

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