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Can Cats Recover From Poisoning

cat is ill after poision intake

If you are a cat parent, you might understand cats’ curiosity to feel and smell everything that is in your house or that has come from outside. While satisfying their detective nature, cats sometimes consume such things that are poisonous to them and cause serious medical issues in them which may lead to death.

Having a cat means continuous monitoring of her to ensure that she does not eat or touch anything that can cause irreversible damage to the feline. In this article, you will be knowing the causes of poisoning in cats and how you can save your fur baby from any poisonous substance and protect it from any fatal condition.

Causes of Poisoning in Cats

cat eating food from outside

Cats have a strong immune system but sometimes getting contracted to any poisonous substance may cause irreversible damage to them. Your household’s products, including bleach, detergents, disinfectants, human medicines, paint, wood preservatives, etc., are poisonous to cats and cause problems in their bodies, including breathing issues.

Any substance that has methanol or ethylene glycol is highly poisonous to your cat. Therefore, make sure that if you have a cat, secure such products in a way that your feline cannot reach them.

Many plants are poisonous to cats as cats do not have immunity against such plants. These plants include tulips, lilies, daffodils, sago palms, and many others that cause serious harm inside a cat’s body, making her closer to death.

Cats mainly intake the poisons through their fur, which means that the poison gets stick to the fur. It is essential to bring a good quality cat shampoo because when your fur baby tries to clean the fur, she intakes that poison into her stomach, which affects her digestive system and in some cases her organs as well.

Can Cats Recover From Poisoning

cat recover from poisoning

Cats’ immunity is very high in comparison to other animals, and thus if diagnoses are made in the earlier stage, then they can indeed recover from poisonous substances. The recovery depends upon the amount of toxic that has got inside the body and the time spent till diagnosis.

It is vital to keep an eye on your cat and her behaviors, and if you find any slight change in her eating, sleeping, or peeing habits, then you need to have words with the vet to ensure that you stop the poison from getting spread in the whole body.

Treatment for Cats’ Poisoning

Taking your cat immediately to a vet after knowing that it has intake a toxic substance may enhance chances of getting toxic out of the cat’s body before any significant damage. There are many medical treatments with which toxicity can be removed or diluted from the cat’s body. The treatments are:

Medical Treatments

cat medical treatment

There are many medical treatments for the recovery of cats from poison depending upon the toxicity level and the harm it has caused inside its body. The most dangerous poison is antifreeze, and if your cat intakes it, your vet might give her ethanol to minimize the effects of antifreeze.

The treatment also includes induced vomiting to get toxic out of the cat’s body. Vomiting cleans the stomach instantly, which helps stop the toxins from spreading into other organs and causing damage to them.

Fluids are also injected into a cat’s body suffering from poison, which helps develop more urine to wash the poison through urination.

In case of the severe effect of poison inside a cat’s body which includes internal bleeding or organ damage, active charcoal might be used by the vet that stops the absorption of poison by other organs and dilute the toxic to prevent it from damaging the body more.

There are other medical treatments as well that the vet may decide instantly depending upon the cat’s situation. It is essential to make an early diagnosis which can only be possible if you monitor your cat and take her immediately to the vet.


No one will want to be an irresponsible cat owner and become a reason for a cat’s illness. To prevent that grief, it is essential that you take care of toxic substances in your house and keep them in a safe place where your cat cannot reach them.

If your cat gets poison even after that, do not panic and take her immediately to the vet. Remember, cats have strong immunity, and they can fight hard if you take them to the vet on time.

Cats can recover from poison if not mistreated and just make sure to observe her and her behaviors all the time and communicate with the vet if you find any changes before it’s too late.

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