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Can I get Worms from My Cat Sleeping in My Bed?

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When someone thinks of petting an animal, the first option that comes to their mind is either dogs or cats. But felines always have the upper hand over barking creatures. It is probably because of their cuteness or less aggressive love. This feline-human relationship is so old that they are now considered an essential ingredient of human philosophy.

The importance of cats throughout history can be seen in the sculptures made by the Egyptians. So how can someone get irritated with these worthy creatures? But what if their presence causes you some illness or disease? What if you get their worms when they sleep with you?

Let’s get into the details of this and get your answers.

Worms, Cats and Bed

Cats in the bed with you cuddling is always a good feeling. You can’t close your mouth while playing or sleeping, and they cannot control their worms either. Usually, it is not considered an end-of-life factor, but still, there might be a probability that you can get some illness. Typically, when your cat rolls up in your pillows, these parasites lay eggs that can make a home there. The eggs or oocytes can make you infected when you take that pillow.

Why You Should Never Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed?

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There is a possibility of getting the worms from the cat’s fur. Cats have the nature of licking themselves and the worms are present in the cat’s feces. They especially lick after using litter boxes. It cleans the anus with its tongue and licks its fur afterward, this way, the worms get transferred to the fur. You can quickly get the worms from the fur when the feline feels like going to your bed, that is the time. The experts and professionals suggest you read this article before you own a cat.

What Type of Worms Can You Get from Your Cat?

Different types of worms reside in the bodies of the cats, which can be transferred to your human body too. For example, roundworms, tapeworms, etc. Let us get into the details of these worms and how they transmit to the human body.


The roundworms are usually present in the excretory materials of the felines. No matter how much you clean your cat or how much they over-groom (lick) themselves. There is still a possibility of the eggs of the worms sticking to the cat. Using medicated shampoos can still help. Those eggs can be transferred by your mere touching and playing with the cat.


These worms can get inside the cat by eating infected fleas. Felines can also get them when they are searching for food in unhygienic places. Your contact with the infected feline causes you to get those worms too. These worms can prove dangerous for you later on. They can demonstrate to be fatal too. Hydatid disease in humans is seen as a result of tapeworms that are difficult to detect and cure.


The biggest fallback of hookworm is that it is possible that it can be ingested. The larvae of these worms are usually present in the soil. When your feline comes in contact with the soil, it becomes infected, and later, you will be the next host.

Should You Stop Cuddling in Bed with Your Only Friend?

The answer to this question is a big NO. You bought a cat to play with it, cuddle with it, and much more. No one is saying here to cut off from your cat thoroughly. There are certain precautions that you should take before having your cuddle time with your cat. Those precautions are explained below.

  • Check the faeces of the feline regularly and see if there are any whitish spots or projections. They are the indicators of the worms.
  • Keep a regular check on your cat’s health. If there is continuous vomiting and suppressed diet, your alarm should ring.
  • Avoid closely contacting the cats if they are shedding hairs at a faster pace, coughing, or feeling lethargic.

What Can You Do If Your Cat Has Worms?


People go for deworming procedures to get their cats free from worms. But if your cats go for a scavenger hunt looking out for food to eat from the soil, they can get worms again. Moreover, your cats will continue over-grooming because it is part of nature.

Precautionary Measures

However, they can get worse if not treated. It would be better to go for deworming if you start noticing a lot of worms in your cat.

  • On the other hand, try to keep your cat hygienic.
  • Wash the litter pot at least two to four times a day.
  • Buy litter boxes this way, two of one, three for two and four or five for three cats.
  • Do not let the cat go outside without your observation.
  • Change the sheets when you are done cuddling with your cat.
  • Please make a separate cozy cat house that your feline friend would prefer automatically.
  • Keep your hands clean by washing them regularly whether or not you get in contact with your cat. Your cat is almost everywhere in your house. And you touch everything too, hence indirect contact. But you would not want to lock that little goofy up?
  • Keep in contact with your vet and have regular checkups with him. It is the best thing that you could do for your cat.

Final Words

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Do not let these worms be the third wheeler and get in between you and your cat. Do not panic if you see a worm. Generally, these worms do not affect the cats a lot. However, if you keep ignoring them, they can be a problem for both of you. How can you create a safe environment for your fur friend if you cannot create one for yourself?

Before petting any animal, it is crucial to understand all the pros and cons that come with it. They cannot tell you what they are facing. You got to read them and save them from any kind of possible trouble. This way, you are indirectly protecting yourself.

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